Last of the spring shows and OOPS! My bad!

Hi everyone!  First of all, I want to correct something…my bad!  When I was posting yesterday, I thought something out of Sheila’s box of goodies was missing—just had that feeling but couldn’t think what it was. Now, hold on…there was a FOURTH arrangement! I already had it on my hutch lit up—see it fit in so well I guess I thought it had always been there! Click on the pic so you can see the adorable fabric posies that have stuffed centers….isn’t the lightbox pretty!! It smells good too. Sorry Sheila for missing it—I thought of what it was that was missing this morning—love, love, love it—but who wouldn’t!  I need a nicer mat for it to sit on—something prim.


I also took another pic of the fall arrangement because after I saw my post, I didn’t like that this piece wasn’t shown to it’s best advantage….here it is again,so pretty…


It is just packed with orange slices,flowers and cinnamon sticks—another good smeller! Thanks again Sheila—you spoiled me rotten!! Smile

The past weekend we had the last of our Spring shows—this was a new one in Carlisle Pa.—outside of Harrisburg. This trip was especially pretty.  We loaded up the van, packed a lunch and headed out. Getting into the Wilds of Pennsylvania….so lush and green…


The beautiful Clarion River…I love when we take this route to a show…we’ll be traveling this way next month too…


Posies at a rest stop…



Nearing State College (Penn State )……………


A peek at Penn State stadium—our older son graduated from Penn State……


The huge and beautiful Iron Horse sculpture at State College Pa…..



The Endless Mountains of Pa.—they DO seem to be endless!!



Gorgeous rock striations……..


Near the state capitol, the Susquehanna River  Statue of Liberty……click to enlarge…..see her???


Susquehanna River…..


The show was beautiful—130 quality vendors with beautiful products set up at a very nice venue. Most of us were set up in the shade of huge tents…Richard Kent carves Santas from antlers  to make ornaments, pins and necklaces……



A double booth full of gourds—100’s of gourds—beautifully painted gourd birdhouses, apple gourds, and garlands….



This was a great booth—Coleen Lacey was selling punch needle goods, rug hooking,and unique prims. She was kind enough to show me how to needle punch and give me some tips to make it easier. Beautiful work. Some of the needle punch was mounted on hornbooks that she and her husband make. We are making a swap—a sign from me for a needle punch from Coleen—we’ll be trading at my next show—can’t wait!!…


Coleen’s penny rugs and pillows…everything was so perfectly prim…


Coleen’s hand-dyed luscious and soft wools and needle punch. The texture of the pieces is just so different in person—so wonderful……she is so talented!!…


This soap booth belonged to a young couple—their first ever show…..very nice couple…..



Cutie alpacas……….


Amelia Martin’s booth—lovely stitching, quilts, and florals…such a sweet lady-I hope I run into her again somewhere…



As beautiful as the show was, perfect weather, and set up well by the promoter, no one came—at least not many—what a shame.  Many vendors did not cover expenses. Luckily we did cover all expenses and even made profit. I didn’t hear of ANYONE else that did. Sad smile Some of the vendors packed up Saturday night and left—more left early Sunday—even a few food vendors. It’s too bad,  people missed out on a great show.  We have time off now until the next show, but will still be working hard to build up a lot of stock. Like I’ve said before, this business is a roller coaster…up and down. You just have to keep plugging away!

So…on to the next!! Have a wonderful week and thanks so much for visiting!!–Jan


25 comments on “Last of the spring shows and OOPS! My bad!

  1. betty crowe says:

    Love your goodies. Those arrangements are just perfect. I spent the night in State College once. Loved the area. Hope all is well.glad you had a good show.

  2. Teresa says:

    Well my goodness!!!! I had no idea about the show! I live 20 miles outside of Carlisle and my husband works in Carlisle! What was the name of the show or where was it? Was it at Mountain Lakes?

