Merriment 21—baking goodies

Hi everyone! I was so busy today….we started by taking the last batch of product I finished last week up to the store we sell in.  The store has been quite busy and will be really hopping from now until New Year’s Day.   We stopped at McD’s for lunch, then stopped at a store I find a lot of unusual spices at—no luck today at finding the one I wanted.  Al wasn’t feeling well…just run down….so we went home.  As he went upstairs to take a nap, I started baking. I try to make several kinds of dough one day, then bake them all the next.  I should finish up tomorrow. Today I baked triple fudge cookies, magic cookie bars, Chinese cookies, and my mom’s gingersnaps. YUM!


The gingersnaps are soft , spicy, and have a sugar crust on them….so easy to make too…’s the very old recipe….


1 Cup sugar

3/4 Cup shortening  (Crisco…I use butter flavor )

1/2 teas. salt

1 large egg

4 Tab. molasses (spray your spoon with Pam first )

2 Cups flour

1 teas. each : baking soda, ground ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon

extra sugar


Mix first sugar (1 Cup ) with shortening until fluffy.

add everything else except extra sugar until well combined.

chill for 1 hour.

roll into 1 1/2 inch balls, then roll in extra sugar.

Bake at 350 degrees for 11 minutes until they start to crack on top. They will be soft.  Leave on cookie sheet for a few minutes until firm enough to remove.


Tomorrow I will bake the peanut butter cookies with Reese’s cups in them and with Hershey kisses…then Buckeyes and toffee.  I used to bake clothespin cookie, pecan tarts (Al’s favorite) and lots of sugar cookies.  The boys never liked sugar cookies so they were the first to go. We love the pecan tarts, but now that walnuts and pecans are worth their weight in gold, I don’t make them.  I love clothespin cookies but I would eat all of them (frozen ) if I made them …so I don’t!  In fact, if I don’t stop taste testing each of these cookies, I may break my doctor’s scale tomorrow!

I still have two rooms to tear apart and clean before the boys are home….then I’m ready to do NOTHING! And I will enjoy that. Smile  Have a Merry!!  —-Jan


4 comments on “Merriment 21—baking goodies

  1. Cindi Loretz says:

    Hi Jan, you deserve to do nothing! I am just praying that you have the best Christmas with your boys! You have a lot to be thankful for and I am sure you will all make the most of it! Can’t wait to hear how the trap of the mistletoe works! The cookies look great! Enjoy your day my friend!
    Be blessed,

  2. bettycrowe says:

    Those Ginger cookies sound wonderful. I am going to try them. I made cookies and cooked apples for my stack cakes yesterday. I will assemble them tonight.

  3. The Cranky Crow says:

    Arghhh….you’re baking circles around me Girlfriend….my baking day didn’t turn out so well. Got some fudge done and that was it. Today was spent moving my mother to an assisted living facility. :o( Tonight and tomorrow we’re supposed to get hit with a mega storm, so there goes my shopping plans. Gonna try to at least work in my son’s favorite cookies – the gingersnaps – very similar to yours – except I drizzle mine with white chocolate….Yummm! Cothespin cookies??? Those sound interesting, and I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of them (at least not by that name….You should share that recipe!!) Smiles & Flour-smudged hugs ~ Robin

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