Merriment 18—–not feeling it today :(

Hello everyone.  This morning I slept in a bit…a luxury I haven’t had for some time. I was heading toward a good day with plans to whip up some Christmas goodies and plans to tackle some cleaning.  After getting started gathering up things for Goodwill, we were in the kitchen when the news broke about the tragic shootings in Connecticut.  My heart is broken…I can’t imagine the pain the families are going through, nor the trauma the surviving children are feeling. So many lives have been destroyed by this one, cowardly event.  Whatever the reason behind this act , it does not justify the loss of all these lives.  This is the season that revolves around children…and a child.  Any child is precious, but so often anymore, we see events where their lives are valued so little.  Hug your babies tighter tonight …..even your adult babies.  They are our future, and they are our hearts and souls.  It’s the season of the precious child….


with tears…Jan


6 comments on “Merriment 18—–not feeling it today :(

  1. Robyn says:

    My head hurts from crying. I sure grabbed my kindergardener when he got off the bus and hugged him. My 19 year old also called from work and wanted me to hug Scott. I’m heartbroken for those families.

  2. The Cranky Crow says:

    Very well said Jan….I was late in getting the news – had run errands (with a cd rather than the radio playing) and then stopped in to see my mom and it was on her tele….I went numb. I can’t imagine. It zapped me back to the day I dropped my son at school and learned the towers had been attacked by terrorists….I just wanted to run and scoop my son up and hide…somewhere…anywhere…safe. I have no words for those so tragically affected by this horrific nonsense…all I can do is pray…. Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Goedele says:

    Well said! Those tragic events happen everywhere. My kids don’t feel safe anymore when they here such news. They were watching the news about Connecticut before I even realized. A few days ago a mom (not too far from our town), who homeschooled her five children, killed three of them. I don’t want my kids to find out about that. Horrific. It makes me feel sick and I almost started crying while writing this.


  4. Karen says:

    Morning Jan…goodness I feel the same way.
    We want to make candy today and I keep thinking of the families who’s lives have been shattered and will never be the same again.
    I know they feel alone but they are not…there are so many prayers out there and they have God walking with them.

  5. steph says:

    Good Morning Jan. I was having nightmares all night. Planning in my head what our school would have done, how my kids could be more safe, etc. I am just so sick. Hugged them twice as hard yesterday. It was hard to have to attend the Christmas party last night. I was feeling guilty that we were celebrating while Mom’s and Dad’s were howling and screaming with sorrow.

  6. bettycrowe says:

    It is horrible! There are no words. Andrew is in kindergarten, so many of my family and friends teach,I could just have imagined them trying to save the children. It hurts so much, doesn’t it?

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