Mountain climbing

Hi everyone!  I’ve been a bit AWOL lately..hopefully I’ll be around a bit more from now on. The last two weekend we were in the highlands of Virginia at our first show of the year. Last year it was a wonderful trip as we traveled through the West Virginia mountains. Tree buds were popping open , daffodils lined the roads, and there were countless new lambs and calves in the pastures.  This year, just before we left, a major snowstorm struck the area. We were so worried about the conditions of the roads and especially at the higher altitudes. Luckily the roads were pretty good…there were only a few areas where we had to slow down because of snow on the roads…some areas were covered because of blowing snow.  The scenery was so different this year because of the snow. It outlined the ridges and made the mountains look so much more rugged. Distant mountains were a beautiful blue and each layer was a different shade. 




Ahhh….so pretty…..but we still had to navigate those pesky hairpin turns!



Hellooooo, way down there!!  



We suggested to the show promoter that they install guardrails on those hairpin turns for the scaredy cat northerners.  Winking smile  Next pic is where we always stop to catch our breath and for Al to stretch his legs…..this is Seneca Rocks. It is a really gorgeous outcropping of rocks —very impressive.



Anyway, we arrived safely (6 hour drive ), set up, and went to our hotel.  Because of the snowstorm, many thousands of people to the east were still without power…thus the show attendance was down. Sad smile  Some areas very close to where the show is got 24 inches of snow and were still buried.  So what do you do when a show is not super busy? PAINT!!   I worked on Fall/ Halloween samples for greeting cards. Our winter ones were well received and will be offered for licensing.  The publisher emailed asking for more Winter ones and also Fall samples. These are not finished yet, but here’s a sneak peek…..


After the weekend, we were able to drive home quickly because we are able to just cover our booth and leave. The venue is locked up and secured.  During the week we worked to replace everything that had sold, thinking the second weekend would be better…nope!   The weather was terrible…freezing cold , snow, then heavy rain, UGH!  We were allowed to pack up early because another snowstorm was headed our way.  We did OK with sales , but some did virtually nothing. One vendor sold three birdhouses over both weekends. Sad smile  This is just the way it goes sometimes and you have to roll with it. We ended the show down some, but overall it was fair—we will go back next year. Besides the Fall card samples, I worked on the lid to a wonderful round box I found at a flea last year.  I wanted to get the very tedious work done—saltbox houses will go in the middle.  I also got four other pieces almost finished.


Along with all the painting at home, I also managed to sew a little. I miss it so much so it is a real treat when I can take some time for it. I did six bunnies using a Threadbare Primitives free pattern. ….


Then the bad news…the last Sunday of the show, Al noticed a text message from Brian. We called…Brian was in a car accident…luckily no one was injured.  The other vehicle was just scratched, but Brian’s car was badly damaged. This is the first new car Brian has bought. Insurance will cover all of it, now up to $6000 in damage, except for the deductible. So, we’re upset, but grateful no one was hurt.

Now that we have one show under our belt, I hope to be a bit better at blogging.  I’ve missed you all and really have tried to keep up with my reading.  Another snowstorm is expected this weekend, so stay safe and stay warm!  Spring will be here eventually!  —Jan


10 comments on “Mountain climbing

  1. WOW! The rolling hills of WV! Beautiful ………………even though I’m sick of snow! Hard to believe we are dealing with this cold temps and its almost April!

  2. I sure am glad you made it there and back ok !! Sorry the show was a little slow…. did I tell you how much I love your designs ?? yeah I did, but it’s worth repeating !!

  3. Carmen says:

    We have all been missing for a while haven’t we? I am just glad Brian is ok. Squee on you bunnies. They are so cute!! And your painting is as always AMAZING!!!! Hugs friend!

    Carmen and the Pricmats

  4. Sheila says:

    I’m sure the rolling hills of this area are just beautiful under good conditions. Come west my dear and I will take you on some mountain roads that will make your hair curl! 🙂

  5. bettycrowe says:

    I can’t believe the snow we are continuing to have, can you? It snowed on us yesterday. They are predicting snow flurries here over the weekend. Glad your show wasn’t bad. It is too hard to do a show, not to sell well. So happy Brian wasn’t hurt, but I know he hates his new car is damaged. Bless his heart.

  6. Rhonda says:

    Glad to hear Brian is OK. Nothing cuts quicker to our hearts than our kids. Sorry to hear the show wasn’t so good. I know you’ll do smashing at all your other shows.


  7. Cindy says:

    So glad to hear the Brain is Okay. Sometimes our shows just go that way…but I sure wish they didn’t. Beautiful photos you took of the mountains!! We are expecting a snow storm…starting on Sunday with 5 to 10 inches of snow.!! I’m still wondering where Spring is?

  8. I’m glad Brian is OK. Boy scary hair pin turns…….YIKES!!!!! I’m sorry the show was just OK……so much work goes into those….preparing, traveling, setting up , selling, taking down……whew tired thinking about it! Glad you were able to use your time to be productive! Hugs Lynn

  9. Angie Berry says:

    Oh no! Glad Brian is okay!

    Very pretty! I love to drive through West Virginia, it’s been pretty every time I’ve been through there. Seneca Rocks is really neat!

    Sorry to hear that the show attendance was down. I know you depend on that to get you ready for future shows. Good time to get caught up on painting. Hopefully those in the area will have power restored soon.

    Girl, I did not know that you sew too! How about that? You do quite well I might add, love your prim bunnies! Hope your next show is much better, have a wonderful week~

    • Hi Angie! Thanks for visiting my blog. I really enjoy the drive through W.Va. , but maybe a little more when it isn’t snowy! 😉 Yeah, I love to sew. I actually was a quilter but gave it up to do dolls. I did dolls –my own drafted patterns–for years. I always wanted to paint more, so one day I just jumped in and here I am! Our next show is up in Buffalo New York and should be better.We’ll go back next year to the one in Va. because that weather was definitely NOT normal!! Just started a new batch of paintings today…then I have a few dolls cut out..hope I can get them done soon. C’mon girl! Let’s see what YOU are creating! 🙂 —hugs, Jan

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