Time off??….what’s that !?!

Hi everyone!!  Because doing shows is our full time living, we rarely go anywhere just for fun. Usually if we do, it is related to work—like going to a flea market. But, last Saturday we ventured not too far from home to see a small craft show.  The show was held in Volant Pa.—a small western Pa. village surrounded by Amish farms and countryside.

a lovely amish farm….didn’t see any buggies out, but lots of draft horses out in the fields…


Amish repair shop……also several quilts for sale shops…


Entering Volant…..


The depot—shops are in the different cars….


storefronts…..we used to sell in 2 stores owned by a wonderful lady…we did very well for a long time…




Volant Mills…Years ago I sold product in the mill..did fabulous, then it was taken over by new owners  Sad smile




The water wheel on the side of the mill….



Inside the mill…an old millstone….


Amish selling baked goods, jams and jellies….



We were surprised to see these vendors when we entered the show area—Lynn and Bert were our neighbors behind our booth at Shaker Woods. Some of their product is sold in the Circa Home Living catalog…..and in Williamsburg Virginia….. their website is www.whimsicalworkshop.net    —-beautiful folk art creatures and products…..




This booth is the one we went to the show to see….Ginger Cazan.  www.gingercazan.com    She sells her wonderful redware on ebay and also from her website.  It is wonderful—heavy quality, highly decorated, and just beautiful in color. So many choices!!  She was so nice too —you MUST enlarge to see the beauty!!




A wonderful paint booth—love the eagle!!


a forge demonstration….


A display of exquisite handmade furniture….


The store that ran this small show was James Creek Gallery in Volant. The store is breathtaking…







Is my Al buying me that cabinet??? Shhh…I’ll pretend I’m surprised!!!


This rooster pillow was all wool…


Look at this painted dough box….the show was advertised in A Primitive Place—so glad we took the time to go see it! I’m thinking of applying to it for next year…





Today another box arrived from Sheila (Seasons of Thy Heart )….I wish you could see the hand stitching on the pillow on the left—a LOT of work…and the americana star with crow has a hanger on the back for hanging on a door—It is so FUNKY!! I love both pieces and she just keeps on spoiling me!!  Smile  The star is colorwashed and so perfectly prim! Thank you so much Sheila!!


I’ve been so busy painting for our next show…it’s a biggie…four days and no slow down of the economy in the area around State College Pa.  We take 2 vanloads to this one!! So, painting Halloween!!…….


We took another load of work up to the store we sell in today—the store is now in the slower summer period. Jane is starting to put out fall goodies now and it won’t be long until the store is hopping again!!  —

I hope you enjoyed this little tour—we certainly enjoyed being away from work for a couple of hours!!  Now back to the grindstone!! Thanks for visiting and a big welcome to my new followers!!—–Jan


A Giveaway!!

Hi everyone!! Tricia of Hillcrest Home Prims is having a giveaway!!  Please go over to her blog to congratulate her on her THIRD year anniversary and while you are there, sign up for her wonderful giveaway! Just go  LOOK at those gifties!!  If you enter (and WHY wouldn’t you ) please tell her that I sent you over—I get extra entries!  Hurry!! Run, run, run!!  Smile–Jan

Last of the spring shows and OOPS! My bad!

Hi everyone!  First of all, I want to correct something…my bad!  When I was posting yesterday, I thought something out of Sheila’s box of goodies was missing—just had that feeling but couldn’t think what it was. Now, hold on…there was a FOURTH arrangement! I already had it on my hutch lit up—see it fit in so well I guess I thought it had always been there! Click on the pic so you can see the adorable fabric posies that have stuffed centers….isn’t the lightbox pretty!! It smells good too. Sorry Sheila for missing it—I thought of what it was that was missing this morning—love, love, love it—but who wouldn’t!  I need a nicer mat for it to sit on—something prim.


I also took another pic of the fall arrangement because after I saw my post, I didn’t like that this piece wasn’t shown to it’s best advantage….here it is again,so pretty…


It is just packed with orange slices,flowers and cinnamon sticks—another good smeller! Thanks again Sheila—you spoiled me rotten!! Smile

The past weekend we had the last of our Spring shows—this was a new one in Carlisle Pa.—outside of Harrisburg. This trip was especially pretty.  We loaded up the van, packed a lunch and headed out. Getting into the Wilds of Pennsylvania….so lush and green…


The beautiful Clarion River…I love when we take this route to a show…we’ll be traveling this way next month too…


Posies at a rest stop…



Nearing State College (Penn State )……………


A peek at Penn State stadium—our older son graduated from Penn State……


The huge and beautiful Iron Horse sculpture at State College Pa…..



