weekend 2—Shaker Woods…

Hi everyone! Well, we just finished the second weekend of Shaker Woods. I had a little trouble with my camera, so I didn’t get as many pics as I wanted to. The camera seems to be draining batteries really fast, so I think a new one may be in my future.

Shaker is always a good show, but with the huge crowd the first weekend, we were braced for the second weekend being down . I believe since the weather was so extraordinarily wonderful, the crowd was also huge the second weekend. We came VERY close to matching the first. Usually late on Sunday it is very slow, but we had several very large sales that jumped us way up—and they even called and ordered 3 more large pieces to be picked up. Soooo….our booth looks pitifully thin. Last night I finished up new product to take for the final weekend. Some are large pieces, some are small, but I got 89 pieces done. Hopefully I can squeak through with that. Our building holds a lot, so even 89 pieces won’t fill it back up.

This weekend I picked up two of the goodies I ordered made for me….

My skelly doll…this was actually available the first weekend, but was painted with BRIGHT white. They stained this one for me because I don’t like bright white anything!!  Al took one look and shook his head like I had taken leave of my senses! LOL!


I needed a box/cupboard above the light switch in the kitchen. I decided their wall cupboards were too large for the space, so I got this…it had caught my eye during set up at the show. My lollipop box…not really this bright of a red…and looks grungier in person…pretty good size—about 24 inches high…this was not custom…


This is the shelf I have been waiting for…I needed a specific length, and the original had 3 pegs and a small blanket crane. Where I am putting it, I can’t use a blanket crane so he eliminated that, added pegs , and added a peg on the end for my witchie broom.  Smile  It is black over red and fits PERFECTLY where I want it.  Now…if I can find time to hang it…it’s about 3 feet long…


Before my camera got cranky, I got a few pics of the booth where I got the shelf and lollipop…I wish you could see everything in their booth…it was a double booth (mine is 1 1/2 ) and it was JAM-PACKED! It is NOT jam-packed now. Cupboards, big and small, cubbies, blanket cranes, stackable apothecary drawers, make do chairs, bowl racks, dolls, boxes, peg racks, dry sinks, candle boards, thermostat covers, anything you would want in prims. I ‘m so happy Shaker is adding so many prim booths—the promoter doesn’t like prims..but I told her they were getting more popular and VOILA! I haven’t seen the whole show, but I saw 4 prim furniture/smalls booths, a double prim candle booth, and of course prim doll booths. If you have ever heard of Sandy Hoerig dolls..she is there selling her beautiful prim dolls.


I just LOVE this crock bench..I think I am going to order one in mustard over black..it is 3 feet by 3 feet.


Love this make do chair!!


This is where my camera balked. DRAT!  There is another shelf there that is GORGEOUS!! It has cubbies and drawers and is large…I wanted it, but it was WAY too large. Sad smile  I’ve been running around the house looking for a place it will fit!! LOL! I love it so much!

I’m ready for a much needed break…Al is taking a nap right now,he’s so achy and tired…this coming Sunday we finish up at Shaker, will load up all the left over product and whatever else we can fit in the van, then drive over again on Monday to tear down our louvered door/walls and load those up with our other display pieces, podium, chairs, ladders, sign, etc. Then we clean the booth and lock it up .Monday is our ice cream day—we celebrate the end of Shaker by stopping and getting huge ice cream cones at Katie’s. YUM!  We’re planning on taking a picnic lunch down to Brian’s apartment on Labor Day—he’s off Dylantin and a little nervous about driving to our house. It’ll be good to see him and Stryker.

I hope to get more pics of Shaker this weekend IF my camera cooperates…the weather is going to be MUCH warmer..Sad smile—but it’s better than rain!!  I can’t wait until the season is over—I have so many projects I want to do for myself!  I hope you all have a great weekend and thank you all for stopping by. I’m trying my best to keep up with all the postings and comments, but it is difficult right now. ——-Bye y’all!  –Jan


10 comments on “weekend 2—Shaker Woods…

  1. christine says:

    Hi Jan! I’m sure you two are ready for a well earned break! Ice cream to celebrate sounds good and I hope you and Brian all have a great time together!
    I love the lollipop cubby and shelf you bought and I’d be like you if I saw something I liked – trying desperately to fit it in somewhere! There were loads of prims that caught my eye in those booths!
    Best wishes

    • Hi Christine! Thanks for visiting!! I wish I could have taken more pics in that booth–they were generous to let me take these. My camera is working (for now) ..so I hope I can get more pics of the show. This prim booth was one that I could have happily gutted my house and filled it with their goods!–Jan

  2. Cindy says:

    Hi Jan,
    I’m just now working everyday on goodies for the Sauerkraut Festival that is in about 7 weeks. My break won’t come until after Thanksgiving weekend…the is my big hoilday show. Ice cream sure sound yummy about right now…it is in the upper 80’s and I heard that it might get in 90’s over the weekend.

    • Hi Cindy…We tried to get in the Sauerkraut festival years ago, but at the time they were refusing any more wood booths. Then we were invited by Fort Ligonier Days and have been there ever since. I know Waynesville is a biggie! Every time we hear the weather forecast…it gets hotter for the weekend! I am SO grateful it has been cool the past 2 weekends for us to get most of our show in!—Jan

  3. Steph says:

    Hi Jan!!! What a success the Shaker show seemes to be this year. I am happy for you. Thanks for sharing the little part with us that you could. Skelly doll is awesome. Sometimes I get the head shakes too:) It actually adds to it all though. The thought that I am buying or making something completely different and sometimes confusing to others. But, I am so happy to have wonderful prim friends who understand me completely. I hope you get your break soon, eat tons of ice cream and take some time to hang up your wonderful new wares. Just a few more days to go. Have a great evening. -Steph-

    • Hi Steph!! I have missed you! How are those sweet girls?? Hope you are enjoying your time with them. Shaker is special this year–their 30 th year. It’s always good, but especially this year. It’s so nice to stroll through the shaded woods. The entire show site is sprayed for mosquitoes before the show starts, so you aren’t fighting the bugs–makes for a very pleasant time. When the show is going on, it is such a happy place with the crowds bustling around! We’ll get a short break…then off to New York for 2 shows!–hugs, Jan

  4. Trace says:

    Oh what fun.
    Thanks for sharing all the sweet things.
    Love ice cream. Perfect to celebrate.
    Hugs & Joy

  5. Goedele says:

    I love the skelly doll. My husband would have reacted the same way :-). I also love your other purchases. I was wondering which style Shaker Woods sold before? What was popular before the prim booths were allowed? It’s so interesting for me to see and hear about the differences in styles in the US, and especially when compared to English, French and Scandinavian styles.


    • Hi Goedele…. Shaker Woods welcomes all styles of art and craft. There is everything from very prim to very modern/contemporary. Every year vendors leave and are replaced by new ones. We know of several that are planning on retiring now that this year’s show is over. They may be replaced with someone doing a similar craft or something totally different. It does seem like there are more and more prim booths each year which is OK with me! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!—Jan

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