Wearing out the paintbrushes!

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Hi everyone!  My, I’ve been busy!  It’s been so cold here, I like to think if I paint fast enough it will somehow warm me up.  I don’t know if it really works that way though. Winking smile  Every year I tell myself that I need to work harder in the first few months to get stock built up for my shows that start up in March.  Every year I don’t.  This year I am determined to do it and so far, I am doing pretty well. . I did take some time for my hallway make over and when I did that, I also painted my pantry doors. When we built this house, I had them make me a large pantry that takes up one wall of the kitchen . That, and my fireplace , are my favorite spots in the house.  The doors were boring cream like our front door before the make over. Now…


When we moved in, everything fit in the pantry except our dishes….now everything is full!  I guess that’s the way it goes!  Mostly, I’ve been busy painting product….or parts of product……like carrot noses for snowmen.  I paint batches like this all year long and keep throwing them in a box after they are totally finished, to be used later in the year. We use a LOT of them and it is so nice to have a big box full of them ready to nail on.


Speaking of snowmen….I marked these out in late October, but never had the time to paint them. Too bad….they sell very well and I didn’t have ANY for my late shows. Sad smile This is a Terrye French pattern….started….


and finished…LOVE this design!!


Then I started pumping out the folk art….I never have enough and need a big selection for the shows…the horizontal ones  have been doing well…


Sigh….I have been buying up skates for a long time but haven’t been able to get many done.  They are absolutely the hardest, most time consuming things I paint. It is very hard to make sure of the straight lines of the houses when the skate is rounded, curved, and dimpled.  Each side is basecoated 2-3 times  after priming them with gray primer. Then they have to dry thoroughly to harden the paint before painting the design. It has to be totally freehand because tape can pull the paint off.


Fifteen skates drying….see the two small skates middle front? They are double runner child skates I bought off an Amish lady.  So cute!!


Finally finished with the painting. Now they have to be stained (a nightmare! ) , laced, fitted with styrofoam , and filled with greens , berries , and ice branches.


Painting on an old wash basin…..


I love painting old small luggage pieces….reversible…..winter…


and summer……


Starting a batch of smaller folk art……before….


and after………..


These pieces, a 4 season set, were painted at a summer show.  Prints are being sold by my publisher….the originals are now in their new home with a lady that watched me paint them at the show.


Some new large paintings….some of these are going to the publisher soon…All of the folk art shown still has to be stained…it has been too, too cold to go out there to stain!!



So that’s what I’ve been up to! I was also VERY tickled when Kristine Berg Doss of A Primitive Place magazine posted a pic of the cover of The Country Register of Maine on Facebook…it was one of my paintings!!  How cool!  Totally surprised by that!  Next project???   Well, a little one for myself…actually a challenge….can I turn this sweet, very well made (not by me), cutesy bunny girl into a prim bunny?   Hmmmm…we shall see……….


Thank you so much for visiting my blog…..I’m really going to try to keep up better with it and post more before and after projects.  I have a doozie of a project coming up if I can get up the courage to start!  Smile     Have a wonderful and cozy/warm weekend!!————Jan


8 comments on “Wearing out the paintbrushes!

  1. WOW!!! You are amazing!!! Love those snowmen!!!

  2. So much hard work !! And such talent !! I am amazed at how many items you can finish !!

  3. Rhonda says:

    Hi Jan
    I so need to get a couple new folk art pieces. The weather is soooo crappy right now though. Do you publish a list of your shows?? I’m thinking I’ll be standing in line for the March one.
    Everything looks wonderful. I need a pair of thosw skates too. I have a couple of wooden paddles I was going to give you when we get together. Do you paint on wooden potato mashers??

    Talk to you soon

  4. The Cranky Crow says:

    I wish I may, I wish I might, someday own one of your pieces!! Oh…my goodness…what you do and how you do it!! LOVE!!! But, my fave in this go-round are the skates….especially love the red ones…..Sweet dreams for me tonight…. 😮 Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Congrats on being featured on a Primitive Place’s Facebook. I can see you have a routine in your work. I guess it takes years to get at that point.

  6. Mary says:

    Jan, I agree with robin from the cranky crow, it is my desire to own one of your pieces. I am so thankful I connected with you on fb. I have Christmas $$ that I was saving for just the perfect thing–and I have found it. Just waiting on you to say you have a horizontal rectangle piece ready. It has be cold here in ga also–but not like where you are. I look forward to your blog post in my email–and following on fb. Looking forward to hearing from you. Blessing, Mary

  7. steph says:

    Oh my Heavens!!! Are your brushes all worn out? The skates are awesome Jan. I can tell that they take a long time. The double runner child ones are to die for. No wonder lots of people like them. Good job. I think it’s funny you have a big box of carrot noses:) I bet you use them all up though. The Terrye Frenche pattern is beautiful. I had a neighbor once named Terry French. Funny hu? Your hands do amazing work. Have you ever thought of doing a calendar? -Steph-

  8. bettycrowe says:

    You are sssooooooooo good! Love those doors.

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