The Endless Mountains of Pa.—they DO seem to be endless!!



Gorgeous rock striations……..


Near the state capitol, the Susquehanna River  Statue of Liberty……click to enlarge…..see her???


Susquehanna River…..


The show was beautiful—130 quality vendors with beautiful products set up at a very nice venue. Most of us were set up in the shade of huge tents…Richard Kent carves Santas from antlers  to make ornaments, pins and necklaces…….www.kentcarver.com



A double booth full of gourds—100’s of gourds—beautifully painted gourd birdhouses, apple gourds, and garlands….



This was a great booth—Coleen Lacey was selling punch needle goods, rug hooking,and unique prims. She was kind enough to show me how to needle punch and give me some tips to make it easier. Beautiful work. Some of the needle punch was mounted on hornbooks that she and her husband make. We are making a swap—a sign from me for a needle punch from Coleen—we’ll be trading at my next show—can’t wait!!…


Coleen’s penny rugs and pillows…everything was so perfectly prim…


Coleen’s hand-dyed luscious and soft wools and needle punch. The texture of the pieces is just so different in person—so wonderful……she is so talented!!…


This soap booth belonged to a young couple—their first ever show…..very nice couple…..



Cutie alpacas……….


Amelia Martin’s booth—lovely stitching, quilts, and florals…such a sweet lady-I hope I run into her again somewhere…



As beautiful as the show was, perfect weather, and set up well by the promoter, no one came—at least not many—what a shame.  Many vendors did not cover expenses. Luckily we did cover all expenses and even made profit. I didn’t hear of ANYONE else that did. Sad smile Some of the vendors packed up Saturday night and left—more left early Sunday—even a few food vendors. It’s too bad,  people missed out on a great show.  We have time off now until the next show, but will still be working hard to build up a lot of stock. Like I’ve said before, this business is a roller coaster…up and down. You just have to keep plugging away!

So…on to the next!! Have a wonderful week and thanks so much for visiting!!–Jan

My first swap !! YAY!

Hi everyone!  Welcome to my blog!  A month or so ago I was soooo tempted to join a blog swap….but, we were having issues with Brian and also had  a string of shows coming up, so I decided it probably would be too overwhelming at that time. Sad smile Sooooo, I  approached a good buddy of many bloggers, Sheila of Seasons of Thy Heart, to see if she would like to do a private swap. (I really wanted one of her gorgeous arrangements…and she has provided a lot of support since we found out about Brian’s health issues—like a LOT of you have!  ) Just before we left on our trip last weekend, Al came in  dragging this huge box! I was a good girl and took a pic before letting the wrappings fly! Smile  I can’t tell you how excited I was!!  It was Christmas in June!  Take a looky…..


This was a BIG box—like in fiberfill stuffing box size! Now, you have to understand…I have been trying to redo my front hall—it’s repainted, and I hung my redo mirror I showed before, but it needed something else…with color. I wanted to hang a little Ethan Allen shelf under the mirror….it fit perfectly….but stuck out too much when the door opened. Sad smile  So, the hall has looked a bit empty as I tried to think what could be done. The first thing out of Sheila’s box………..


was this…which was perfect!!  LOVE it! The perfect size, I really needed flowers in the house and I LOVE geraniums , and the needed pop of color! Can you believe the difference!?!  I don’t want to show TOO much of the hallway yet…..I’ll show it when it is all finished…


Then…I replaced my snowman arrangement…yes, I’m ashamed I still had a snowman out (but he’s SOOO CUTE!! )  with this…


I am seriously clicking my heels! ANOTHER arrangement!!!  — I’ve always loved Sheila’s patriotic can arrangements.  See the fabric wrapped firecrackers and the stars? SOO much detail. These are things I always look at in shops, but never buy for myself—love love love them! I Will be doing a redo on the lamp too. Too shiny!  And there is more!…..


A big BEAUTIFUL pear with a crow—the fabric is printed with pears and crows too!  Sheila said this beautiful piece was created by Janice of Black Sheep prims who sadly passed away earlier this year and was a friend to many of you. I love it, and will cherish the fact I have a piece from that talented lady.


