Home from Occoquan

Hello everyone!  We are SO GLAD to be home!  Last Friday we left early for our show in Occoquan Virginia…outside of D.C. 

Ahhh…lovely Maryland…



Getting close…we have done so many shows in this area….I love watching the constant stream of jets flying in as we drive along…


Unloading our personal things at the hotel before heading to the show site to wait for set up time…after all the years we have done this show, we finally have found nice hotels to stay at…  Smile



This is a consistently very good show for us and it is so nice to have a show that you KNOW is going to be very profitable year after year. On the down side, it is a notoriously difficult set up and usually blazing hot.  This year the set up was a nightmare mainly because a 20 foot trailer parked along the narrow street which hampered traffic flow and made unloading difficult for everyone. Sad smile  Because it was late (set up starts at 9 PM )…and hot…we just set up our tent, walls, and set the signs. Then we stacked our cases inside the tent and headed for the hotel to sleep.

By 7 AM we were hanging product and finished in time for customers at 9:30 (earlybirds ).  Saturday started very slowly and the temperature progressively got hotter. Luckily we have shade from a tree for most of the day…I love my space and insist on it every year. Saturday ended up very busy even though the crowd seemed to be down…we suspect from the insane heat.  We heard the heat index was 105 and constantly drank bottled water to stay hydrated.

The lovely ladies in my favorite store in town once again allowed me to take photos in “Personally Yours”.   Personally Yours is located on Mill Street (the main street) in Occoquan Virginia along the Occoquan River. So here we go…enjoy…


beautiful redware…


original artwork on antique breadboards…



I thought these flowers were so cute!


more artwork…


lots of Americana…


I loved this box set…so old looking and distressed…






I really need to incorporate some green in my house…




I regret not picking up this pillow!!  Sad smile



This wall cupboard was awesome…


Look at the texture on this little shelf…yum!



nice cubby…


Loved this little mustard table…


The street corner of Union and Mill…this anchor is HUGE…how cool is that!?!


I’d like to thank the ladies of Personally Yours for welcoming me and allowing the pics…if you are ever in the area, the stores in this little town are so worth the trip to see!  Personally Yours also just started on Facebook , so you may want to look them up. 

Well, I need to get back to work…we picked up another show and I’m feeling the pressure!  We’re heading out tomorrow for a big load of lumber and I need to get a group of painted vintage pieces done.  Thank you all for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the tour…especially those of you that don’t have many prim shops in your own area.—-Jan


4 comments on “Home from Occoquan

  1. marly says:

    Nice looking shop. I’m trying to avoid them because I want to have less and less to dust!

  2. Sheila says:

    As always Jan, I’m sure you kicked butt! People who know your work will always be there. To bad it was so hot though.
    Lovely shop you shared with us. I spied “red geranium” goodies along with lots of other beautiful pieces. Nothing like that around my area!
    Get some rest and stay cool.

  3. Cheri says:

    All the ladies at Personally Yours enjoyed visiting with you on Saturday and Sunday. Thank you for posting all the lovely pictures of our shop. Look forward to seeing you next year! Let’s hope the weather is better.
    Annie, Betsy, Barb, Cheri, Janet and Laura!

  4. Nice shop! Love the old red ba… house 😉 on top of the cherry red shelf.

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