Be Ye Kindly Welcome!



Hello everyone! Our upcoming show, Shaker Woods, is one we work towards all year long. Shaker is held on a farm underneath a canopy of very tall trees. There are acres of free parking spaces for the large crowds that attend. This show is a juried invitational which means you must send in photos ,or take actual pieces of work to the site for the promoters to judge whether you should be granted a space in the show. There are limitations as to how many booths are allowed in each type of craft. This balance is very important so that each vendor has a fair chance at making some good money.  Yesterday, Al took a vanload of product  over to Shaker and stacked everything in our little permanent house in the woods. Today we took a second load over and spent several hours hanging the product. Setting up our booth is somewhat like working a giant jigsaw puzzle because we have so many different sizes of work. Sometimes it all goes together easily, sometimes it doesn’t.  Luckily, today it went smooth as butter!  Smile 

Approaching the oasis of trees where Shaker Woods is held…more campers and trailers now than last week when we were here!


Notice the back half of our roof is clear plastic to allow light in….the front is cedar shakes. Most of the inside is fully stocked now with most of the lower pieces having 5 or 6 more pieces behind…we sure have a lot of product this time!  YAY!  Al and I make EVERY SINGLE piece ourselves…no imports allowed in MY booth!!  The things in the middle of the floor will go outside of the building when we start the show.  Early Saturday we will set up product on the exterior and our podium.…sure is a lot of work!


Here you can see the stacks…the tarp on the left will be taken down during the show to allow more light and air flow in.


Acres of mowed fields for free parking…These fields will be packed full of cars!


Tree carvings are scattered throughout the show and flowers were planted to brighten the grounds…


I just finished these in time for the show…the one on the right was sold as I was working on it at my last show…


Halloween goodies…


I’ll be working on finishing up last minute details on a few things tonight and tomorrow we’ll pack the van again. I’m especially excited this year because some of our favorite customers, who have become good friends, will be coming up from the D.C. area for the show and to go out to dinner with us.  Adding to that, another good customer/friend emailed and is driving up also with her mother from D.C.!    It will be so nice to see them all.  Smile   I’m hoping to see some Facebook/blogging friends there too.

This is a three weekend show and we will be busy between the weekends replacing a lot of product that is sold.  Right now, I need to get busy staining tags so they are ready to paint tomorrow . So, thanks for visiting , and think about attending one of YOUR local shows…support your favorite artists!  Smile……Jan


just humming along…

Hello everyone!  Well, I’m finally back!   As many of you know, I took a break from my blog as well as Facebook because I really needed to get over a hurtful situation. I’ll never understand how someone I have known for over 20 years, never even had an argument with  , could think that constant criticism and snarky comments wouldn’t destroy the friendship.  I have enough on my plate to deal with and don’t need anyone tearing me down .  So, after much talking to my hubby, and burying myself in my work, I’m moving on. I know I am blessed.  I have a husband that loves me and respects my ideas and opinions but never tries to control me (as if he could! Winking smile ).  We have two sons that love us , keep in close contact with us, and would be here in a moments notice if we needed them to be. We have a crazy, growing business that constantly surprises us , and many happy customers that have become good friends. I’m finding myself smiling much more lately especially because of good friends offering cyber hugs and comforting emails. Thank you all.  I actually caught myself humming along to the radio in the car the other day..a true sign that I am happy.  We all need to gather around us those people that are caring and kind, and discard those that hurt and make us feel not good enough.  And so……


I’m starting fresh!  Smile  Since I last posted, we have had two shows.  Mid July we were back in Boalsburg for People’s Choice…how I love that show!!   It was stinking hot, but the customers still came.  On the way towards State College the hills were beautifully hazy from the humidity…


The landscaping displays are always right in front of our booth…..


I love perennials and have been working the past month on redoing my own perennial flower beds.  When they are complete I’ll post pics…



The little choo choo was busy all four days…


Just a small portion of this large show…


I had to laugh…this Amish family spent so much time looking over the ATM machine they bring in for this show…hmmmm…wonder what they were thinking????


They then moved on to one of the entertainment tents…and seemed entranced by the belly dancers!  Haha!  We are very fortunate that our neighbors all around us at this show are so nice and we part with hugs all around. It makes for a happy show.


After People’s Choice we did a smaller , but very good show across the line into New York.  We have established a schedule of very consistent shows.  Of course, Shaker Woods is the one we work towards all year.  Today we went to the grounds to work on our building. Al replaced the roof on the little side shed on our building and patched a large hole in the roof last week . The roof on the back of our building is clear plastic and a branch had fallen from a tree and punched a hole.  Today we swept the building inside and out, sprayed for spiders, and installed our green louvered doors for displaying product.  Here are some random shots of the woods…each time we go it is a bit noisier as vendors arrive to fill their booths.





And finally, our booth. Some product is in there, two more vanloads to come!


This year we were asked to submit pics and a resume to be featured in the Shaker Woods newspaper. We were so excited to be chosen!

I still have product to finish, but we just received 6 originals back from the publisher which will be released soon…that will help fill the walls.  Our little neighborhood at this show is very close and friendly which makes for a fun show.

We are all well here, and Brian is doing pretty well right now. He had a problem while we were at a show but the doctor’s office helped him through it. 


I hope you are all well, thank you for visiting, and remember to keep smiling!  Smile