Another one under our belt!

Good morning everyone!  Well, I really must get back to work today…Monday I didn’t touch a paint brush, and yesterday I spent prepping a big stack of wood pieces that have been calling my name. Friday we shuffled off to Buffalo, New York for a three day show. Because our last show was down because of TERRIBLE weather, we were a bit nervous for this one.  This time we were up a good bit over this show last year. Very few shows in the Spring are great, and even this one isn’t, but we are grateful it was up!  We heard many vendors didn’t cover expenses.  This show used to be MUCH better, but the promoters moved it to much earlier in the year and I think that is why.

Anyway…it is a beautiful show with some amazing work.  We had some wonderful neighbors at the show and enjoyed talking to them.  It’s so nice when everyone is friendly around you at a show.This is the work of our neighbor beside us…and I have to apologize…I can’t find their card. Sad smile  I know I have it, but just can’t locate it.  I will post an update when that little bugger is found.  I promise !!

UPDATE!!!   I found the card!   If you are interested in one of these beautiful furniture pieces, or want to see them in person at a show, you can contact the artist at  His name is Dean Smith.


Love this one…that is NOT a salvaged window on the front…it is a constructed window made by the artist. amazing.



Love this one…





I can’t tell you how many people stopped to check out this piece…


A few random shots of the show…………….I took these at the very end of the day when most of the shoppers were gone.



Some new goods I painted for the show…really needed this size…..


Love the small crowns…the top one was sold…


A shot of my booth……


On Saturday, the promoter holds a catered dinner for the vendors.  I really just wanted to go back to the hotel, but we did go to the dinner …and I’m glad we did.  We had so much fun with our friends!  We were surprised that new vendors at the show included friends from a town near us—we knew them from a local show.  Our table was probably the loudest there with all the laughing!  What a great time.

Brian is STILL waiting for his car to come back to him…hopefully it will be soon.  Springtime is finally here—it’s going to be in the upper 70’s today and tomorrow, then drop down again to the 40’s. The windows are open, and the air smells wonderful.

OK…I’d better get going…I have to do a couple more applications for shows today…and get to work!!   Thanks for visiting!!   —–Jan