My first swap !! YAY!

Hi everyone!  Welcome to my blog!  A month or so ago I was soooo tempted to join a blog swap….but, we were having issues with Brian and also had  a string of shows coming up, so I decided it probably would be too overwhelming at that time. Sad smile Sooooo, I  approached a good buddy of many bloggers, Sheila of Seasons of Thy Heart, to see if she would like to do a private swap. (I really wanted one of her gorgeous arrangements…and she has provided a lot of support since we found out about Brian’s health issues—like a LOT of you have!  ) Just before we left on our trip last weekend, Al came in  dragging this huge box! I was a good girl and took a pic before letting the wrappings fly! Smile  I can’t tell you how excited I was!!  It was Christmas in June!  Take a looky…..


This was a BIG box—like in fiberfill stuffing box size! Now, you have to understand…I have been trying to redo my front hall—it’s repainted, and I hung my redo mirror I showed before, but it needed something else…with color. I wanted to hang a little Ethan Allen shelf under the mirror….it fit perfectly….but stuck out too much when the door opened. Sad smile  So, the hall has looked a bit empty as I tried to think what could be done. The first thing out of Sheila’s box………..


was this…which was perfect!!  LOVE it! The perfect size, I really needed flowers in the house and I LOVE geraniums , and the needed pop of color! Can you believe the difference!?!  I don’t want to show TOO much of the hallway yet…..I’ll show it when it is all finished…


Then…I replaced my snowman arrangement…yes, I’m ashamed I still had a snowman out (but he’s SOOO CUTE!! )  with this…


I am seriously clicking my heels! ANOTHER arrangement!!!  — I’ve always loved Sheila’s patriotic can arrangements.  See the fabric wrapped firecrackers and the stars? SOO much detail. These are things I always look at in shops, but never buy for myself—love love love them! I Will be doing a redo on the lamp too. Too shiny!  And there is more!…..


A big BEAUTIFUL pear with a crow—the fabric is printed with pears and crows too!  Sheila said this beautiful piece was created by Janice of Black Sheep prims who sadly passed away earlier this year and was a friend to many of you. I love it, and will cherish the fact I have a piece from that talented lady.


This box was PACKED! A wonderful tote that is replacing our old one we used for shows that developed a hole in the bottom, a sweet towel appliqued with wooly stars –love wooly things! , ANOTHER arrangement that will be used in the fall, (can you believe THREE arrangements?!? ) two little unpainted shovels for me to finish (I have been going to my supplier for 2 seasons trying to get these but they are always sold out when I get there ) , a sweet smelling bottle of Huckleberry scented lotion (I may be in crappy painting clothes, but I sure smell good!! ) , and a set of grubby candles WITH a pair of autumn colored candle rings that will go on my wedding present pewter candlesticks!  Woo Hoo!  When I got home from Occoquan I kinda regretted not getting another set of candles—but I have them now. Smile  Besides all of the gifties…Sheila sent the most heartwarming note—maybe the best gift of all. Thank you SO MUCH Sheila!!—I would swap with you anytime—I love everything and it amazes me how much everything fits me and our home. You are beyond talented, my good friend!  Besides that, as soon as I opened the box, our house was flooded with the most delicious scent…and it still is!  YUM!  If any of you have been reluctant to swap, go for it—it is so much fun and really gives you a warm fuzzy feeling—and you gain a great friend. Have a great day–Jan


15 comments on “My first swap !! YAY!

  1. marly says:

    Looks like you couldn’t have done better if you picked them yourself! She obviously knows what you like and that basket – the same colors as your houses on the mirror! Perfect.

    • You are so right Marly! Every single thing that Sheila sent fits perfectly as far as color, size, and what I needed! I was literally hopping up and down in the hallway!! Perfect! Thanks for visiting–Jan

  2. Sheila says:

    Guess I didn’t do to bad of a job on making goodies for you! FYI—the other box went out today. Stuff I couldn’t cram into the first one. ~smile~ I really need to rethink this crafting thing. Like creating on a smaller scale!
    Now, I must dust my house and take pics of the treasures you sent me, Jan. The wind has not stopped blowing and I’ve not been in any hurry to dust as it is useless when it’s like this in the big wide open spaces of the West!

  3. Karen says:

    Wow, wishing I was you right now…what a wonderful swap.

  4. Steph says:

    Yea!!! You did a swap. I am too afraid to join one. Someday I will. A private one was a good idea and with Sheila, even better. She is so extremely wonderful. What a bunch a great things she made you. Pretty flowers. -Steph-

  5. Cindy says:

    Great goodies from Sheila!! I did an Americana swap with her…and she really spoiled me too. Just love her arrangements!!

    • Hi Cindy! I saw the goodies Sheila sent to you in the Americana swap–everything she sends is always wonderful. The Americana swap was the one I almost joined. Her arrangements are so full and done so nicely!–Jan

  6. Like I said – I LOVE what Shelia does – and she sent you some beauties. I really like her Americana themed arrangements….so fun with firecrackers, and flags, and the graphics she finds. Awww….swapping….some day perhaps. I just craft to dang slow to be able to commit to something like that. Although I did join a “traveling” swap one time and that was fun…. Enjoy playing with your new goodies…..Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Carmen says:

    Sheila is awesome!!! Love everything she sent you!

    Carmen and the Primcats

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