Welcome!!  My name is Jan and I am a happily married mother of two adult sons living in a small western Pa. city.  My husband, Al, and I make our living traveling to 4 or 5 states displaying and selling my folk art in art shows. My art consists primarily of New England folk art scenes with saltbox houses, sheep, and quilts. I love to collect primitive antiques, sew, and decorate my house in a primitive/country style. My plan for my blog is to show you the inside view of our hectic life producing product and traveling to art shows. Along the way you will meet artist friends and see that a life of art shows is not just showing up the day of the show!!  I hope you enjoy your visit to my blog and follow my Life On Buttermilk Hill.–Jan

Update–We are so excited!!  My art has been accepted by a publisher for production of prints . After getting established in print sales, we will be working with a licensing agent to have my art put on consumer products.


4 comments on “About

  1. marly says:

    Hi Jan. I just finished reading your entire blog and I hope all goes well for your son. How scary for you all! We had a very similar situation in our extended family and it turned out great, as I am hoping for your Brian.
    Your work is fabulous. Fabulous! I have to apologize to you and tell you how I found your blog. With all the verification issues with Blogger, people were writing about their spam and the spam folder. ??? What’s that? So I played around until I found mine and there you were. Your comment (maybe because it’s WordPress?) went straight to the spam folder and was not included in the drawing for the Santa charts. I’m so sorry! I didn’t even know I had the folder let alone to check it every once in a while. I wish I could send you a chart but they’re gone. Please accept my apology for not including you in the drawing. It was certainly not intentional. Hope to see a good news update soon.

  2. suzan white says:

    I was from west mifflin until I married an moved up north th greenville pa, my owl doesn’t have a wire but there are 2 holes up top so maybe it did. thanks


  3. marly says:

    Hi Jan. I’ve been replying to your comments and just realized they go no where!! I saw this on Pinterest and thought you might be interested – you may already have something like this but it reminded me of your houses. I have these candle holders all over the house and love them for safety, but never saw them attached to a painted piece before. This link should take you to it.

  4. Eileen Citro says:

    Hi Jan
    I loved your Blog. I started in feb 2014 and went backwards. I cryed when I read about your son. I hope he is well . My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your work is wonderful!!! congrats on your liscensing!! That’s awesome. Best of luck to you I love your blog

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