This box was PACKED! A wonderful tote that is replacing our old one we used for shows that developed a hole in the bottom, a sweet towel appliqued with wooly stars –love wooly things! , ANOTHER arrangement that will be used in the fall, (can you believe THREE arrangements?!? ) two little unpainted shovels for me to finish (I have been going to my supplier for 2 seasons trying to get these but they are always sold out when I get there ) , a sweet smelling bottle of Huckleberry scented lotion (I may be in crappy painting clothes, but I sure smell good!! ) , and a set of grubby candles WITH a pair of autumn colored candle rings that will go on my wedding present pewter candlesticks!  Woo Hoo!  When I got home from Occoquan I kinda regretted not getting another set of candles—but I have them now. Smile  Besides all of the gifties…Sheila sent the most heartwarming note—maybe the best gift of all. Thank you SO MUCH Sheila!!—I would swap with you anytime—I love everything and it amazes me how much everything fits me and our home. You are beyond talented, my good friend!  Besides that, as soon as I opened the box, our house was flooded with the most delicious scent…and it still is!  YUM!  If any of you have been reluctant to swap, go for it—it is so much fun and really gives you a warm fuzzy feeling—and you gain a great friend. Have a great day–Jan

Occoquan store tour—part two

Good morning!! Well, I have wood drying on my table, I took pics of my front hall that is getting a redo,  and I had an Amish donut!! Al brought some home from the show last night. Poor Al—he is so BORED at the show!!  He is probably at the show now, rolling up the sides.  So very different from last weekend….not that I’m surprised. This is a very small, low end show…but it can provide some $ for supplies. I’m just glad I’M not there!! Smile Al had a person come in asking if we had a sign that said “If you don’t have a warrant, go away!”  That tells you a lot about this show!! Smile with tongue out Anyway, I’m getting a lot done here at home. I finished everything I wanted to yesterday, so I am prepping more and planning on finishing a big batch of folk art that I got half done at Occoquan. Before I forget…look at these!!


Yep…these are the Amish yummies!! I put a large egg in front so you can see how big they are—Al said when the show closed there was a line of about 30  waiting in line for hot donuts. Sarah,the Amish lady, does 4 shows per year, and people actually come to the show just for her treats. When you buy your bag, the donuts are still very warm and melt in your mouth.

Thursday we went back to Pulaski to the little flea market. I was disappointed because I was looking for specific things—enamelware basins, small old luggage, and old small step stools. The only basins I found were badly damaged and expensive—I DO like them to be chippy, but not totalled!! However, we did manage to find a few nice pieces so the trip wasn’t a total loss. Here’s what we found….


….a very nice watering can (there were DOZENS there—all very expensive except this one ), A nice tea kettle, 2 trowels (again, we saw many of these ), a small slaw cutter, an oil can, a funnel, a really nice square mirror, and 2 different-but very cute roller skates. The funnel and oil can will be for make dos, the skates will have little mice riding them, and everything else will be painted.

So….are you ready for the next store tour? This store is named Personally Yours and is a 2-story wonderland of prim goodness!!  Even the entrance is beautiful!!


This is where I got my sampler last year that I just LOVE!!


This year I was looking for a long, over the cupboard door candle holder, but they had just sold the last of them. I’ll get one next time from them. I did get a few goodies I knew they had…


I got three circle star flags that I couldn’t find anywhere, a really pretty penny rug card I will frame, and the bumpy grubby candles I needed for the candleboard I made for myself.  Now I can finally finish it! OK….now lets go into this beautiful store!!!  Remember..click to enlarge so you see it all, and very picture heavy!!   …


Stunning redware…..







Lots of grubby, bumpy cubbies –



Rowe pottery….



I just love this grubby row of drawers…..










