Merriment chain 8—inside cozy, outside frozy

One of the great perks of doing shows is that I can keep whatever I want for myself.  Of course since this is our only income and we don’t get any pay over the winter, it is more important for us to sell.  This was a new piece this year and I have one left…it is now mine!  Over the winter we are real homebodies…since we spend so much of the year on the road, it is a luxury to stay home, hibernate, and cook comfort food. We have also found that as we hole up in the house, we avoid a lot of the colds and flus that are going around…it is very rare for us to get sick during the winter.  And frankly, we deal with so much of the public during the year, it is nice to be hermits for awhile!!  Smile  Today is the last day of the warm spell here…tomorrow is to be cold as we trek up to the store we sell in with a sleigh full of goods to be sold.  One more vanload of product to be made, 6 custom orders, and then we stay in where it is cozy while the outside is frozy!


The snow is a-coming!  Stay warm….Jan


6 comments on “Merriment chain 8—inside cozy, outside frozy

  1. christine says:

    Really love your work, Jan! You definitely deserve a treat for yourself!
    There’s no place like home!
    Best wishes

  2. betty crowe says:

    What a wonderful sign! Speaks the truth. I am never sick and am on the go a lot. However Sunday a horrible cold has hit me and I am

  3. Goedele says:

    Enjoy your time at home with your husband. Loved the comparison with a hermit, funny :-).

  4. steph says:

    I love to fill my house up with the things that I have created. I am glad you got to keep one of yours. It’s beautiful. I would love to hole myself up the the house all year:) Iam really a homebody. Don’t like going out much. -Steph-

  5. Cindy says:

    I keep a few of the things that I make too. It was warm here today too, but then got really cold and rainy. Just sitting here with only the lights from the Christmas tree on and watching a Christmas movie.

  6. The Cranky Crow says:

    I am so a hermit…truly, really, no doubt about it. Husband fears I’m agorophobic – and he may be right…. I’ve been called worse things. ;o) Sweet little sign! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

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