Antique store tour, part 2….yeah…I’m late…

Hello everyone…yeah, I really hoped to get this posted before today, but you know how it goes!   I’ve been very busy getting product ready for my next show. It’s the first big one of the year and we need a LOT of product. I also had the 6 custom pieces to finish before getting on product for inventory. Yesterday I finished the last of the painting and stained the last of it last night. Now I have to finish all the clearcoating , put hangers on, tag, and pack. We are getting into humid weather which poses a problem for clearcoating. The weather needs to be fairly dry or the clearcoat can get hazy…not a good look for folk art.  So, this morning I got an early start and got much of it done even as I felt it getting more and more humid. I’ll be up early tomorrow too , to coat the stuff I stained last night, if it is dry. I use an oil stain that gives a richer finish, but it can take 2 or 3 days to dry. To hurry it up, I stained, let it dry for a couple of hours, then carried it into the house—it will dry a bit faster inside.

Soooo…ready for the rest of the tour?  Here we go…remember to click to enlarge…lots of eye candy in these!


love this table and horse…





Stephanie…this pic is for you…







I’m on a mission for more firkins…


I’m crazy over gameboards…




Now THIS is what I’m talkin’ about!!




and a final, gorgeous sampler…


Remember these?  Custom for a customer…she has a LOT of our pieces and by this time, I know what she’s looking for, so I try to have some special pieces when I know she is coming to a show.  I am always thrilled at the difference the stain makes…tones down colors, softens the look, and ages it.  I have to work fast putting the stain on and then wiping it off so not too much is absorbed into the paint.  It’s so funny…I have music playing while I stain, and the faster the music, the faster I rub off the stain!  LOL!   



and after…


Last night we had our own tornado scare, but fortunately the storms moved north of us . A tornado did touch down in a little town we used to do a show in…one fatality…a motorcycle rider. Sad smile  Some of our blogging friends were at risk too, but thankfully everyone is OK.

Thank you for visiting..and welcome to my new followers. I need to get back to work now…never enough time anymore,it seems!  We picked up a new show that will bring many of our blog and Facebook friends together!  What fun!   Have a great day!—blessings, Jan


Antique store tour ,part one…..droolworthy!

Good morning everyone!   We were supposed to get severe weather last night but thankfully it fizzled before it got here. This often happens in our town, in fact , even when there IS a storm heading our way, it very often splits and goes north and south of us. This makes me very happy because even though it has now been 27 years since the deadly outbreak of tornadoes that swept through western Pa. on Craig’s birthday, storms still make me very nervous.  Seeing the terrible devastation and loss in Oklahoma heightens the fear. Just think what trauma those dear small children will feel forever.

In my last post I promised all of you a store tour of an antique shop in Delaware Ohio. The gentleman in the shop very graciously allowed me to photograph the store and I would like to thank him again. As I wrote down my blog address so that he could see the posting , I guess I left his card on the counter.  Sooo, Carmen (Primcats) came to the rescue and provided the store name. Thanks, Carmen!  Smile The store is Sandusky Street Antiques in Delaware, Ohio which is in the Columbus area.  So here we go!

Marly, the samplers are for you!….the samplers in this store are large, and incredible…you MUST click to enlarge…


An adorable doll bed , coverlet, and a gorgeous oil portrait…..


… stunning crocks…



this table, and the cupboard…sigh…



samplers, samplers, samplers…



A gorgeous ovoid jug with tulip motif…I love ovoid jugs…


A rice bucket…and look at that stenciling on the chair..


So many gorgeous blanket chests in this store…and THAT SWAN!!


Gorgeous artwork…


OK..I will try to post the other half of the pics tomorrow.  I hope you enjoyed these. As I mentioned in my last post, Carmen came (along with Holly) to the show…she also brought goodies for me!  YAY!  She kept pulling more and more out of her cart….

One of her great shoofly covers….


3 smaller pantry cakes and a LARGE one with a thistle motif…boy do these smell good!  Our van smelled good all the way home! ..

the plate is one of my blank plates I paint on….needs painted to show off the cakes…and a runner I picked up at The Olde Farmstead store

at Polaris Mall…


a cute little basket for my peg rack, and some of Carmen’s wrapped candy canes…Smile


and she found me a great cabinet to paint…really a nice size and style!  Thank you so much, Carmen!


I’ve been working on special orders that are due at my next show..3 big folk art..for a lady from D.C….



3 pieces I’m working on now for another lady from outside of D.C.—a fall and a winter variation of a Terrye French pattern…

the customer already has my painting using the original pattern. The spoon is also for her.


I hope you enjoyed this overload of pics today, and thank you for visiting!……Jan

Home from the art festival!

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Buttermilk Hill…and welcome to my new followers.  I appreciate you all! 

