One weekend down, two to go!! :)

Hi everyone!! I don’t seem to be able to find the time to post as often as I’d like lately!  We just finished the first weekend of our biggest show of the year…Shaker Woods. (  This show is wonderful….it is set on a farm in Columbiana Ohio under a canopy of trees, crushed gravel paths wind through the woods with permanent wooden buildings that house the artists and crafters and extensive food booths.  Usually, the weather is hot, hot, and HOT!!  This year, so far, it has been pleasantly cool and therefore, the crowd has been unusually large. I think EVERYONE is anxious for Fall!  These guests shopped til they dropped!! Many of them told us, after purchasing from us, that this would be their second or even third trip to the car with armloads!!  I was kept constantly busy wrapping purchases while Al ran the register or ran credit cards. We were finally able to grab a sandwich around 3:30. The show began at 10 AM. Here is our little house in the woods the day we installed the green walls, our big name sign, and sprayed for SPIDERS!!


This is our house loaded the first morning—we have a few empty spots out front because some vendors bought before the show started….ick—that plastic box needs covered better!!


This piece was sold yesterday to a steady customer….


Just one of these left….4 feet long….


These are gone….


Gone before the show started….


Gone…..a little old railroad nail keg….


The one on the right is gone….gameboards were a hot ticket this time!! YAY! I LOVE making them!!…..


One of the returned originals from the publisher….gone…


trowels….2 gone….


Old shipping crate….2 ladies fought over this…gone….


Inside the booth….


Inside when it threatened rain..never rained….



A view near our booth….towards the quilter….



other direction…Molly Dallas (potter of the greatest cow humor spongeware )…..


Two small prims I picked up at the show…note the nail legs on the crow, the bat is SOOO grungy and cool!


We had a wonderful show…WAY up in sales from last year because of the ideal weather, I think.  This is always a very good show for us but we were exceptionally busy this year and most of the crafters said the same. It is always a great feeling when it sounds like ALL the crafters have had a good show. Even Sunday was way up…Sundays always start slower because of course, there is church and Sunday dinners with the family. Shaker has it’s own little church and we could hear the hymns being sung as we arrived at the show. We have a lot of work to do this week before we leave again for the show…this morning we started getting email orders for things that we sold out of already at the show…Get ready crafters!! I think this will be a great fall crafting season!!  People are anxious to get out in the cooler fresh air and shop!

Shaker seems to be getting a lot more prim shops…I ordered a prim shelf from one shop –they are making it this week because I wanted some custom changes made to it. I also ordered a customized dollie that I just can’t wait to see! Sandy Hoerig has a booth at Shaker and has wonderful prim dollies—punkinhead dolls, skellys, and prim witches. Another booth is a double with all prim, grungy candles. Of course there are gorgeous tobacco baskets, custom knives, carvings, and clothing—all top notch quality.

I hope you enjoyed the pics…I will post again next week with more…gotta get back to work!  On Saturday, we went after the show for a load of lumber and Al already has some of it ready for me to paint! It never stops!!  Have a great week and thanks for stopping!


6 comments on “One weekend down, two to go!! :)

  1. Trish says:

    Hi Jan!! Love your pics! So glad the weather was great for your show and that you did well and enjoyed yourself! I love your gameboards, wish I had your talent 😀 Thankyou for sharing such lovely pictures!

    hugs, Trish

  2. Cindy says:

    Hi Jan,
    So happy to hear that you had a great show. I’ve been busy getting ready for my big show which is in 2 months. Hope you have another great show this coming weekend.

  3. Christine says:

    That wonderful for you, Jan! It’s no surprise you did good as I would have fought for those gameboards and trunk – so beautiful!
    Hope you get to enjoy some summer too – if it’s not too hot in PA!

  4. Carmen says:

    So glad you did so well! Hope it keeps up!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. Goedele says:

    I can tell from your blog and Facebook that your business is a big success!!


  6. betty crowe says:

    wonderful you had a great show, after all the work you do. Makes you eager to get back on the trolley! Doing shows are so rewarding, as you meet the nicest people.

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