Well, well, well….looky who’s back!


                                                                                                                                                          Hello everyone!  Long time no see!  I certainly didn’t think I would be gone this long, but life just kept me away.  I have missed all of you ,and writing, but things happen….good and bad…and sometimes you have no control of it.  Let me say that most of it was good….my shows were outstanding last year….so good, in fact, that we are giving up a good show in New York this year just to have more work time at home.  We had a string of shows in the Fall that we virtually sold out to the bare walls of our booth…and we take a LOT of product.   Sold out to the point that we were stopping on our way home from shows to buy a load or two of lumber.  Overall, we had 3 less shows this year, but did much more business!

Shaker Woods was insanely good…we came within a few dollars of matching our best ever year there…and Ligonier, despite rain and miserable mud, was wonderful. The previous year we had to cancel out of Ligonier because Brian was having problems…and it was so heartwarming to have so many vendors approach us to welcome us back . We got our normal spot back and we had a very happy time there.  Speaking of Brian, right now he is well.  In the Fall he had what you might describe as a stroke behind his eye. Sad smile   We took him to the eye doctor who then sent him to a specialist because he was losing his vision….talk about scary!  I thought the specialist would just look at him the first visit, but no…they numbed him and then injected meds directly through his eyeball!  YIKES!  Sooooo glad I didn’t go with them…I get queasy just thinking about it…..it was right before a show and I had to finish work.  They said he might need 2 or 3 more injections ,but thankfully the one worked and his vision is back except for one small blind spot.  Smile

I was going to start up my blog again on New Year’s Day, but when I tried to load pics, the reader in my computer wouldn’t read the card.  Fooey!  I talked to my computer wiz ( Craig )  and he sent me a plug in reader…which worked great until SOMEONE hit a button and it looks like it totally erased 100 pics off my card.   Fooey !…again. The card was full of new booth pics for this year’s applications.  Sad smile  Thankfully the shows I really needed them for have already been sent in with copies of the booth pics.  And yes…application season is in full swing…I really detest filling those things out! 

After our last show, we always take every sign we have left (not folk art) up to a store we sell in about an hour away. Actually, this year we had to make more product before we went up…we had a very good last show and had sold out of some favorites.  This, and with Thanksgiving being so late, made for a very busy stretch before Christmas. On the 20th, Craig flew in for a week…the following day, Brian drove home.  We had the best Christmas this year!  Everything went smoothly, and Brian was doing well…I can’t tell you how happy I was cooking for more than two! Of course, when everything goes well, the time flies…and in no time, Christmas was over and Craig was flying back to his home. I can’t imagine not seeing our boys at Christmas!  (insert photos of all of us at the airport…ooops! They were ERASED!!)

Sooooo…I’m back to work now. I have always wanted to keep a running count of how many pieces I paint in a year…I am sure it is over 1000. This year I am going to try to keep a total. Right now I have finished 22 big folk art pieces.  Today I am finishing 3 custom signs for customers that will be shipped next week.


These bunnies are about the only rabbits I ever paint…a Terrye French pattern


Then, I will start on this beauty..a custom piece for a good customer/friend.  Al scrubbed it out during one of our brief warm spells and it is dry enough now to start working on. She has a good number of my pieces and will pick this up as well as 2 other folk art  next time she is up this way.


Hopefully I can catch up on all that has been going on with all of you…I even fell of my reading…Facebook kept me in touch with most….I could hop on there when paint was drying.  So take care of yourselves and be happy! ….Jan     P.S.  I WILL be back!  Smile


9 comments on “Well, well, well….looky who’s back!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    You have been busy! Welcome back!

  2. Sheila says:

    Even though we keep up on FB it is good to see a post from you! Busy, busy woman that you are…………loving my goodies from you!

  3. marly says:

    Nice to hear from you! I was hoping all was well and you were just super busy. Congratulations on a terrific year of sales. I think you would be surprised at how many items you painted and I’ll bet it’s WAY over 1000 for the year!

  4. Christine says:

    I have been wondering what had become of you, long lost friend! So glad all is now good with you all and I’m so pleased that your sales have been going through the roof!
    Keep in touch!

  5. Cindy says:

    Jan…you are doing better than me. I haven’t made a thing yet for my shows this year. So glad we were able to stay in touch on FB.

  6. Cindi Loretz says:

    Look who came back!!! It is so good to read an update about you and your beautiful art…I am so excited to think that soon I should be getting some of my very own! I can hardly wait!
    So glad you had such a great year business wise! Gee could it be because you do fantastic work? Also great to hear about your nice family Christmas.
    Please know Brian continues to be in my prayers!
    Be blessed,

  7. Your talent amazes me, Your work is beautiful! Owning something of yours is on my wish list.
    I don’t know how you keep up with all of your orders, I am so glad you have a wonderful business.
    I will continue to keep your son in my prayers. hugs, Lecia

  8. betty says:

    Can’t tell you how good it is to see you back. Many of our blogging friends are MIA. Again so happy all is well

  9. lil raggedy says:

    well hello gorgeous…you have to be the busiest most productive artist I know 🙂 have a great day hugs lil raggedy

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