Ring around the rosie…a pocket full of….

©  Buttermilk Hill Folk Art-Janet Skibo …DO NOT PIN FOLK ART

Hi everyone!  Welcome to my newest followers.  I have been so very busy the last few days.  We are in the final push to get a lot of folk art orders out…we were SWAMPED!!  Two very large orders went out yesterday and those boxes were HEAVY!   Now I have a few single orders to ship and a few to finish up due to be picked up at our next show outside of D.C.  Whew!    A couple days ago we had an all day excursion…lumber, Sam’s Club, and a bunch of pesky little errands…..and flower shopping.  Smile  Our last frost sometimes comes as late as Memorial Day and when I was growing up, Memorial Day always marked the planting of the garden.  We decided to make an all day trip of it and get our flowers too. I really don’t plant as many as I used to at our last house. There, I planted flat after flat of flowers and often had cars stop just to look at them.  Now, I am so busy painting, I only plant a few barrels.  Last year I did work on a new perennial bed.  I am so happy every single new plant is up, healthy, and bursting with buds!   Smile  …but not open.   Sad smile    Some of them, like the balloon flower…variety “Sentimental Blue”…are late to come up and after the winter we had, I was afraid they WOULDN’T come up.  But they did and …oh, please hurry and bloom!  They are so pretty!  So here are a few pics I took this morning…


My Ruby Rhody…



Bunnies guarding the lavender I just planted this week…variety “Hidcote”



Coreopsis…variety “Zagreb”…one of my favorite flowers…so feathery..

100_2799Just beyond the coreopsis is one of the balloon flower and “Winter Gem” boxwood. I highly recommend this variety of boxwood.



Another Ruby Rhody with a brilliant Golden Barberry.  Just to the right of the Barberry we are ready to plant two azaleas to replace two pink Spirea that died. Sad smile


Before taking off for our lumber shopping day, we ran down to our local flea market…it is only held on Thursdays.  A friend was meeting us there with a picnic basket she thought I could use.  Lots of Amish were there…I swoon over the toddlers in their traditional dress!



Directly across the road from the flea…how pretty!


Unfortunately, slim pickings that day…


A few pieces shipped …Autumn and Summer went out to a special friend….



THIS Summer went to a lovely lady customer near Buffalo…I believe she has all the seasons now…we’ll see her again in November.


Today is our older son’s birthday…Craig…Happy happy birthday…I hope it is a special day for you…we are so proud of the man you have become!  ❤



I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with beautiful weather…enjoy it!  ….Jan


5 comments on “Ring around the rosie…a pocket full of….

  1. Sheila says:

    Your plants are looking lovely and lush!
    Happy Birthday to Craig 🙂

  2. steph says:

    We planted our garden over memorial day weekend too! We are barley seeing some peas poking thier heads out. Happy birthday to your boy! We have a Menonite group over here in our area and they always wear homemade dresses and thier head piece. My children think they are Amish. I would love to come and visit places that the Amish live someday. Seems so simple and peaceful. Glad you’ve been keeping busy. I sure am still enjoying all the beautiful prints you sent me. Thankful to have such pretty art in my home;) Have a great week. -Steph-

  3. Cindy says:

    Love your flowers. Now that we are back from our trip…I want to get some flowers out front. I love the few goodies that you found at the flea market. Can’t wait to see them after you work your magic on them. Happy Birthday to Craig!!

  4. Karen Martinsen says:

    My dear friend how you keep up is beyond me – always busy and yet so much time for yourself…thank goodness for that huh?

  5. betty says:

    Oh I love your season pictures! Don’t know how I missed this, but guess I was at the beach. Have a wonderful rest of the week

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