Shaker is over….

Hi everyone!  Well, Shaker Woods is finished for this year. We were so fortunate that the weather was excellent all three weekends. The weather, and the much improved local economy  (a local car plant received very good news and is booming) resulted in large , happy crowds. Many of our customers came for at least two of the weekends—some came all three!  This weekend seemed like old home week—it seemed every time we turned around, we had a visit from a vendor friend or a neighbor from home.  All in all, the show was one of the most pleasant we have ever had there. We are very lucky that virtually every vendor in our immediate area at Shaker is very friendly and we all part with hugs. Some we will see again at fall shows, some we won’t see until next year at Shaker. It is very easy to get close to your neighbors at a show. Today we finished cleaning out our booth, loaded up the display, and spent a good deal of time restringing the roll up tarp covering the entrance. The roping which controls the tarp as it rolls up finally wore through and had to be replaced. It was complicated, but we got it done , and it works!!


My camera, which has been giving me fits lately, behaved over the weekend. So….here are a few new pics of the show….


Robert Griffing is a nationally known artist that paints the Eastern Indian tribes…just STUNNING artwork…wish I  had one tenth the talent he has!!









Tom’s booth décor….he creates beautiful custom knives….he uses a lot of antlers…


Tom at work….




My neighbor’s beautiful quilts…


handwoven baskets…


peeled rustic furniture…


Jack Robinson…gorgeous reproduction furniture..he’s retiring this year… Sad smile I’ve admired his work long before I started doing this show..



A new neighbor in our area…his chairs are exquisite….and very expensive, but he had a good show…



Here is the artist at work…see all the shavings on the floor? He worked hard the entire show carving a chair and scooping out the seat…just amazing work…


My poor pitiful booth at the end of the show…and we took additional vanloads each weekend!!


Since Al thought I had bought enough goodies, (Winking smile ) I traded a piece of folk art for my pumpkin man! I Had trouble deciding between him and a really cute witch. The dollmaker was so friendly! His mouth is wire that was stitched on..I believe this is a Bittersweetfolkart pattern…if I’m wrong, please let me know and I will correct…


I had two vendors visit us that read my blog..still can’t get over how strange that seems!  Sandy Hoerig came over to meet us after she saw I mentioned her and her wonderful prim dolls in my last posting. Just the nicest person!  Like I said, we had so many visitors, the show was even more fun than usual. I really have to say, the promoters of this show work so hard to get this show up and running every year. Every time we went over to get our booth ready, they were cleaning up leaves, spreading gravel, planting flowers, and spraying for bugs so it would be comfortable for their guests…and that was during that incredible heat we had. This year was the 30th anniversary for the show. I wish I had snapped a pic of the two cutest little girls that stopped to show me the shaker boxes they had painted in the Shaker schoolhouse. Things like that make it such a wholesome family event.

Last week we received a call that we got a space in the number one traditional show in the country. We hadn’t committed to any show in November hoping that we would get in. We have another show around the same time that we could have picked up but it is a longggggg  trip to it.  This show is much closer…and the long trips are getting harder to do. We really need to get busy! Actually, we get back to work tomorrow. We have several big orders to get out and then need to build up stock again. Thank you all so much for taking time to read my little blog..and welcome to all my new followers—I truly appreciate every one of you. I hope you all enjoy your Labor Day weekend—we are planning on taking a picnic down to Brian’s new apartment as he is uncomfortable with driving the distance to our place. It will be so good to see him and Stryker—wish Craig could be there too. We’ll all be together again at Christmas but that still seems a long way away!!   Have a nice week!—Jan


17 comments on “Shaker is over….

  1. Goedele says:

    Wow Jan, your booth looks empty!!!
    The booth with reproduction furniture is right up my alley.


    • Hi Goedele! Yes, I was shocked when I looked at the photo just how empty the booth was. Jack Robinson’s furniture is gorgeous..such an inspiration to strive to make your best work…the show will miss him next year. Thanks for visiting! –Jan

  2. marly says:

    Congratulations on another show with great sales. Enjoy your Labor Day – sounds like you could use a few days off!

