calming down…

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            Hello everyone!  I was so surprised when I saw it has only been nine days since I last posted…it seems like a month.  It’s been a difficult stressful nine days as we have had a couple of crisis concerning Brian.  As with most moms and dads, our boys are our world and that world comes to a screeching halt when something scary is happening to them. We are so blessed to have good, loving sons and of course, we want everything to go perfectly for them.  Finally , things are looking like they are settling back down for Brian and we just have to hear about one more thing before we can stop holding our breath. Craig seems to be doing well…at least that is what he tells us…I think he doesn’t want to add any more stress to us if he does have a problem. He’s so far away, but keeps in close touch with us in case we need him.  I worry about him too because it must be difficult being so far away when there are troubles here.


Anyway, I have been working helps keep me sane and not worrying every minute of the day. It also wears me out so I can sleep at night.  My big paintings and the vintage pieces are the fun work for me.  I love that moment when I stain over the paint and they come alive. But…to run my business, I need a lot of the somewhat boring things too…things I mass produce …our bread and butter pieces. I believe every booth should have something in it that ANYONE coming to a show can afford to buy.  They may not want that piece, but there should be a complete range of prices in a booth.  I paint MASSES of these things…and it is somewhat mindless work. I work on them while watching TV.   Here are a few examples…buckets of shoe signs…


Stacks of small paintings…red houses sell best… next batch will be a group of mustard, blue, and tan houses…each one is different…a lot of people buy my winter ones to use as Christmas cards!…..


Stars (and hearts)…I paint these by the hundreds…..again, mindless work that is great to do when I am really tired or want to paint through the night…


These are the most mindless pieces…carrot snowman noses.  I’ll have to do a couple more batches (about 100 pieces ) like this before the season is over…plus, I have 100 tiny 1 inch ones to paint for an order of snowman ornaments for a lady in Dallas.   Each has to be painted, sanded on the edges, then stained and clear coated.  I can almost sleep while I paint these!


But I also paint multiples of bigger pieces at a time…  I try to do at least six of each at a sitting…it goes much faster then!






I wanted to show you a before and after…  A really ugly mirror I found at a flea market…


Sanded and 2 coats of red, dried well…then waxed….


Two coats of black over the red and wax…. sanded to expose the red…….then walnut oil stained and clear coated….


Then fitted with a panel Al cut for me and I painted….  the colors are not as bright as they appear here.


An old hat rack someone gave me…mirror discarded, sanded so paint will stick, and a panel cut to fit….painted black over red…panel painted…


Voila!   We sell lots of things like this at Shaker Woods in August.


Currently, I am painting more trowels, ice cream scoops ( ! ),  old wooden shoe forms, picnic baskets, more nail kegs, and signs…never have enough signs!!   I’ll be ready for my next show in 2 days, then will get busy preparing for a big July show…now, THAT’S when I really start cranking product out!   I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Happy Father’s Day…and Betty…..thank you…it helped these last 9 days immensely!!    Smile  ——-Jan


5 comments on “calming down…

  1. marly says:

    Mindless? Are you kidding me? You’re just so dang good that it seems that way to you, but we still are amazed at the detail. So sorry to hear about your Brian’s crisis. Hope it all works out for the best.

  2. Mary Johnston says:

    Hi Jan,
    I am so envious that you could paint mindlessly! Mindless or not–it is talent fine honed to this level.
    I am so in awe of the two pieces that you did not me! I treasure them! Being in the south, we do not have access to the level of craft very often!
    thanks and thankful thing are calming down for you!

  3. bettycrowe says:

    Praying for Brian. I am asking God for a miracle.

  4. Cindy says:

    Hi Jan…I’m so sorry to hear about Brian and I’m keeping him in my prayers and you too.

    All I can say is…your work is awesome!! Hope you have a great show in July.

    I’m going to check out the Eaton Pork Festival this September…it’s huge and if it looks like a good one…I’ll do it next year. This year…I’ve decide to do a small show on a Saturday at the end of September out at a local country shop. She has a small Fall Festival every year and I’ve never done it because of getting ready for the Sauerkraut Festival, but since I’m not doing that show anymore…thought I would give this small one a try for this year.


  5. Trace says:

    Evening friend
    Oh my how wonderfully talented you are.
    True gift from God.
    Praying for your son.
    And sending you a giant woolie hug

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