Eye candy…antique store tour

Hello everyone!  We just returned from our first outdoor show of the year…gosh it is hard to get started again!   This show is a street art festival in Delaware Ohio.  It seems to be a pretty consistent show for us, this is our third time taking part in it.  What is difficult, is that set up is on the first day of the show…because it takes us at least three hours to set up, we prefer setting up the day before.  But, that is not an option here..so we drove down Friday directly to our hotel and very early got up to unload and set up the booth. It takes so long because our booth is like a giant jigsaw puzzle and our pieces are of varying sizes.

Saturday was expected to be in the 60’s…no such luck…it stayed about 46 degrees with a feels like temp of 39….brrrrr!  I was frozen and spent the day literally shaking even though I had multiple coats on.  The crowd was down, but we still managed to do some business although it wasn’t normal sales.  Sunday was the polar opposite!!  Beautiful, warm, dry, and sunny with a very large crowd and good sales.

Delaware is also the home of Sandusky Street Antiques.  If you want to see the antiques you drool over online…visit this store.  Their website is www.sanduskystreetantiques.com and there is a link on the website to their Facebook page. They were kind enough to allow me to take photos to share with you.























I hope you enjoy the pics…I also brought home a piece from this store…I am getting addicted to these brown jugs…I want to collect all the graduating sizes for my mantle.


So, the show ended ok…down a little because of the weather on Saturday…but ended with smiles as I got to meet two good Facebook/blogging friends.  Angie  (Lil Raggedy Angie) and her Princess Kaylee came to see us on Saturday and are just as sweet as they are online!  They surprised me with some handmade goodies…a sweet little prim doll, a fabulous pinkeep……my first!!….and Uncle Sam…he is just wonderful…and they all smell sooooo good!!   Thank you so much , Angie and Princess!  Smile 100_2780

I wish you could see the detailing on each piece…


  Sunday brought Cindy (Cynthia lee Designs) .  Cindy is a sweetheart…so warm and friendly.  She surprised me too with one of her beautiful embroidered towels she is known for, as well as a sweet embroidered hanging pillow.  Sooo much work…thank you so much, Cindy!    I am so lucky to have met Angie, Princess, and Cindy…not because of the sweet surprises…but because they are genuinely nice, good people.


So today I am a happy girl…although still tired.  We unloaded and while Al did all the errands necessary after a show, I have to admit I curled up on the loveseat and slept….a lot…10 hours last night and all afternoon!  I’m hoping to paint a bit tonight and get back into the swing of it tomorrow…  I hope all of you are happy and healthy and I hope I am back here a little quicker next time!  …….Jan


Home from Occoquan

Hello everyone!  We are SO GLAD to be home!  Last Friday we left early for our show in Occoquan Virginia…outside of D.C. 

Ahhh…lovely Maryland…



Getting close…we have done so many shows in this area….I love watching the constant stream of jets flying in as we drive along…


Unloading our personal things at the hotel before heading to the show site to wait for set up time…after all the years we have done this show, we finally have found nice hotels to stay at…  Smile



This is a consistently very good show for us and it is so nice to have a show that you KNOW is going to be very profitable year after year. On the down side, it is a notoriously difficult set up and usually blazing hot.  This year the set up was a nightmare mainly because a 20 foot trailer parked along the narrow street which hampered traffic flow and made unloading difficult for everyone. Sad smile  Because it was late (set up starts at 9 PM )…and hot…we just set up our tent, walls, and set the signs. Then we stacked our cases inside the tent and headed for the hotel to sleep.

By 7 AM we were hanging product and finished in time for customers at 9:30 (earlybirds ).  Saturday started very slowly and the temperature progressively got hotter. Luckily we have shade from a tree for most of the day…I love my space and insist on it every year. Saturday ended up very busy even though the crowd seemed to be down…we suspect from the insane heat.  We heard the heat index was 105 and constantly drank bottled water to stay hydrated.

