Merriment 13—a Merriment filled day

Hi everyone!  Looks like I’m making it just under the wire for my post today. I come from a family that are very connected to the arts world, but in different ways. My dad was a barber that dreamed of being a carpenter. He always puttered with different projects and built the house I grew up in by himself.  Mom embroidered, sewed, and did a lot of different crafts. She spent many hours teaching me how to sew…I was a quilter and doll maker for many years, and sewed my boys overalls when they were toddlers—my favorites were a pair made of fabric printed with Campbell’s pork and beans!  Mom and dad always encouraged us to make things and many of our Christmas gifts reflected that. My sister retired as an art teacher a few years ago, and one brother has an extensive woodworking shop where he turns wooden bowls on a huge lathe. When he got his new lathe, he told me it was capable of turning a four foot wide bowl that I could sit in. (?) I asked him why would I want to sit in a huge bowl?  LOL!  Several years ago he gifted me with this…a cherry burl bowl. I can’t sit in it, but it is big—big enough to hold an ever growing collection of cookie cutters and part of my collection of deep well spoons. My favorite cookie cutter is the little scotty dog—it and several others were mom’s.


The bowl is sitting on my gorgeous penny rug from Sheila…Smile    The reason I’m posting so late?……I was having fits trying to finish my six custom orders.  I just couldn’t get the word “Autumn” right…finally did..and they are all done now except for sanding and staining. The first two complete a four season set for a customer…the bottom four are a four season set for another lady.



Gifts from a dear brother and a dear new friend are truly a Merriment….but believe me….so is finishing the last of your orders before the holidays!!


Have a Merry!!   ——Jan   Smile


6 comments on “Merriment 13—a Merriment filled day

  1. Misi says:

    Lovely Cherry Awesome gift !
    Merry*Merry* {{HUGS}}

  2. Robyn says:

    Your signs are so pretty! Such talent!! The deep well-spoons are a favorite of mine! Such a beautiful bowl and your collection of cutters look perfect in it! Great gift!!

  3. bettycrowe says:

    I love your seasonal signs!!! I laughed out loud about the 4 foot bowl you could sit in! You are blessed to come from such talented people. Your bowl and cookie cutters are so special, I know. I really like them. Who made it makes it more special. Huh?

  4. steph says:

    The bowl is beautiful Jan. So special that it was made just for you too. How fun to come from a creative family. My mother is extremely so, which was a gift handed to her from her mother. I feel very lucky to have the desire to be so myslef. It can bring so much joy to one’s heart and thier family. -Steph-

  5. Cindy says:

    Love your old bowl and cookie cutter collection!! I collect cookie cutters too…but mine are in a huge mason jar.

  6. The Cranky Crow says:

    What a gorgeous bowl!!! And, I’d be rather intrigued by a 4′ bowl myself! Think it just might make a cozy nest! ;o) I also love those deep-welled spoons!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

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