Trying to stay dry!

Hello everyone!  Welcome to all my new followers…I do hope you will enjoy my blog.

Last Friday we loaded up the van and headed out to an art show near Columbus Ohio…in Delaware Ohio.  This is a street show , called Delaware Arts Festival, and is a two day event.  Unfortunately, they were calling for rain, lots of it, on both days.  Friday we drive down, go directly to our hotel, and then have dinner as set up for the show is the morning of the show’s first day. I really dislike that because it takes us about three hours to set up so we are under a lot of pressure to get done in time.  The worst scenario is if it is raining at set up time…then you sit in wet clothes all day.  We were lucky…it was dry and set up went smoothly, but all day we raised sides, lowered sides, and moved product according to the rain’s whim! 

Sales were ok, but not as high as usual because of the weather.   But!…I had visitors!  Angie of Lil Raggedy Angie  came with her sweetie Princess Kaylee!  They gifted me with one of Angie’s wonderful swans and a bunch of great painting surfaces.  Thank you so much, Angie and Kaylee!  ❤    Cindy Davis of Cynthia Lee Designs also came to see me and wow!  she brought a big bag of cutting/breadboards for painting!  Thank you, Cindy!  It is so nice to be able to meet good FB and blogging friends!  Smile  Take a look at my swan from Angie and Kaylee….I just love it! 


I look forward to this show also because of the great antique stores there.  I may not be able to afford much in them, but it is a real education seeing truly unique and valuable pieces.  Once again, the owner of Sandusky Street Antiques allowed me to take photos .  ENJOY!  Smile  I LOVED this chippy stepback cupboard!…



Oh my, how I wanted this beautiful child sized desk!


A wonderful tilt top table/chair…



lovely old hooked rug…









Next post I will show you more of the photos.  Tomorrow I hope to hit the floor running on a new batch of folk art…I am very very low on it with a good show coming up soon.  Thank you for visiting my blog and enjoy the warm weather!  …Jan