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Jan,
    I’m so happy for you that your shows were a huge success…and now you can relax or is that word not in your vocabulary…i know it’s not in mine. I think we crafter’s just don’t know how to do that.
    What a great looking show and the setting is wonderful.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    • Hi Karen…You are so right..there is no rest during the show season. We are already back in the swing of production. Shaker is a special show and so beautiful under those very tall trees. It is supposed to be a Shaker community–each section represents a different Shaker settlement. Thanks so my for stopping by!–Jan

  4. Cindy says:

    Jan…I can tell you had a great show by your almost empty booth. Isn’t that the greatest feeling!!! What a pretty setting for a show.
    I’ve been busy working on things for Sauerkraut Festival. Have to make lots of goodies with 200,000 to 350,000 people coming through the show over that weekend.
    Labor Day weekend is our anniversary and we might take a day trip to just get away…or we just might try to get the kitchen finish as we are getting close to having it all done.
    Have a great week.

    • Hi Cindy! Yes, it IS a great feeling! I just love doing Shaker (except for the costumes). WOW! That is a huge crowd–so wish the good shows like Sauerkraut Festival didn’t overlap other shows. There are so many other shows I would love to try! Better get super busy…I have a feeling the fall shows are going to be extra good! Have a wonderful anniversary–hope you get the chance to do something special together. Have a great Labor Day weekend–Jan

  5. Steph says:

    Hi Jan, so happy your show was a success. What a fun atmosphere to work in and around such talented people too. Thanks for sharing it with all of us who couldn’t go. I really appreciate it:) I hope you other shows this fall are just a fun. -Steph-

    • Hi Steph! Yes, Shaker is a special show–it’s a LOT of work, but in our area it is like a family reunion! It’s a beautiful setting, and we really enjoy seeing our regular customers too…they have become good friends. Thanks for stopping by, Steph!–Jan

  6. betty crowe says:

    My husband always said, “An empty booth is a happy booth” at the end of a show. You must have been rejoicing!

  7. Rhonda says:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to post or comment. I can’t believe I missed out on Shaker this year. Just couldn’t work it in. Glad to hear you had such a good year. Are you doing Apple Festival this year?? Pleaseeeeeeeee say yes. At least I can get there hopefully.
    But I do have a story to relay to you also. I guess youhad the pleasure of meeting my BIL and SIL. Last year I believe he asked me to paint a dry sink for him so he could take it to a lady to paint on the doors. I said I would but he never got around to bringin it to me. Anyway he and my SIL spent an hour and a half at your booth this year she said. They bought 3 small pictures and a larger one. She has others of yours as well. (I kidded her I need to take pics and send them to you so you can see our galleries.) Well he takes me to the dry sink AGAIN and says he needs to get it painted black and get the doors to that lady that does the paintings we buy. So He starts telling me stuff he talked to you guys about and I knew right away it had to be you. I bet you’d remember him. He’s a talker. Great guy but a talker to be sure.So I guess I need to base coat the dry sink doors and finish off the rest in a color my SIL will like. Can’t wait to see what you do with them.
    Glad to hear you will begetting to spend time with Brian and Stryker …of course.
    Get some rest.

    • Hi Rhonda! So glad to hear from you…I’ve been a bit worried about you. Yes, I absolutely remember them. They are so nice and come in every year to look for a goodie to take home. Yes, he IS a talker…;) but so am I !! We definitely will be at Applefest…wouldn’t miss it. Just LOVE that show!! I can’t wait until I see Brian and my kitty…it’s been awhile because of the shows. I need to get my hug fix!!—Jan

  8. Teresa says:

    WOW! You were so fortunate to have 3 nice weekends and so happy to hear the shoppers were out in full force for you! Congratulations on a great show!

    • Yes, we were certainly VERY fortunate! Just days before the show, when we were opening up the booth for cleaning, it was horribly hot–like Shaker usually is. The weather broke just before the show opened.But for it to continue to be cool and dry all 3 weekends was unbelievable! As I’m sure you know, the weather can make or break a show!! Thanks for stopping, Teresa!

  9. Robyn says:

    That is such a beautiful setting for the show! That’s great that you did so well, your wares are gorgeous!

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