Time off??….what’s that !?!

Hi everyone!!  Because doing shows is our full time living, we rarely go anywhere just for fun. Usually if we do, it is related to work—like going to a flea market. But, last Saturday we ventured not too far from home to see a small craft show.  The show was held in Volant Pa.—a small western Pa. village surrounded by Amish farms and countryside.

a lovely amish farm….didn’t see any buggies out, but lots of draft horses out in the fields…


Amish repair shop……also several quilts for sale shops…


Entering Volant…..


The depot—shops are in the different cars….


storefronts…..we used to sell in 2 stores owned by a wonderful lady…we did very well for a long time…




Volant Mills…Years ago I sold product in the mill..did fabulous, then it was taken over by new owners  Sad smile




The water wheel on the side of the mill….



Inside the mill…an old millstone….


Amish selling baked goods, jams and jellies….



We were surprised to see these vendors when we entered the show area—Lynn and Bert were our neighbors behind our booth at Shaker Woods. Some of their product is sold in the Circa Home Living catalog…..and in Williamsburg Virginia….. their website is www.whimsicalworkshop.net    —-beautiful folk art creatures and products…..




This booth is the one we went to the show to see….Ginger Cazan.  www.gingercazan.com    She sells her wonderful redware on ebay and also from her website.  It is wonderful—heavy quality, highly decorated, and just beautiful in color. So many choices!!  She was so nice too —you MUST enlarge to see the beauty!!




A wonderful paint booth—love the eagle!!


a forge demonstration….


A display of exquisite handmade furniture….


The store that ran this small show was James Creek Gallery in Volant. The store is breathtaking…







Is my Al buying me that cabinet??? Shhh…I’ll pretend I’m surprised!!!


This rooster pillow was all wool…


Look at this painted dough box….the show was advertised in A Primitive Place—so glad we took the time to go see it! I’m thinking of applying to it for next year…





Today another box arrived from Sheila (Seasons of Thy Heart )….I wish you could see the hand stitching on the pillow on the left—a LOT of work…and the americana star with crow has a hanger on the back for hanging on a door—It is so FUNKY!! I love both pieces and she just keeps on spoiling me!!  Smile  The star is colorwashed and so perfectly prim! Thank you so much Sheila!!


I’ve been so busy painting for our next show…it’s a biggie…four days and no slow down of the economy in the area around State College Pa.  We take 2 vanloads to this one!! So, painting Halloween!!…….


We took another load of work up to the store we sell in today—the store is now in the slower summer period. Jane is starting to put out fall goodies now and it won’t be long until the store is hopping again!!  —

I hope you enjoyed this little tour—we certainly enjoyed being away from work for a couple of hours!!  Now back to the grindstone!! Thanks for visiting and a big welcome to my new followers!!—–Jan


24 comments on “Time off??….what’s that !?!

  1. marly says:

    Hi Jan. Glad you enjoyed a day off. I didn’t go – hope the turn out was good. Your halloween pieces are great!! Even though you’ve been an artist for years, it still amazes me that you can do such precise lettering and designs. Hope your next show is another winner.

    • Hi Marly–It seemed like the turnout for the show was pretty good–there were quite a few people milling around. It seemed like folks were buying too–a little gem of a show!! Most of my signs are lettered with pro sign stencils. I WAS a sign painter between semesters of college though–some of my road signs still exist–and they are OLD!!! 😉

  2. OLM says:

    Jan, My heart skipped so many beats! LOL! YIKES! Look at all the redware! OLM

  3. Teresa says:

    It looked like a nice little show! Glad you had some time off!

  4. I enjoyed the pictures and I so enjoy reading your blog!

  5. Sandy Norris says:

    Thank you for listing Ginger Cazan’s website! Just ordered gift for my son and wife’s 20th anniversary. Enjoy your blog even though I’m not much for commenting.

    • Sandy–Awesome that you two linked up!! Just wait til you see the quality! I love reading comments, but you are more than welcome here anytime whether you do or not!! THanks for visiting!–Jan

  6. Judy says:

    Jan~ Glad you got a day off to attend a wonderful show! Such eye candy at the show AND the shop! LOVE the display of Redware! Oh, my! Hold on…gotta wipe the drool off the keyboard! I will definitely check out her site! Love your Halloween signs…fall…my favorite time to decorate! Enjoyed my visit with you today. Thanks for all the pics!


    • Hi Judy!! Thanks for stopping by. I have seen this redware artist’s products on ebay, but in person it is larger, heavier looking, and the color is so incredibly rich! I don’t think anyone would ever be disappointed on what they ordered. Yes, I’m a fall person too–but I always have Halloween in my booth–even Easter shows we sell out of it. Now that we are approaching fall, I just carry more pieces of each design. Glad you enjoyed the pics–that’s why I do this!! :)–Jan

  7. Steph says:

    I am glad you got to get away for yourself. This looks like a wonderful show. That redware booth is to die for:) I would love to go see a gallery like this. It’s beautiful. I love your Halloween signs. They are getting me in the mood for Fall!!! That color of orange is really fun. Good job. -Steph-

    • Thanks for stopping by, Steph! It was a very small show, but wonderful! Another booth had gorgeous theorums–but the vendor was tied up with a customer and I didn’t get a chance to ask permission to snap a pic. I am so ready for fall–it is great for me to be working on fall and winter so early–sorta satisfies the craving for those seasons.–Jan

  8. Sheila says:

    To think I almost missed this post! Not sure why I didn’t see it before. Anyway, what a beautiful little place with lovely shops that I’d love to visit. Thanks for the links to the redware. I’ve had my eye on some of it since I started blogging, but we don’t have it around here. Your products would surely be a sell out Jan, hope you can get in the show next year.
    Thanks for sharing your special time away with us. I’m working on fall and Halloween too. Done with Patriotic for now. See why those last two things wouldn’t fit in the first box? 😉
    hugz and blessings~

    • Hi Sheila! Volant is a sweet village–extremely busy with tourists until a huge out mall opened up nearby . I was drooling over the redware. There are so many pieces I want–and I believe Ginger said she is one of the top Early American Life artists. Anyway–it is more beautiful in person. If you order, let her know you found her because of a blog. Take it easy until you feel better!–hugs, Jan

  9. Goedele says:

    I was drooling over everything in this post! That looked like a great craft fair.
    I like your items too, you should sign up for next year!


    • It’s so nice to hear from you, Goedele! I was just drooling over the redware at the show! Many of our shows have 300-600 vendors–this one was about 10-12 but so nice!! I really am considering doing it next year!–Thanks for stopping by–take care of your adorable kids!!–Jan

  10. Vicki says:

    This looks like a wonderul place that my hubby and I would enjoy! Love all the photos and Thank You for sharing them….

  11. Sue says:

    I need to get one of your ouija boards 🙂

  12. EMail me with price and size Jan as I am coming in next week and may come up to get one and mom was wanting one also spritetwig@msn.com

  13. betty crowe says:

    Oh my goodness! I would love to go to that show. I am concerned about Brian. Any up dates? I’ll go back and see if you have blogged while I have been gone and I missed something. Love that redware

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