Antique store tour ,part one…..droolworthy!

Good morning everyone!   We were supposed to get severe weather last night but thankfully it fizzled before it got here. This often happens in our town, in fact , even when there IS a storm heading our way, it very often splits and goes north and south of us. This makes me very happy because even though it has now been 27 years since the deadly outbreak of tornadoes that swept through western Pa. on Craig’s birthday, storms still make me very nervous.  Seeing the terrible devastation and loss in Oklahoma heightens the fear. Just think what trauma those dear small children will feel forever.

In my last post I promised all of you a store tour of an antique shop in Delaware Ohio. The gentleman in the shop very graciously allowed me to photograph the store and I would like to thank him again. As I wrote down my blog address so that he could see the posting , I guess I left his card on the counter.  Sooo, Carmen (Primcats) came to the rescue and provided the store name. Thanks, Carmen!  Smile The store is Sandusky Street Antiques in Delaware, Ohio which is in the Columbus area.  So here we go!

Marly, the samplers are for you!….the samplers in this store are large, and incredible…you MUST click to enlarge…


An adorable doll bed , coverlet, and a gorgeous oil portrait…..


… stunning crocks…



this table, and the cupboard…sigh…



samplers, samplers, samplers…



A gorgeous ovoid jug with tulip motif…I love ovoid jugs…


A rice bucket…and look at that stenciling on the chair..


So many gorgeous blanket chests in this store…and THAT SWAN!!


Gorgeous artwork…


OK..I will try to post the other half of the pics tomorrow.  I hope you enjoyed these. As I mentioned in my last post, Carmen came (along with Holly) to the show…she also brought goodies for me!  YAY!  She kept pulling more and more out of her cart….

One of her great shoofly covers….


3 smaller pantry cakes and a LARGE one with a thistle motif…boy do these smell good!  Our van smelled good all the way home! ..

the plate is one of my blank plates I paint on….needs painted to show off the cakes…and a runner I picked up at The Olde Farmstead store

at Polaris Mall…


a cute little basket for my peg rack, and some of Carmen’s wrapped candy canes…Smile


and she found me a great cabinet to paint…really a nice size and style!  Thank you so much, Carmen!


I’ve been working on special orders that are due at my next show..3 big folk art..for a lady from D.C….



3 pieces I’m working on now for another lady from outside of D.C.—a fall and a winter variation of a Terrye French pattern…

the customer already has my painting using the original pattern. The spoon is also for her.


I hope you enjoyed this overload of pics today, and thank you for visiting!……Jan


9 comments on “Antique store tour ,part one…..droolworthy!

  1. marly says:

    Wow. That’s a really nice variety of items and a good size shop. Thanks for taking photos to share with us!

  2. Looks like a very nice shop! I love love love that jug!!

  3. Sheila says:

    Enjoyed the tour!

  4. Karen says:

    HOW LOVELY….my goodness I saw a few things I dearly would love to have!!!

  5. bettycrowe says:

    Would love to visit that shop! I was in Delaware a few years ago at the Seraph. Love all of your goodies, and isn’t that Carmen precious? BTW I read your comment on my blog and I pray for Brian too. As well as for you. God does and will continue to perform miracles. I know.

  6. bettycrowe says:

    Janet, will you e-mail me? Please?

  7. Oh my I could get in some serious trouble there!!!

  8. Cindi Loretz says:

    Oh wow what a fantastic store! I would love to win the lottery and then go shopping in there! You are right it is droolworthy! LOL
    How lovely that Carmen gave you those goodies! Sounds like a great weekend!
    be blessed my friend!

  9. Angie Berry says:

    Oh my, that’s the kind of store that I need to stay out of because I would be dangerous in there, lol! Girl, you are busy, busy, busy… how on earth do you have time to blog? You need to share your secrets with me. I always enjoy reading about your shows. I’m so glad this last one was a good one for you. Up in sales always makes that hard work to get there so worth it!

    Glad to hear that you had a wonderful Mother’s Day and that Brian is doing well. Many things to be thankful for. It’s always a good visit every time I stop by Buttermilk Hill, have a wonderful week~

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