    • Hi Teresa–the show was at the New Kingston Fire House field. The promoter did HUGE advertising–billboards, banners, Patriot News, ABC27, The Sentinel,28,000 flyers,The Guide, Today and Tomorrow magazine, yard signs,The Rose and many more. It was such a disappointment people didn’t respond–it was a gorgeous show with top vendors from Conn., Pa.,Ind.,Md., –all over. The name of the show was Summerfaire. I’m not sure if he will be able to have it next year because so many vendors didn’t even make booth–he will struggle to fill it again. We are all shellshocked !! On to the next!!–Jan

  3. Sheila says:

    TFS the pictures of your surrounding area. It’s so lush and green! Looks like you were among some other very talented folks at the show. I think a new penny mat is just the ticket for under the light box arrangement! 😉

  4. Cindi Loretz says:

    Hi Jan, all of the things you got from Shelia are so special! I wish I was able to make things so I could swap with some of you! LOL The show looks like it would have been fun to go to, that is too bad that not many people came. Congrats on making a profit though. Thanks for coming to visit my tiny little blog and commenting, I truly appreciate it!
    Be blessed!

  5. Cindy says:

    Beautiful photos of your drive to the show and beautiful show photos too.

  6. Karen says:

    I must say your swap items are wonderful…what a sweet lady to send all of that.
    Oh I know the area well where you had your show…how wonderul!

  7. What a jam-packed post! I LOVE Shelia’s arrangements!! Gonna have to go back and play catch-up on your previous posts to see what I missed! (Sorry! Been running crazy here…) What a gorgeous part of the country….I really think I would love it there….people who know me well always say I would love it out east….Hmmmm, and I haven’t even gotten to visit.

    The show looks like it had some great vendors. What a shame that it was so under-attended. We don’t have anything even remotely like that in these parts any more. Boo hoo…..So you’re a puncher now??? Yea!!! I love punching!!

    Thanks for sharing a part of your life and travels with us….For those of us who don’t get out much, it’s like seeing a whole other part of life…..Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Issy Faye says:

    Greetings Jan!

    I crossed paths to find you/your blog via our dear crow Robin 🙂
    (aka cranky crow). I’ve enjoyed every moment spent reading here and without doubt I’ll be back to visit often!

    I wondered if you offer any of your beautiful pieces via online sales? I peeked here and there for any link(s) but didn’t see any (perhaps I overlooked) but if you have a chance to email me to let me know if you do offer via internet ~ whenever you may have a moment ~ I’d love to know….

    Nice to meet you!

    • Hi Issy! Thanks for visiting! Right now I am under contract with a publisher for my art that limits online sales. However, they have given permission to sell a few things and I hope to do that on my blog in the late fall. So nice to meet you too!!–Jan

  9. christine says:

    Pennsylvania is such a beautiful state – love the scenery! The show must have been great too! So many wonderful goods on offer! Glad you enjoyed it all!

  10. Steph says:

    I would have a hard time staying in my seat and keeping my purse closed if I went to all these wonderful shows like you do:) I bet you meet so many nice and talented people. I love that you show us pictures of the places you go and the landscape around it. I feel I’ve been on a trip with you:) I am glad at least you covered your expenses and made a profit. What a blessing. Just goes to show you what a talented lady you are:) The left out arrangement from Sheila is really pretty. I am glad you showed us. Have a happy day. -Steph-

    • Hi Steph! We see many of the same vendors when we travel doing shows–even if we don’t know their names we can recognize their product. Our next few shows are fun because many of our close friends do them too and we get to visit. We try to stay in the same hotels and go out for dinner with them. Sheila sent amazing gifties–every one of them is perfect for our house!! Thanks for stopping by–Jan

  11. Cathy says:

    Love all the pictures I would have scooped up the carved santa faces.

    • Hi Cathy–thanks for visiting. Kent’s santas are wonderful–he also carves santas on old wooden thread spools. He didn’t have any of those for this show, but they are really nice!–Jan

  12. You were SO CLOSE TO ME…One of these days we HAVE to meet!

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