And there you are!! I think I missed getting a pic of a wonderful spoon rack done in an old mustard finish—a gorgeous piece.   Personally Yours carries everything you would want to accent your prim or colonial home beautifully. They carry a great selection of textiles such as coverlets, paints such Caromal Colours, beautiful lampshades, tin, ( but there is one piece there I want so don’t touch it! ) Smile,lots of samplers, art, cubbies, painted baskets, and on and on! What I like about this store and the one I featured yesterday, is that even though they are both prim/colonial, there is no overlap—each one carries a different selection from the other!  There is no duplication!!   Oh, by the way, one of the ladies in Personally Yours has her home in a Judy Condon book ( they sell the series of books ) so you KNOW how great this store is!! They also sell lovely paintings done on antique breadboards. YUM!!  Personally Yours is located at 308 Mill Street (the main street of Occoquan Virginia ). Their website is  www.pyinc.biz. The ladies are so nice too—so helpful , and you can so tell how much they love their store . Every inch of this store is filled with yummy goods—and very unique goods!! SO, if you are ever in the area of D.C., Woodbridge, or Annapolis, spend the day in historic Occoquan Virginia. Oh, the Virginia Grille is on Mill Street too and their food is delicious!!  

I’d like to thank the ladies of Village Americana and Personally Yours for graciously letting me photograph their stores.

Occoquan also has many other wonderful places to explore—there are needlework shops, little bakeries, stained glass shops, artist shops, and little ice cream parlors—plenty of shops to explore for days!! Don’t miss Glory Be! on Mill Street—a sweet little shop with prims and carefully chosen vintage pieces. Marla and her girls are a hoot and would love to help you find a special treasure!! I couldn’t get a pic of their storefront because of all the tents in front during the show—but it is a store you don’t want to miss!!

So…back to work!!  Hope you enjoyed my tours—if you do visit the stores, tell them you saw them on a blog!!  …and say Hi for me!!——-Jan

Occoquan store tour …part one

Good morning all!!  I am alone!!!  I haven’t been alone in the house (all day) since …hmmm….I don’t remember being alone!!  I sent Al off to do a small show by himself..packed his lunch and packed a bag of snacks—reminded me of sending the boys off to school!  Hey!! THAT may be when I was alone for the day!!  After our successful show at Occoquan we were hoping we would get rejected by this show—no sooner than the words came out of my mouth, the mail came with our acceptance. DRAT!!  I do NOT like this show ( except for the made on the spot huge, cinnamon sugared Amish donuts!! )—so Al said he would do it alone (YAY! ) and I could stay home to work. Yes dear, I have been working—everything is sealed and drying to be ready for the next layer of paint. Yesterday was set up day. Everything was finished, tagged and packed. Then, trouble with Brian. Sad smile  Since Brian was weaned off Dylantin, he has had episodes of tingling and numbness –symptoms of seizures wanting to start. He has missed a lot of work but the worst is what it does to him…and us. It breaks our hearts that he is struggling. We got hold of the doctor and next week they are doing labs again to check his Dylantin level ,an EEG, and he will see the doctor. Hopefully they will find out what is wrong and get him back on track. After we settled that, we took off. We were very disappointed when we were assigned a space on the side of a hill…seriously—don’t promoters ever THINK about how vendors will be able to set up???  Thankfully, the ladies were very nice and moved us to a flat spot . The flat area is where the show was always set up before—but they eliminated most of that area and put most everyone on the side of the hill. (?????)  Makes you wonder………. Anyway, set up went well but because Al is doing the show alone, We set up completely so he only has to open up, roll up the sides, and hang a few pieces on the side and front…easy peasy!!

So, today I am prepping wood…lots of wood. But right now, while some pieces are drying, I want to share a wonderful store in historic Occoquan Virginia that I visit every year when we are doing the June show there.The store’s name is  VILLAGE AMERICANA FURNITURE. It is located at 203 Union Street which runs off of Mill Street (the town’s main street). Their hours are M-F 11-4, Sat. 10-5, and Sun. 12-5. Occoquan is just outside of DC, about 58 minutes from Annapolis Md. If you are ever in the area, you MUST visit them!!  This store is JAM-PACKED with gorgeous period reproduction colonial  furniture. They also carry accessory lines from Capel, Lt. Moses Willard,Turtle Creek Redware, Olde Mill Lighting, and many more.  Some of the furniture lines are Tom Seely, Johnston Benchworks, Riverbend Windsors, Windy Hill Painted,  and Bucks County18th Century, plus many more. They also sell period artwork, pewter, brass, and many smalls. You can also visit them on their website at  Villageamericana.com.Their wish is to present the consumer fine quality period reproductions of pieces that are either found in museums or are priced beyond reach.  EVERYTHING in this store is stunning !!

Sooo…ready for pics? remember to click to enlarge—this store is packed with samples with much more available and if you enlarge you will see a lot in the background of the pics !!  Here we go!!  Very photo heavy!!





