Surviving the storm….

Hi everyone!!  After our last show, we have been SOOO busy—we moved Brian into his new apartment, worked at our little house in the woods to get it ready for our August show, and bought lumber, painted, bought lumber, painted, ad nauseum!!  Our August show is 3 weekends—Saturday and Sunday of each. It is a beautiful setting in an oasis of trees on a farm in Ohio. I remember taking the boys when they were little to the show one of the first years they had it. I always dreamed of participating in it, and now we do!!  Smile  We own the building we set up in, and rent it out to vendors who do the antique show and the Christmas show there.  The rent will pay for the building eventually!  Our building is surrounded by a brick sidewalk that has become uneven, so Al is pulling it all up and relaying it. He worked so hard on it the other day, but only got half done. Today the promoter called and told us that he had his workmen finish it for us and they also filled the crevices with gravel. Wasn’t that kind of them!?  There is more and more activity going on there each time we go over. New buildings are going up, others are being renovated, and the woods are sprayed for mosquitoes. Flowers are being planted, and product is already being stocked in buildings. ( I saw some things that WILL come home with me! ) It is amazing how quickly the woods come alive!!  Here are some pics of the woods as they are now…quiet, but waiting for the owners of the buildings to arrive…

Approaching the show woods….


Heavily shaded area…


Ahhh….sun dappled woods….







Just waiting for it’s owners and customers….


Church services are held in the little church in the woods…


Craft classes for children are held in the little red schoolhouse….


Over the footbridge to more vendors….


If you’ll excuse me…..



Time to visit the food booths…..


Anyone for an acorn birdhouse?


Our santa carving friends’ little home in the woods….




tree folk carvings…


other side of the stump….


We still have to install our display, clean, spray for SPIDERS! and more SPIDERS!!  Did I say SPIDERS!!?  Then we will start to load in the product, podium, props, and our big sign that hangs over our building—lotsa work to do!!

This past weekend, we had a small show in Westfield,New York . Westfield is grape/wine country and is just into New York from Erie Pa. This show is set in a small park centered by a gazebo and is a remarkably consistant show. However, this year it was being targeted by severe storms. A tornado DID touch down not too far away…We reduced the amount of product we normally take because there is no sense in taking more to get damaged by bad weather, right!?  Lake Erie was covered by frightening BLACK clouds as we passed it. Shortly after we arrived, it rained hard with lightening. We were not sure if we should set up, but did put up the tent and walls. Early Friday, we finished setting up. Fortunately, Friday’s weather was wonderful and the crowd bought til they dropped ! Saturday was rainy early, then cleared. We had an amazing show—almost sold out and almost matched our record show there!! We would have if we had taken our normal amount.

Westfield’s grape tribute…


Al’s lovely hand…..Winking smile



The Welch’s building…..(Welch’s grape juice )…..


Westfield was where a little girl famously wrote a letter to Abraham Lincoln suggesting that he would look better if he grew a beard. This statue shows Lincoln meeting her in Westfield.




Note the dropped rose…



Vast grape vineyards…


This sweet peahen had to come home with me—her creator was a sweet lady in her eighties—antique lace, buttons, spool, and hatpin…on a hog scraper base…


I know, I know…a looooong post—hope I didn’t bore you too much!  I ‘m staying up tonight to paint…hope I can stay awake!! Smile–have a great week!–Jan


17 comments on “Surviving the storm….

  1. Cindy says:

    Hi Jan,
    I’m up late too. Been working on things for my upcoming shows…I still have a couple of months. There will be many more late nights! Hope you can stay awake. Where in Ohio is your show? What a wonderful setting for a show! Hope there is no more bad weather at your next show.

    • Hi Cindy–The show is Shaker Woods–Columbiana Ohio. LOL!! I’ve had enough tornado warnings at shows for this year–it’s a little scary when you see funnels up in the sky threatening to drop down! I used to work through the night every other night from Labor Day on…I’m getting too old for that now! I think your new jewelry is gorgeous–each one must be so much fun to make, they are so unique.–Jan

  2. Cindi Loretz says:

    Jan your posts are never boring. I love your little woods, it would be an awesome show to be able to go to…someday maybe. Hope you are able to stay awake. Have a great week, 🙂
    Be blessed,

    • Hi Cindi! Thanks for visiting! It is 3:28 AM–I’m waiting for a layer of paint to dry. So far, so good–I’m still wide awake. I’m painting a railroad nail keg for the show. 🙂 –Jan

  3. Sheila says:

    I couldn’t sleep and I’m trying to keep quiet while Tom is sleeping. (3:30 am!) and look who I found awake!
    This location for your shows looks so enchanting, I can only imagine how much fun it would be to stroll through and visit every vendor…………..must add this to a possible trip in the future. 😉
    Hope you’ll be able to get some rest in between all the work to be done. Always love your posts.
    Take care,
    hugs and blessings~

    • Hi Sheila! I hope Tom is doing well and gaining his strength back! Shaker has 200 vendors and winds through the woods on thick gravel paths. Vendors sell everything from quilts, to pottery, to contemporary art, to prims, brooms, candles, carvings, custom knives, gameboards, dolls–whatever you would want!! It’s a great show, but at the end of it, we are whipped!! Not too much rest here–I’m running on adrenilin!! 🙂 THanks for stopping by sweetie!!–Jan

  4. Carmen says:

    Hey Jan, Where can I find details on this show? Maybe I can talk Shane into taking me for a ride! 🙂

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. Christine says:

    No way boring Jan! I love seeing all the wonderful places you get to go to for your shows! I need to get back to Ohio ASAP!!!!! Pity I couldn’t make it to a show but maybe some day!
    Hope you get all finished soon and have a brilliant time.
    Thanks for sharing!

    PS We drove thru the Fort Pitt tunnel into Pittsburgh and all said ‘WOW!’ as e exited the tunnel and the awesome view of the city shot up in front of us!
    I spent too long in Ohio and we weren’t able to stop in Pitsburgh sadly as we had to get to our next lodgings to book in. It was still great to see the city – another time!
    Best wishes

  6. Steph says:

    How fun to have such a place to show. Your post is going to have me daydreaming all day about it. There is nothing even close to what you guys have around here. Poeple just don’t do that. How fun to have a dream and then see it come true. I am really proud of you and all the hard work you and your husband put in to do something you really love. How inspiring you are:) -Steph

  7. marly says:

    Your great sales are a testament to your talent! From what I’ve heard from shop owners, sales are way down. But you are always doing better than before! That says it all! Not sure if we are going to Shaker this year – I will stop by and say hello if we do!

    • Marly–Thank you so much!–but it makes me sad that you are hearing some store sales are down. 😦 We try really hard to have new things for every show. During the show, we try to calculate how we are doing and thought we had matched our record show. When we counted at home, we were slightly less–but considering we took MUCH less product, we are still thrilled!! So VERY grateful to be way up so far this year! Would LOVE to meet you at Shaker!! Thanks for stopping by!–Jan

  8. betty crowe says:

    I know these shows wear you out, but what fun. I always enjoy your posts and enjoy the pictures you show. Still praying for Brian.

    • Hi Betty–thank you for keeping Brian in your prayers. The shows are tiring–actually I prefer to have one after another–I don’t even think about how much work it is…I just do it!! I have a problem when they are several weeks apart–I waste time and worry about the work. I have January and February to rest!! 🙂 THanks for stopping by!–Jan

  9. Sue says:

    Omg the peahen lady was it Netty Lacroix? She would be about that old and lives in NY. If it was how cool !!!

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