Last Friday we left for another show…this one near Columbus Ohio called the Delaware Arts Festival.  (Delaware Ohio). This is a street show and pretty good for us, in fact we were up from last year in sales.  The only thing that I don’t like is setting up our booth in the morning before the show starts…it is stressful trying to get it up in time. Saturday morning we were there at 6 AM—our booth takes a little more than 3 hours to set up—to find a parking spot near the booth site. After unloading, it went smoothly and we were ready by the time the show started.  I thought you might like to see some of our neighboring booths and what they sell….this show is strict about no imports or low end crafts…first…Shaker boxes…


Handblown glass…I have quite a collection of these for my big tree at Christmas…




photography and jewelry …oops! I see my hubby!!  Winking smile




copper work…


Couldn’t resist snapping a pic of this GORGEOUS bee sting butter churn in an antique store’s window!  sigh….. $185…too rich for this girl…but one can dream…


A better shot of paintings…


Our next door neighbors on one side had polymer clay tiny fairies, tiny lettuce heads with babies tucked inside, lily of the valley earrings , and tiny peapods with tiny baby peas inside …each one a grandchild.  Many, many pieces so delicate and perfect. Our other neighbor, across the aisle, had framed photography.   We were lucky that we were up in sales…I really didn’t expect it because it drizzled much of Saturday…rain can make a show miserable.  We were fully set up and watertight before the rain started. We really fly when there is rain threatening!  Whew!!  Smile  I painted at this show…a stack of very small paintings…and was very surprised that the paint dried well despite the rain…Sunday they called for more rain, but we never got it…and my paint dried almost TOO quickly!

One of the best parts of the weekend was when blogger/FB friend Carmen (Primcats) came for a visit! YAY!   She is such a sweetie and even though her pup Holly was tired from a busy day at Springfield Antique market the day before,  she brought Holly to meet us. OMG! Holly is the most adorable and sweet tempered tiny baby ever!   Carmen kept a close eye on me because I would have run off with that baby if given half a chance!  Thank you so much ,Carmen, for taking the time to come see us…always a treat!  Speaking of treats…Carmen had a few tucked into her cart for me….I will post pics in my next posting.  Let’s just say..our van smelled delicious all the way home!


I have a treat for everyone who reads my blog…the owner of a WONDERFUL antique shop in Delaware very kindly allowed me to take photos throughout his shop.  This shop is amazing with drop dead gorgeous antique primitives.  I have never seen so many blanket chests in one place..and the samplers…OMG!!   I am hoping to post at least some of the pics tomorrow…you WILL want to see them!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog…things are about to get busy around here  as my show season swings into high gear..please keep the families in Oklahoma in your thoughts as they mourn and try to rebuild their lives.  …blessings, Jan

Chasin’ the blues away…

Hello friends,  it’s been a MONTH since I last posted!  I swore I wouldn’t let that happen, but it did.   I don’t know what it was, but the blues hit me…hard.  For a couple weeks I found it hard to get motivated for anything but painting. I lost myself in my painting because it is a comfort zone for me.  Nothing is wrong, everything is OK, Brian is doing well right now, and we talk to Craig regularly.  I’m suspicious it had a lot to do with the never ending winter.  Winking smile   I have kept busy…today I shipped 6  new paintings to the publisher for printing…it is getting so exciting … prints have been popping up on Facebook shops as well as in stores in Great Britain and Canada.  I learned that they are being sold in a store chain along the east coast also. Here are the ones I shipped today…I did a batch of 13 so the rest of them will be put into craft show inventory….


We did venture out to a flea market that is local…I was so itching to go to one!   It was nice weather so many Amish mom’s were there with their toddlers!



We found a pretty good haul of goodies …most of them destined to be painted.The masher and hogscraper will stay with me…


The mirror was taken out of this old frame, the frame was painted red and waxed…


then black and sanded to chip off to expose the red…not crazy about the heart, but it will still sell easily.  Al will cut a piece to fit for me to paint a saltbox scene.



I decided to do something with my nail kegs…these are SO plentiful around here..


I painted one with a log cabin..


and then this one….both destined for Shaker Woods…


A new batch of hearts and stars…  I am SO EXCITED that Al is cutting these for me now…my supplier didn’t seem to want to get anymore in for me…


and a new group of pineapple paintings…this is the first time I did them on black…


A week ago Sunday, Al surprised me with a trip to a huge flea market. It’s one I was never thrilled with, but boy! I’m glad we went this time!  It was picnic basket heaven! I also got 3 sets of baby shoes , another small slaw cutter, trowels, a scale, and a FIRKIN!!!  It’s a beauty, sturdy and in perfect condition, and very big!  That baby is staying with me!


So, anyway, my blues are finally gone. The weather is beautiful, my inventory for shows is impressively large, and I’m clicking away getting ready for the next shows!  Brian finally got his car back…5 weeks for repairs from the accident!  They had to fully paint it also.  He came up to have new brakes put on by our mechanic and stayed a couple days. Then, on Saturday, he surprised me by coming up to spend Mother’s Day with us. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day…mine was so good—having Brian home, then Craig called too. We’re so lucky both boys never forget about us. They are very special.  It is so good to see Brian smiling!


So I’ll try to be better about posting…our show season will be going into full gear very soon.  I have more product right now than I ever have at this point which makes me very happy.  I hope you are all getting into better weather by now and all well. Please keep our friend Betty in your thoughts as it is a rough time for her family right now.    — Thank you for visiting!  Smile—–Jan