Flea market goodies!

Hi Everyone!! On Tuesday I tried to post my Tuesday Display Chain, but Poof!!! when I published it, it disappeared into thin air and hasn’t been seen since!!  Hopefully this post will publish.  I thought you may like to see more flea market goodies I found. Most of these pieces will be painted and sold at my biggest show of the year that is in August for three weekends. We have a permanent little house in the woods (about 18X18) that we rent out for the later shows there.

Here are my goodies!……………………….


A sweet foley sifter and zinc lids…………………


A GORGEOUS, repeat– GORGEOUS, wooden cheese box….copper cow bell….enamel spoon…..and a swirl blue mug…..(I may keep that mug)  This box is wonderful….13” tall by 16” across the top. I offered $8  for it and he turned me down. I sent Al up to him (while I hid at another booth ) and had HIM offer $8 and he took it!! I just hate that!! I also hate it when a lumberyard tries to push crappy lumber off onto me if Al isn’t with me!!  It’s like “the little woman” won’t know any difference!  I come from a long line of woodworkers—Al is the city boy!!   I’ll get off my soapbox now.  Winking smile


another large cheesebox (with hideous stencilling) ,a little coal shovel, and tin cup. I love painting cheeseboxes and they get snapped up before anything else. The little shovels  are always excellent for sales too. This cheesebox is 9” X 16”—lots of room for painting.


Just a few more Pittsburgh pics—this is the little park downtown where Occupy Pittsburgh stayed until they were kicked out. The grass is just in terrible shape—down to the dirt—and they still have the fence up. Beautiful trees and beds of tulips…..


A view of the city….so pretty—but there ALWAYS seems to be construction!!  Doesn’t it seem like there is neverending roadwork!?!


A pretty shot of Heinz Field—home of the Pittsburgh Steelers………………


One of Pittsburgh’s bridges—did you know Pittsburgh has more bridges than any city in the world?—even more than Venice,  Italy………….I love that so many of Pittsburgh’s bridges are black n’ gold!


This is the demolition site of the Igloo—the old home of the Pittsburgh Penguins  (boo hoo-they are out of the cup race! )   The old igloo is gone now. Sad smile


Just an update—Brian is doing well-he was able to start back to work last Thursday and even with some numbness still in his fingers, got right back into work.  His coworkers and customers have been great to him and watch over him.  Tuesday we take him to the specialist for labwork and another MRI then to talk to the doctor. They are monitoring him until he starts treatment. We have to take him because he is not allowed to drive until August because of the seizures. It would be so much easier for him if he could drive, but he will get through this.  Thank you all for your support!!  Hope you enjoyed the goodies—winter seems so loooong without flea markets! Smile Have a wonderful weekend–Jan


Our first flea of the year!

Hi everyone! Last week we usually went to a large flea market that benefitted an animal shelter. There is a graduated fee for entering it at specific times. Usually we were able to find lots of goodies at great prices, but the last few years, the price to enter went way up and the donated items skyrocketed in price….. Sad smile so, this year we decided the hour trip to it was not worth it. Since Spring is a time when we are a bit strapped for cash, I figured we would not be going to any fleas until late May. Surprise!! Al asked last night if I wanted to go to Pulaski—a small farmer’s flea near us. I LOVE this one because the farmer’s that go do NOT want what I am looking for and the prices are great! So, for very little money ($14 ) I found a lot of goodies to paint. Looky here!!!

Approaching the market…………


Driving the summer cart………………..


Parking lot……………………..


Still driving the winter buggy……………………


Ok-Now on to the goodies………………….I hit the mother lode of cement trowels to paint…and I saw more than these.  These always sell quickly. Also got an old sad iron with lovely metallic gold spray paint! Smile with tongue out  It will be sprayed black and then painted to sell. ($1 ) Cookie cutters and a tin masher  ($1)  Old clothespins, too. ($1)


Here I show a painted basket that will be repainted, a washboard, a wood framed mirror, and a child’s broom. The mirror was the most expensive thing I bought…she wouldn’t come down more…..


The broom was a treat for me to put with my child’s ironing board and iron . Everything will be painted and sold except the cookie cutters, tin masher, and broom. Everything totaled $14 !! I also saw a HUGE crock I loved for $50 which was perfect, but I can’t spend that much in the Spring.  Crocks are very cheap at this market and are always available. The vendor selling it is always here, so later maybe I will try to get it for much less.