The lovely ladies in my favorite store in town once again allowed me to take photos in “Personally Yours”.   Personally Yours is located on Mill Street (the main street) in Occoquan Virginia along the Occoquan River. So here we go…enjoy…


beautiful redware…


original artwork on antique breadboards…



I thought these flowers were so cute!


more artwork…


lots of Americana…


I loved this box set…so old looking and distressed…






I really need to incorporate some green in my house…




I regret not picking up this pillow!!  Sad smile



This wall cupboard was awesome…


Look at the texture on this little shelf…yum!



nice cubby…


Loved this little mustard table…


The street corner of Union and Mill…this anchor is HUGE…how cool is that!?!


I’d like to thank the ladies of Personally Yours for welcoming me and allowing the pics…if you are ever in the area, the stores in this little town are so worth the trip to see!  Personally Yours also just started on Facebook , so you may want to look them up. 

Well, I need to get back to work…we picked up another show and I’m feeling the pressure!  We’re heading out tomorrow for a big load of lumber and I need to get a group of painted vintage pieces done.  Thank you all for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the tour…especially those of you that don’t have many prim shops in your own area.—-Jan

Antique store tour, part 2….yeah…I’m late…

Hello everyone…yeah, I really hoped to get this posted before today, but you know how it goes!   I’ve been very busy getting product ready for my next show. It’s the first big one of the year and we need a LOT of product. I also had the 6 custom pieces to finish before getting on product for inventory. Yesterday I finished the last of the painting and stained the last of it last night. Now I have to finish all the clearcoating , put hangers on, tag, and pack. We are getting into humid weather which poses a problem for clearcoating. The weather needs to be fairly dry or the clearcoat can get hazy…not a good look for folk art.  So, this morning I got an early start and got much of it done even as I felt it getting more and more humid. I’ll be up early tomorrow too , to coat the stuff I stained last night, if it is dry. I use an oil stain that gives a richer finish, but it can take 2 or 3 days to dry. To hurry it up, I stained, let it dry for a couple of hours, then carried it into the house—it will dry a bit faster inside.

Soooo…ready for the rest of the tour?  Here we go…remember to click to enlarge…lots of eye candy in these!


love this table and horse…





Stephanie…this pic is for you…







I’m on a mission for more firkins…


I’m crazy over gameboards…




Now THIS is what I’m talkin’ about!!




and a final, gorgeous sampler…


Remember these?  Custom for a customer…she has a LOT of our pieces and by this time, I know what she’s looking for, so I try to have some special pieces when I know she is coming to a show.  I am always thrilled at the difference the stain makes…tones down colors, softens the look, and ages it.  I have to work fast putting the stain on and then wiping it off so not too much is absorbed into the paint.  It’s so funny…I have music playing while I stain, and the faster the music, the faster I rub off the stain!  LOL!   



and after…


Last night we had our own tornado scare, but fortunately the storms moved north of us . A tornado did touch down in a little town we used to do a show in…one fatality…a motorcycle rider. Sad smile  Some of our blogging friends were at risk too, but thankfully everyone is OK.

Thank you for visiting..and welcome to my new followers. I need to get back to work now…never enough time anymore,it seems!  We picked up a new show that will bring many of our blog and Facebook friends together!  What fun!   Have a great day!—blessings, Jan

Antique store tour ,part one…..droolworthy!

Good morning everyone!   We were supposed to get severe weather last night but thankfully it fizzled before it got here. This often happens in our town, in fact , even when there IS a storm heading our way, it very often splits and goes north and south of us. This makes me very happy because even though it has now been 27 years since the deadly outbreak of tornadoes that swept through western Pa. on Craig’s birthday, storms still make me very nervous.  Seeing the terrible devastation and loss in Oklahoma heightens the fear. Just think what trauma those dear small children will feel forever.

In my last post I promised all of you a store tour of an antique shop in Delaware Ohio. The gentleman in the shop very graciously allowed me to photograph the store and I would like to thank him again. As I wrote down my blog address so that he could see the posting , I guess I left his card on the counter.  Sooo, Carmen (Primcats) came to the rescue and provided the store name. Thanks, Carmen!  Smile The store is Sandusky Street Antiques in Delaware, Ohio which is in the Columbus area.  So here we go!

Marly, the samplers are for you!….the samplers in this store are large, and incredible…you MUST click to enlarge…


An adorable doll bed , coverlet, and a gorgeous oil portrait…..


