Merriment Day 1


Blessings, Jan


7 comments on “Merriment Day 1

  1. Robyn says:

    Great display! Love the cabinet and greens in a can! Great to see you join in!!

  2. Misi says:

    Merry* Merry* to you Janet!! I Love your Birthday arrangement from Sheila * {{HUGS}} ~Misi

  3. steph says:

    Ooooo….I love that. It makes my heart happy. How cute. -Steph-

  4. christine says:

    Love the display, Jan – it just shouts ‘Christmas is coming!’
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. betty crowe says:

    That is so pretty! This is fun, isn’t it? I have never done this before.

  6. The Cranky Crow says:

    I’d recognize a Shelia creation anywhere!! LOOOOVE it!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

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