On the way home we ran into a speed bump…….Smile


Please everyone..be very careful if passing an Amish buggy. We hear of SO MANY Amish children, and the horses,  being killed when a car driver misjudges. There is also always a chance of spooking the horse….NEVER honk your horn near a buggy.

Later in the year we usually try to go to another flea about an hour away called Roger’s.  It has large buildings (it runs through the winter also) and a huge outdoor area for vendors. The outdoor vendors only set up from spring through fall.  When the weather is nice, there can be up to 1000 vendors with a large area for antiques.  The inside ones are usually produce and new items like bungee cords, hats, and tools. We LOVE going to Roger’s , but it is held on Fridays only which is usually our travel day for shows.

I need to get back to painting now  …I am so excited because I won one of Misi’s mystery prizes!! Thank you so much, Misi, for hosting the Tuesday display chain. It is so much fun seeing everyone’s take on the themes!!—-bye!–Jan

Tuesday Display Chain—day late and a dollar short?

Hi everyone, well, I have had my entry for the display chain ready for a week—except for the final two photos. I missed the delay date so I was ready early. THEN, I thought I had signed up—not sure if I did or didn’t. My boys would say some of my charm (Winking smile) comes from how easily I get confused!! Smile with tongue out   If I’m NOT in it, that’s OK—I’m happy to share this!!  ANYWHO…..here is my TIP O’ THE DAY!!

My favorite crafting trick is waxing. No, not like Steph ‘s waxing (Winking smile)—but resist waxing on my wood pieces! Take a look…….

These are MDF cutouts—paint with black paint and dry well.


Using a WHITE candle (I use an old taper ) rub wax on edges pushing hard. I do a little on the front close to the edges too. See the white chips? DON’T knock them off! This works really well if the surface is a bit rough.

Don’t use a colored candle—I tried….I regretted.


More chips…………………


Paint with your chosen color—-doesn’t hurt to let a little black show through or uncovered…………I usually do one smooth, even coat. It’s OK if a bit of black shows.


LET DRY COMPLETELY!!!   Sand…I use 100 grit—if it is not chipping off, use rougher sandpaper. Make sure you sand where those chips are!


See how nice the edge looks? I let a bit of the black go uncovered by the top color on the edges.


Click to see a close up on this one….


Wipe dust off and start painting….


How did YOU get on here!?!     Pesky kitty!!  I Wuv those wittle toes!!


Finish painting , antique with your favorite, and clearcoat!!  TA DA !!  This works great on smaller furniture and accessory pieces too.


See how pretty the wax resist looks?


Another tip……

I used to cut a LOT of stencils. Stencil plastic or mylar can get expensive. If you have access, get old xrays from someone you know who works in a hospital. Brian was famous for being a daredevil when little, so I had a constant supply of xray material. And it was, well, interesting having a stencil with bone images!! Smile with tongue out

That’s it!! Hope these are tips that help you!!–Jan

Brian, stocking the store, and the BIG NEWS!

Hi everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend. We had a nice, quiet one—my single brother came over, and of course Brian and Stryker were here from Friday until Tuesday. The only way it would have been better would have been if our older son Craig could have been here. He lives in the Seattle area. Craig always comes home for about 10 days at Christmas. Smile

Tuesday we took Brian to the the first specialist we talked to. He confirmed the good news on the PET scan and said Brian looks to be the perfect candidate for a clinical trial for a new cancer vaccine. It looks like it will start in a couple months . We have been assured that it will not hurt to wait until then. They will continue to monitor Brian and if anything changes , they will precede with chemo. Brian will probably start back to work next week. His numbness in his fingers still lingers, but it is not too bad—he should be ok. The doctor also wants to try to wean him off Dylantin which makes all of us a little nervous—the aura of a seizure is not pleasant-but he will stay on Kepra which is the main anti seizure drug. Please keep him in your thoughts!! He has a long way to go.

After our last show, we prepared to take product up to the store in northwest Pa. that we sell in. I thought I would show you what this very nice store looks like. It is not a strictly primitive store, but is very nice, well run, and very popular. The first photo shows Jane, the owner of “Nell’s Crafts”. Hi Jane!!






Any signs up high n the walls are my work………


Jane sews great sweatshirts and jackets………….


More of my signs up above………………………..










