starting the show season

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Hi everyone!  After a couple fairly decent weather days, we are back to snow again. Even I, who LOVES hibernating in the winter, am anxious for the warm breath of Spring.  Each warm, sunny day brings a burst of growth for my crocus and daffodils. I know I will have crocus, but who knows about the daffodils.  My neighbor tried to help me out by mowing down the leaves right after they bloomed. Sigh….

We have been working very hard lately trying to catch up on work after our sander died.  This was a very good sander …much better than the ones we used to get. We would burn up one of the old ones within 6 months with the amount of work we do—this one has lasted 6 years. Since we can’t get anything done without it, we were off and running looking for a replacement. Of course we couldn’t have even ONE YEAR without replacing a piece of equipment. Winking smile   We finally located one just as Al’s friend found our last sander in his storage building.  He replaced the motor on it, so once again, we are good to go!  Despite losing so much work time, we decided to take last Sunday off to spend the entire day with Brian. 



After dropping off everything we took to prepare dinner, we took Brian shopping for a few things he was looking for.  Unfortunately, we found none of them in any of the stores we went in. So back to his place to start dinner. His apartment is really nice and bright and he had spruced up every inch of it. I s this the same guy, that as a teen, I would just sigh and close his door? We had a very nice time and he allowed me to get my fill of hugs.  Smile  It was so nice to enjoy dinner with him.

We have finally shipped off the batch of paintings intended for greeting cards.  The publisher emailed that they received them and like them, but that doesn’t mean they will use all of them.  I will be working on Fall greeting card paintings while I am at my first show of the year—which is coming up quickly. Today I will finish up product for it, then get on finishing orders that have been stacking up because of the sander.


This is my favorite of all of them….we have to title each painting, date it, and then do a copyright search on each if they have a phrase on them.  This is titled “Silent Night”


Al has stacks and STACKS of wood ready for me to paint…and I have hundreds of pieces ready to put hangers on…so I am pretty pleased how we stand at this point with product.  I’ll be ready early for my first show…that’s a first!!   But there are dozens of folk art waiting to be painted.   I have a few goals I want to accomplish this year as far as learning a few new techniques in my painting.   I tried one on a greeting card painting and loved the result…I try very hard to stretch myself in my work.

Well, I think my paint has dried, so back to work!!   I hope you have a creative day and come back soon to visit.  ——-Jan


7 comments on “starting the show season

  1. I’ll bet they will scoop your card designs up in a heartbeat !! They are wonderful !!

  2. Christine says:

    Hi Jan! Great to hear you got to spend time with Brian!
    Even with a dead sander, sounds like you are ahead of schedule so you must be firing on all cylinders!
    I LOVE your cards and hope they are all printed up. Great work!
    Keep on painting! But take time to enjoy your daffs when they appear!
    Best wishes

  3. Rhonda says:

    Hi Jan
    Can’t wait to see those cards in print. Glad you are ahead of the game. Still need to get a 2 snow/winter pictures form you. Gald your day with Brian was spectacular. i have 2 teenage daughters and can only dream of them being older and easier to manage. Happy days.


  4. Hi Jan

    Could you let us know where we can buy the greeting cards? I would love to use them for Christmas!


  5. steph says:

    Sorry about the flowers. I hope they aren’t ruined. How fun to be able to spend some time with Brian. Dinner and shopping with the boys:) The cards are really pretty Carol. I hope to be able to buy some someday. Have a happy weekend. Tonight we are going to the bike store to get me a bike so we can finally take family bike rides this spring and summer. Tomorrow it’s suppose to be nearly 50 degrees. Perfect for an outing. -Steph-

  6. bettycrowe says:

    Well, I had to get another cup of coffee and prop my feet up after seeing how busy you are. You put me to shame. So happy you had the time with Brian. Isn’t it wonderful that not only do we love our children, we like them too. Love all of your paintings and can’t wait to buy cards. When I send them I will say, these are by my friend and prayer buddy.

  7. Angie Berry says:

    How fun that you got to spend some time with Brian, I’m sure he enjoyed your visit!

    Very exciting that the publisher liked your cards but why wouldn’t they?! =] I LOVE them!! Good to hear that you are ready for your first show ahead of time, always a nice little surprise. When is your next show? I hope you have time this week to slow down and relax a little, you wear me out, hehe. Have a wonderful week ahead~

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