… stunning crocks…



this table, and the cupboard…sigh…



samplers, samplers, samplers…



A gorgeous ovoid jug with tulip motif…I love ovoid jugs…


A rice bucket…and look at that stenciling on the chair..


So many gorgeous blanket chests in this store…and THAT SWAN!!


Gorgeous artwork…


OK..I will try to post the other half of the pics tomorrow.  I hope you enjoyed these. As I mentioned in my last post, Carmen came (along with Holly) to the show…she also brought goodies for me!  YAY!  She kept pulling more and more out of her cart….

One of her great shoofly covers….


3 smaller pantry cakes and a LARGE one with a thistle motif…boy do these smell good!  Our van smelled good all the way home! ..

the plate is one of my blank plates I paint on….needs painted to show off the cakes…and a runner I picked up at The Olde Farmstead store

at Polaris Mall…


a cute little basket for my peg rack, and some of Carmen’s wrapped candy canes…Smile


and she found me a great cabinet to paint…really a nice size and style!  Thank you so much, Carmen!


I’ve been working on special orders that are due at my next show..3 big folk art..for a lady from D.C….



3 pieces I’m working on now for another lady from outside of D.C.—a fall and a winter variation of a Terrye French pattern…

the customer already has my painting using the original pattern. The spoon is also for her.


I hope you enjoyed this overload of pics today, and thank you for visiting!……Jan

Hoppin’ down the lane….

Hi everyone!   Today I worked on cleaning up some random painting work so our house doesn’t have quite as much of a “warehouse” look to it.  My brother will be joining us for Easter dinner and Brian has arrived home . Smile  He’ll be staying for a few days…tonight March Madness with his dad is on the schedule.   Sunday we will talk to Craig, so in a way, the whole family will be together.

Those of you who have been reading for the past year may remember Easter Bunny Lane. Well, every year the display is changed and animated figures are used in a different way so the display is “new”. Each year new pieces are also added as old ones wear out or retired.  So here we go!  Remember, most pieces are animated and Spring/Easter music plays the entire length of the lane. This is just a portion of the display…I don’t know WHAT the first one is—but I’m sort of out of the loop on what young kids are liking lately…but the little ones looking at it seemed to enjoy it!


Dora seemed to be the cry at this scene…all the little girls were clamoring to see her…


OK….I admit I love Sponge Bob…my favorite jammies are covered with his likeness….seriously.   No……seriously.


Big Bird….


Sesame Street…..It started when older son Craig was born……  They are all members of our family…..


You go, girl!!…….


Good ole Charlie Brown…we celebrated Christmas with Charlie every day of the year with the record player….


Hippity, Hoppity, Easter’s on it’s way!!


And the tour finishes to leave in your mind the reason why  there is an Easter………





With snow still on the ground,  Spring may only be found in the greenhouse….    ahhhhh…Hydrangeas……..


and tulips……at our last house I had hundreds of tulips….my favorites were the hot pink lily flowered tulips…I think I had some of these magenta ones too…


Charming miniature daffodils….at my back door I had a cluster of pink daffodils……..


and lilies …these pink ones are so delicate…of course there were lots of the traditional white Easter lilies also.


I finally saw my first robin this week…I think those little buggers were huddled in the shrubs wondering why they came north too soon!  Next week it is supposed to plunge to abnormally cold temps again. Sad smile    Will Spring ever come to stay???      Excuse me…I think I will head back to the greenhouse again…hyacinths are calling me……

Have a happy and blessed Easter!!   ——Jan

Chocolate Heaven!!!

Hello everyone!   First I would like to welcome my new followers.  It is a bit hard with word press to know who is following, but I would love to get to know my followers better. I read every comment and appreciate them all.

