Finally…the make over!! :)

Hello everyone!  It has been a while!!   I’ve been so busy since New Year’s Day with Painting and family issues, and with sewing. Yes, sewing!!  I really have missed my sewing machine. I used to sew 10 –12 hours a day for my shows but that has been nonexistent since starting the folk art. I still would like to get back to quilting but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I AM trying to make some things for myself though.

I also finally finished up the make over of my front hallway. This has been a long time coming. I bought the paint last year in February, but shortly after, we learned of Brian’s diagnosis. Everything came to a standstill. Our priorities will always begin and end with our boys. Sooo, we had to get the paint shook again , and finally got everything done. If you have been reading my blog, you will recognize a few things I gathered during the year.

Let’s see a mini make over… a sturdy old bench I actually used as a prop at Shaker Woods Festival for a few years…paid $3 for it at a flea market.  Sanding, painting it black, distressing, and painting the top a pumpkiny/mustard, then following up with a walnut oil stain, then a matte finish for protection…..


Gives me a very usable prim bench!  LOVE it!!


A close up of the finish/ distressing…love the black showing through.  I sanded the top, but left a bit of the texture so the sanding after the topcoat would reveal the black. The bench is painted black and stained totally underneath too….OCD again!  Winking smile


I used to be a dollmaker/quilter. But….they were country/cute dolls, not really prim. I did careful hemming and perfect cute faces. Prim was a challenge with the sculpted faces and leaving hems ragged was difficult! It’s the OCD in me!  But here is my first….I named her Donette because she has Donald Trump hair…poor thing!!   Winking smile She is painted and sanded and her clothes are heavily grunged with coffee and cinnamon….she smells so good!


Donette now is ready for Valentine’s day…


I have since made another that you will meet today too!  So there was a curtain to be made,( can’t WAIT to burn that heart curtain ) painting to be done, a shelf to hang, and goodies to be arranged.  So much work to do to go from this…….stripped down, emptied out, walls painted a soft tan, to…………….


This!!!  ……..The doors are Chocolate Cosmos by Behr, a much deeper primitive red than it looks here, new rough osnaburg curtain trimmed with a narrow band of burgundy homespun check. I washed and dried the fabrics on HOT to shrink them as much as possible for future washings.  ( and I BURNED the old curtain Winking smile  ).


Donette and her new bald friend…(still waiting for an order of wool)…sitting on the bench covered by an applique towel from everyone’s bestie, Sheila!  Donette is a Bittersweetfolkart pattern…”Nettie”.  Baldie was a doll I just drew on the fabric, sewed, cut out and stitched.  A rusty squarehead nail makes her nose.


I originally was planning on doing the bench in black over red…my favorite…but I’m SO glad I didn’t….the pumpkin/mustardy color is just perfect and not matchy-matchy!



Some of you may remember the wool pocket I traded a custom sign for at a summer show…and the peahen I bought from a sweet elderly lady and her invalid husband at a show…….you may also remember the shelf.  It is a Bridgewater Primitives shelf with a lumpy/bumpy finish, red over black, that was made for me between weekends at Shaker Woods Festival. He removed the small blanket crane, added more pegs, and added a peg on the side. It is 30 inches long and I LOVE it! Bridgewater Primitives is also on Facebook as Bridgewater Mercantile.  TONS of pics on their page.  I’m hoping to get a mustard over black crock bench from them this year.


Here’s my made-over mirror I bought for, I believe, $2 at a flea market…boy was it ever UGLY!!!  I’ve had the tin sconce forever , but stored away.   See the edge on the curtain? It just needed that touch of color.  I’ll paint the threshold of the door when the weather warms up…I can see the white showing.  Brrrr!…7 degrees today…..WAY too cold for painting out there!


My favorite stitchery I found in Occoquan one year….and, of course, my Americana basket from Sheila!   Smile


I’m really pleased with the make over….the walls and doors are MUCH darker colors than showing here….even Al is happy with it!

I’ll be back more often..have a lot to show of what I’ve been working on.   Have a happy weekend and thank you for visiting me!!  Smile

blessings, Jan


A Sweetmeadows giveaway!

Hi everyone!  Just want to tell you about a FANTASTIC , generous giveaway—–Maureen at is having a giveaway…a free pattern for each month. I’m sure you all are familiar with her wonderful patterns.  Stop in to visit her and enter!  —Jan


I want to thank everyone who participated in the Merriment Chain hostessed by Misi and Robyn.  Even though there were a few times it was difficult to keep up, it was a lot of fun! (I had a show that interfered)  Congratulations to all the winners….Marie…Stop laughing!!  Winking smile    A kinship was formed between all who took part that won’t be forgotten!   Thank you all…..Jan  Smile