This clock was unbelievable…so gorgeous!!



Check out the tiny little cupboards….




Look at this painted chest….GORGEOUS!!!


Check out the cool tables with the notch cut out so it fits up close to the chair…..



This high chest was stunning—a lot of pieces were curly maple…..
















So, that’s the tour!! I TOLD you it was photo heavy…and I barely scratched the surface of what the store has on display…let alone what they can ORDER for their customers ! Let me add..the ladies of this store are SO sweet and just love their store. They enjoy people dropping in to see what they have. I don’t care what kind of furniture you are attracted to, this collection is impressive and drool-worthy!!  I hope you enjoyed…if you can, the ladies would love to hear your comments !!  I am not getting any benefit from showing this store except for enjoying sharing it with you!!   (wish I WAS getting a free chair!!  Ha ha!!  )

Tomorrow I will share another store in Occoquan that I love…Personally Yours. Don’t miss it!!

One more pic….


If you enlarge this pic…see the hunky guy sitting behind a booth just beyond the tree?  That’s Al ! He’s sitting there wondering where in the heck I am!!   Ha ha! Sell a little, buy a little…and repeat!!  I hope you enjoyed this..see you tomorrow!—Jan

Happy Dance!!

Hi everyone!! We were away at a show in Occoquan Virginia for the weekend. This is the show that really kicks off our season—but it is a notoriously difficult set up. There are many crafters that refuse to do it for that very reason.Occoquan is outside of D.C. and is a quaint little village with many great shops—needlework ,prim ,colonial, and artist shops. This first pic is of new construction townhouses. They are gorgeous…and very expensive.The backs of the townhouses are on the edge of the Occoquan River and have docks. We have heard they are priced close to 1 million. WOW!!


This is a wonderful year round ornament store—I even found a little crocs ornament here!!  (LOVE my crocs!! )Most of them are blown glass in shapes like fruit, animals etc. Beautiful themed trees. The ladies that run all the stores are so nice!


The whole village is so pretty with nautical accents and clapboard sided storefronts.


Now, for the trip…


We left home just before noon and made good time until we hit central Pa. That is when we kept running into heavy rain and fog—in fact we drove through low clouds as we climbed in elevation. There were periods where we almost pulled off the road because the rain was so heavy. But we didn’t…it’s a guy thing!! After central Pa. the rain would come and go and it continued like that through Maryland.  When we approached D.C. the music on the radio was replaced with constant weather reports. We know a lot of the towns down there, but it was still unnerving when they were reporting funnel clouds in different areas that we were unfamiliar with. I saw 4 funnels myself that didn’t touch down. We also were lucky enough not to drive through hail. We heard reports of cars submerged, rescues from cars, many trees down, and the 3 major airports were closed.

We finally arrived at Occoquan which by that time is usually bustling—but there were no tents set up—a very odd sight!! In our area we are not allowed to set up until 9PM but usually there are many tents up in other areas.We parked and called our older son for info on weather radar. Since they were still calling for bad storms and tornadoes, we decided to get up early for set up. Storms by that time were training across the area heading up to Baltimore.There was one tornado sighting that hit the ground.

Al got up at 3:30 to get ready and we left a little after 5. Because we were so early, we were able to park right at our booth to unload—we’ve NEVER had such an easy set up at this show!! We were ready in plenty of time.

Last year, we had a record show…but this year blew it out of the water!! It must have been the full moon!! By the end of the show on Sunday, our booth was pathetically empty—and we had many people come back for things that were already sold out. Every new piece was sold—including all the black signs I showed in my last post!!  This show is a good indication how the season will be—it’s looking good!!

In the coming week I am going to post about 2 of the nicest, totally out of the ordinary shops in town. Village Americana is a drool-worthy  prim/colonial furniture shop  and Personally Yours is a prim/colonial shop selling mostly accents (fabulous, hard to find, unique accents!!). I took lots of pics and I think you will love seeing them!! Both shops are run by the NICEST ladies that take such joy in their shops.I’ll give more info on where they are situated when I post –if you are ever in the area these shops are a MUST to see!!

Al is doing a small show by himself this coming weekend and I must get back to replacing what we sold. I will stay home to work. DRAT!! He had better save me some of the fresh Amish donuts!! Have a great day!!–Jan