Today I want to share a store I LOVE to walk into…mainly because of the smell that wraps itself around you. This is Daffin’s..billed as the world’s largest candy store. They are famous for their chocolates…and their Chocolate Kingdom.  It is a huge store, and actually has expanded again since I was last there.  The first pic is of the very long row of chocolates in glass cases…yum…Croquettes and French Mints always call to me!  Milk chocolates, dark chocolates, hundreds of variations of creams, nuts, a huge assortment of barks, and novelties were tempting the crowd of shoppers.  I noticed Al was hovering in front of the turtles. Winking smile    (his favorite)…..my favorite is all of the above.  Sigh……..Then there were the rows upon rows of large, shelved display tables loaded with chocolate rabbits, cars, lambs, computers, ducks, and many more figures in many sizes….. I tried to talk Al into a few 5# rabbits, but he said no. …Sad smile


This is the original mold created by the founder for his first chocolate rabbits…I’m sure it is a treasured heirloom for the family.


Ahhh!!  Entering the Chocolate Kingdom!   These are all solid chocolate creations…..castle and a rhino peeking out from behind the castle…



The turtle is HUGE!!  It weighs several hundred pounds and is solid chocolate….


Chocolate elephants and deer….



This frog was about two feet tall..again solid chocolate.  These figures are kept year round for visitors to the candy store and school children day trips.  When our boys were little, we used to take them for swizzle stick day where you got a sample of Easter egg filling dipped into liquid chocolate.   YUM!


Daffin’s also has an extensive gift shop and an amazing wall of hundreds of flavors of sugar free candies.  I hope you enjoyed this tour…I just wish my blog had “smeller” capabilities!   The thick chocolate smell was delicious!!   ……………….I think I gained 5# just smelling it! Winking smile

Have a great day!—Jan

Time off??….what’s that !?!

Hi everyone!!  Because doing shows is our full time living, we rarely go anywhere just for fun. Usually if we do, it is related to work—like going to a flea market. But, last Saturday we ventured not too far from home to see a small craft show.  The show was held in Volant Pa.—a small western Pa. village surrounded by Amish farms and countryside.

a lovely amish farm….didn’t see any buggies out, but lots of draft horses out in the fields…


Amish repair shop……also several quilts for sale shops…


Entering Volant…..


The depot—shops are in the different cars….


storefronts…..we used to sell in 2 stores owned by a wonderful lady…we did very well for a long time…




Volant Mills…Years ago I sold product in the mill..did fabulous, then it was taken over by new owners  Sad smile




The water wheel on the side of the mill….



Inside the mill…an old millstone….


Amish selling baked goods, jams and jellies….



We were surprised to see these vendors when we entered the show area—Lynn and Bert were our neighbors behind our booth at Shaker Woods. Some of their product is sold in the Circa Home Living catalog…..and in Williamsburg Virginia….. their website is www.whimsicalworkshop.net    —-beautiful folk art creatures and products…..




This booth is the one we went to the show to see….Ginger Cazan.  www.gingercazan.com    She sells her wonderful redware on ebay and also from her website.  It is wonderful—heavy quality, highly decorated, and just beautiful in color. So many choices!!  She was so nice too —you MUST enlarge to see the beauty!!




A wonderful paint booth—love the eagle!!


a forge demonstration….


A display of exquisite handmade furniture….


The store that ran this small show was James Creek Gallery in Volant. The store is breathtaking…







Is my Al buying me that cabinet??? Shhh…I’ll pretend I’m surprised!!!


This rooster pillow was all wool…


Look at this painted dough box….the show was advertised in A Primitive Place—so glad we took the time to go see it! I’m thinking of applying to it for next year…





Today another box arrived from Sheila (Seasons of Thy Heart )….I wish you could see the hand stitching on the pillow on the left—a LOT of work…and the americana star with crow has a hanger on the back for hanging on a door—It is so FUNKY!! I love both pieces and she just keeps on spoiling me!!  Smile  The star is colorwashed and so perfectly prim! Thank you so much Sheila!!


I’ve been so busy painting for our next show…it’s a biggie…four days and no slow down of the economy in the area around State College Pa.  We take 2 vanloads to this one!! So, painting Halloween!!…….


We took another load of work up to the store we sell in today—the store is now in the slower summer period. Jane is starting to put out fall goodies now and it won’t be long until the store is hopping again!!  —

I hope you enjoyed this little tour—we certainly enjoyed being away from work for a couple of hours!!  Now back to the grindstone!! Thanks for visiting and a big welcome to my new followers!!—–Jan