Verrrrrry interesting!

Good morning ,friends!  Sigh….it has been awhile…once again time has escaped me.  We’ve been working very hard getting ready for a new show we picked up. Plus, Brian has been dealing with some difficult issues.  After many panic filled days, we finally had the issues resolved and all is quiet again…thank goodness!  We decided to pick up a new show near Pittsburgh…but this time it was a combination antiques and artists show put on by Whispering Pines Farm.  I have never been to an antique show so I was vey excited to see it.  It did not disappoint.   The family promoting the show did an awesome job preparing the area as you will see in the photos.  The farm was stunning as were the antiques.  Artists were scattered among the antique dealer booths also.  Enjoy…


I met several Facebook friends Robin…..





Gorgeous dough box and bowls…and that ovoid tornado jug !!!




Directly behind my booth…


Lots of antique horses…and firkins…


and crocks…


Some of these pics are from set up day…hence the toolboxes and coolers…







Antique hornbeams…



Several pie safes!!   sigh…and a glimpse of my booth…thinning out a bit on the side!



Huge trenchers were everywhere!


Just look at the painting on that old dowery chest!


OMG!!  30 years ago I passed up a wood shovel carved from one piece of wood…it was $20…but I had toddlers…I still cry over that one!!




This trencher was about 4 feet long…amazing.


This is Sierra…she was ridden from the west coast for a cancer awareness fundraiser….she was hanging out right behind our booth…we’re best buds now! Did you know I used to show horses years ago as a teen…eons ago!!



make do chairs…


I really enjoyed this show, and I think it has great potential.  We did fair as far as sales….but it is far different from an art/craft show, so we have to decide if it is profitable enough to return to it. I think we did as well or better than most, but we are used to much larger crowds. We’re keeping in mind this was a first time show. I do know the family is very willing to work very hard for it’s success and were always there to assist the vendors…that’s a very good sign!

I hope you enjoyed the show truly was beautiful!    Thanks for visiting….Jan


11 comments on “Verrrrrry interesting!

  1. marly says:

    Glad to hear issues have resolved! Oh my. My kind of show and I am so sorry I didn’t go!

    • patti says:

      I really enjoyed the show. My kind of primitives. Thanks for letting me know.Glad to hear things are running smoothly with Brian. Patti (pjrusty)

  2. Jane Moss says:

    Jan, it was so nice to see you and Al at the show and I am so glad you got to meet Pete. He is an amazing man! We loved that show too and are seriously thinking about trying it ourselves. We could tell the family put a lot of hard work into it and all of the dealers were so very nice and fun to talk with. Your photos are great…..Pete is still talking about your painting and how talented you are!


  3. Oh my gosh!!! It looks like a wonderful show! I so wish I could have come! The location looks great and sure hope they can grow!

  4. Angie Berry says:

    Oh my Jan, what an awesome show! That is one that I could not attend until my 3 kids were outta the house and I had serious cash to spend, lol! The surrounding is beautiful and would be my kind of show… I’m not too hip on the city sidewalk ones but I will browse through them occasionally. I really love the view from the back of your booth. How neat that you used to show horses back in the day, I think that’s verrrrrry interesting! =]

    Glad to hear that things are settling back down again with Brian. I know it causes much unrest to your soul as it would any parent. It’s SO much harder to see them going through something like that than it would be for any other relative in our family.

    Do you have a show schedule listed somewhere? I would seriously love to come to one. My husband works for American Airlines and I can fly anywhere in the world for free. I would LOVE to come to a show sometime and meet you and see your beautiful work in person!

  5. linda says:

    Jan, what great pictures you posted of the show. I had so wanted to go over to it but we had too much going on around here this weekend. Plus we are going on vacation in a couple of weeks so lots to get ready for. Maybe next year I can make it. I hope they do it again. Beautiful setting. Di you sell antiques too?

  6. Lecia says:

    What an awesome show, would have loved to attend!

  7. bettycrowe says:

    Oh what a show to attend. I enjoyed it all. Glad things are settling down. Still praying

  8. Trace says:

    SO much wonderful eye candy.
    I love it all.
    Praying for you and your dear son.
    Sending you a big hug too

  9. steph says:

    Wow Jan!! I am happy that things have been resolved with Brian. Sorry you had a scary time:{ The pictures of the show are stunning. I could stare at them all day. You are very lucky. How fun to meet some blogging friends there. That’s neat you used to show horses. We had some when I was a young girl. I was quite good at riding all by myslef:) I love how they smell. Hope you have a wonderful week. -Steph-

  10. Karen says:

    Hi Jan,
    What a great looking show – if only, huh? Such great shows are always out of reach. Kind of nice to have a show closer to you this time, right???
    Glad things got better for Brian…we hurt when our children hurt and we smile when they smile.

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