The beautiful Allegheny river winding past Franklin Pa. and Clarion Pa……….


Stryker was a pretty good kitty during his visit—except he LOVES it up on my dining room table !!  GRRR!!!  Looking a bit guilty here…..


When Stryker was a baby, he kept falling off the back of my camelback sofa….now he just straddles it and digs his claws in so he won’t roll off !!


Some of the clothes I bought from Jane….. my Steeler jacket…………….I love it,so warm and comfy…….I also have a snowman one—wears like iron!!



My sweatshirt cardigan…made by Jane’s former partner…………



There is a pumpkin on the back of this sweatshirt—too cute!!


Nell’s Crafts is located in the Cranberry Mall outside of Franklin Pa. at 6945  Route 322 between Franklin Pa. and Clarion Pa. (Northwest Pa.) Jane is just now starting a selling website and has joined Facebook. The website is  nellscrafts.com –if it is not ready yet, try again soon—it is almost ready to go!!

Now, for the BIG NEWS—-I have several times said on past posts that big news was coming. It actually came just a few days before Brian told us about his tumor. Naturally, he was our priority and everything else was put on the back burner. I am SO HAPPY to tell you that we just signed a contract to have my art published  and distributed nationally by Penny Lane Publishing. They represent many of the best country folk artists like Linda Spivey, John Sliney, Donna Atkins etc. Hopefully they will like my pieces in person as much as they liked the email images. However, everything I sell at shows will still be OOAK originals. It is very exciting, but could take as much as a year before we see things in the market. I am hoping to get into calendars, wall paper, and other licensed products after getting a start with prints. Keep your fingers crossed for us !

Thanks so much for your support of this newbie to blogging….have a wonderful evening !!–Jan

Hoppin’ down the bunny trail……

Hi everyone!!The past almost two months have been very difficult, very emotional, and very draining to our family. If you haven’t already, please read Brian’s comment directed to ALL of you that is in the comments after my post about going to Buffalo. That said, I think it is time to have a little bit of bunny fun!!! Smile How about a little tour of Easter Bunny Lane in our hometown?!?  EBL is held throughout the Spring/Easter season every year, is free to tour, and is visited by many, many good folks. Schools all around bring busloads of little ones every year to see it too!! (even oldies like us enjoy it). Starting Labor day, they open Santa’s Christmasland which I still go see even though my boys have long been too grown up to see it. (or so they say!! )  Christmasland is the famous place where our older son, Craig, at 5 years told the talking Santa that “Yes, I have a brother, but he is still in my mommy’s tummy”-pointed at my 9 month pregnant whale of a belly, and of course said it loud enough that  (I swear) all 10 MILLION visitors turned to look at me. Smile I went into labor out of embarassment!! So, are you ready to hit the Bunny Trail? remember, the little critters are almost ALL animated!!—and not ALL scenes were photographed……..and Christmasland is even bigger than the bunny lane……..

                                                                             100_1171Kraynak’s is a garden/gift center in Hermitage Pa., just over the line from Ohio. What I photographed is only small portions of each scene….and there were many scenes I didn’t photograph…….









Of course, the reason for Easter is thoroughly depicted. Appropriate music plays throughout the tour—bouncy  Easter parade music for the cute displays, somber mood music for the religious scenes.







The tour empties into the lush greenhouses with their bounty of Spring blossoms…….








The gift area had these cute carrots—they are made like springs!! How cute!!


I hope you all enjoyed the tour and if you are in the area, stop in to see Easter Bunny Lane  (will close at Easter) and Santa’s Christmasland  !! From our family to yours, have a happy, hoppy, and very blessed Easter!!–Jan

A message from Brian

Hello everyone! Yesterday I wrote a post about our show and trip to Buffalo, New York. I also included an update on Brian’s health progress. Just after I got off the computer today from checking my blog, Al checked the email and noticed that our Brian had just posted a comment. I would kindly ask ,if you have a chance, please read his comment as it was meant for all of you who have kindly given your prayers and support to our family. We are  all so grateful and touched by everything you have all said and done to help us.  I am so very proud of both my sons—they have both grown into fine, responsible, caring young men. I am amazed at the strength Brian has shown through this ordeal…yet he is more worried about my state of mind. I tell him that I will be ok as long as HE is ok. So, if you have the time, please read his message to YOU.

Thank you–Jan