Chasin’ the blues away…

Hello friends,  it’s been a MONTH since I last posted!  I swore I wouldn’t let that happen, but it did.   I don’t know what it was, but the blues hit me…hard.  For a couple weeks I found it hard to get motivated for anything but painting. I lost myself in my painting because it is a comfort zone for me.  Nothing is wrong, everything is OK, Brian is doing well right now, and we talk to Craig regularly.  I’m suspicious it had a lot to do with the never ending winter.  Winking smile   I have kept busy…today I shipped 6  new paintings to the publisher for printing…it is getting so exciting … prints have been popping up on Facebook shops as well as in stores in Great Britain and Canada.  I learned that they are being sold in a store chain along the east coast also. Here are the ones I shipped today…I did a batch of 13 so the rest of them will be put into craft show inventory….


We did venture out to a flea market that is local…I was so itching to go to one!   It was nice weather so many Amish mom’s were there with their toddlers!



We found a pretty good haul of goodies …most of them destined to be painted.The masher and hogscraper will stay with me…


The mirror was taken out of this old frame, the frame was painted red and waxed…


then black and sanded to chip off to expose the red…not crazy about the heart, but it will still sell easily.  Al will cut a piece to fit for me to paint a saltbox scene.



I decided to do something with my nail kegs…these are SO plentiful around here..


I painted one with a log cabin..


and then this one….both destined for Shaker Woods…


A new batch of hearts and stars…  I am SO EXCITED that Al is cutting these for me now…my supplier didn’t seem to want to get anymore in for me…


and a new group of pineapple paintings…this is the first time I did them on black…


A week ago Sunday, Al surprised me with a trip to a huge flea market. It’s one I was never thrilled with, but boy! I’m glad we went this time!  It was picnic basket heaven! I also got 3 sets of baby shoes , another small slaw cutter, trowels, a scale, and a FIRKIN!!!  It’s a beauty, sturdy and in perfect condition, and very big!  That baby is staying with me!


So, anyway, my blues are finally gone. The weather is beautiful, my inventory for shows is impressively large, and I’m clicking away getting ready for the next shows!  Brian finally got his car back…5 weeks for repairs from the accident!  They had to fully paint it also.  He came up to have new brakes put on by our mechanic and stayed a couple days. Then, on Saturday, he surprised me by coming up to spend Mother’s Day with us. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day…mine was so good—having Brian home, then Craig called too. We’re so lucky both boys never forget about us. They are very special.  It is so good to see Brian smiling!


So I’ll try to be better about posting…our show season will be going into full gear very soon.  I have more product right now than I ever have at this point which makes me very happy.  I hope you are all getting into better weather by now and all well. Please keep our friend Betty in your thoughts as it is a rough time for her family right now.    — Thank you for visiting!  Smile—–Jan


7 comments on “Chasin’ the blues away…

  1. Ah………the blues are hard. I know I’ve been there. I’m glad it was a good Mother’s Day for you!I’m glad you find some peace in painting and creating……….I know I do!

  2. Trace says:

    Morning Friend
    It seems to have been a very hard winter for ll of us.
    Thankfully Spring is here.
    Friend I love your paintings.
    You are so talented.
    Just beautiful.
    Woolie HUGS

  3. Sheila says:

    Good morning my friend……so good to see a post from you and you are feeling better! Great goodies you found at the flea markets and your customers will be beating a new path to get to your booth before someone else does.
    So happy your Mother’s day was a good one…..mine was quiet but good. No visits but phones calls were special and Tom bought me a beautiful hanging strawberry plant for our patio! I was surprised!
    hugs to you girl, ttys.

  4. Oh my gosh!!! I was feeling the exact same way Jan! Just getting out of the house without a jacket brings the spirits up!!! So very sick of the chill in the air! I have so much painted in the garage waiting to be stained but I refuse to do it until it hits 74 degrees! I love those nail kegs!!!! And………….. I see a child’s folding chair in the picture! I have one like that and just love it!!!

  5. Cindy says:

    So glad that you are feeling better. Looks like you have been really busy painting away. You sure found some great goodies at the flea market. Our huge flea market is this weekend and they are calling for rain & storms all 3 days. They say that everyplace won’t get rain, so hoping it doesn’t rain here in town…I really want to go shopping for some goodies.

  6. Karen says:

    Morning Jan,
    I don’t think you have been alone with the blues…been there too. This was the strangest and longest winter that I can remember and Spring isn’t far behind the weirdness either….just can’t seem to stay ‘nice’. So glad you popped out of it though.
    Congrats on all the ‘retail’ shops having your products. How wonderful.
    Glad you had a sweet and happy Mother’s Day.
    Fantastic goodies you found at the flea markets too.

  7. Cindi Loretz says:

    Hello sweet friend! I had wondered about you! I hadn’t seen a post or anything on Facebook. Glad you are back, I know the feeling! Love the fun things for you to beautify with your beautiful painting! Keeping you in my prayers!
    Be blessed,

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