Occoquan store tour—part two

Good morning!! Well, I have wood drying on my table, I took pics of my front hall that is getting a redo,  and I had an Amish donut!! Al brought some home from the show last night. Poor Al—he is so BORED at the show!!  He is probably at the show now, rolling up the sides.  So very different from last weekend….not that I’m surprised. This is a very small, low end show…but it can provide some $ for supplies. I’m just glad I’M not there!! Smile Al had a person come in asking if we had a sign that said “If you don’t have a warrant, go away!”  That tells you a lot about this show!! Smile with tongue out Anyway, I’m getting a lot done here at home. I finished everything I wanted to yesterday, so I am prepping more and planning on finishing a big batch of folk art that I got half done at Occoquan. Before I forget…look at these!!


Yep…these are the Amish yummies!! I put a large egg in front so you can see how big they are—Al said when the show closed there was a line of about 30  waiting in line for hot donuts. Sarah,the Amish lady, does 4 shows per year, and people actually come to the show just for her treats. When you buy your bag, the donuts are still very warm and melt in your mouth.

Thursday we went back to Pulaski to the little flea market. I was disappointed because I was looking for specific things—enamelware basins, small old luggage, and old small step stools. The only basins I found were badly damaged and expensive—I DO like them to be chippy, but not totalled!! However, we did manage to find a few nice pieces so the trip wasn’t a total loss. Here’s what we found….


….a very nice watering can (there were DOZENS there—all very expensive except this one ), A nice tea kettle, 2 trowels (again, we saw many of these ), a small slaw cutter, an oil can, a funnel, a really nice square mirror, and 2 different-but very cute roller skates. The funnel and oil can will be for make dos, the skates will have little mice riding them, and everything else will be painted.

So….are you ready for the next store tour? This store is named Personally Yours and is a 2-story wonderland of prim goodness!!  Even the entrance is beautiful!!


This is where I got my sampler last year that I just LOVE!!


This year I was looking for a long, over the cupboard door candle holder, but they had just sold the last of them. I’ll get one next time from them. I did get a few goodies I knew they had…


I got three circle star flags that I couldn’t find anywhere, a really pretty penny rug card I will frame, and the bumpy grubby candles I needed for the candleboard I made for myself.  Now I can finally finish it! OK….now lets go into this beautiful store!!!  Remember..click to enlarge so you see it all, and very picture heavy!!   …


Stunning redware…..







Lots of grubby, bumpy cubbies –



Rowe pottery….



I just love this grubby row of drawers…..










And there you are!! I think I missed getting a pic of a wonderful spoon rack done in an old mustard finish—a gorgeous piece.   Personally Yours carries everything you would want to accent your prim or colonial home beautifully. They carry a great selection of textiles such as coverlets, paints such Caromal Colours, beautiful lampshades, tin, ( but there is one piece there I want so don’t touch it! ) Smile,lots of samplers, art, cubbies, painted baskets, and on and on! What I like about this store and the one I featured yesterday, is that even though they are both prim/colonial, there is no overlap—each one carries a different selection from the other!  There is no duplication!!   Oh, by the way, one of the ladies in Personally Yours has her home in a Judy Condon book ( they sell the series of books ) so you KNOW how great this store is!! They also sell lovely paintings done on antique breadboards. YUM!!  Personally Yours is located at 308 Mill Street (the main street of Occoquan Virginia ). Their website is  www.pyinc.biz. The ladies are so nice too—so helpful , and you can so tell how much they love their store . Every inch of this store is filled with yummy goods—and very unique goods!! SO, if you are ever in the area of D.C., Woodbridge, or Annapolis, spend the day in historic Occoquan Virginia. Oh, the Virginia Grille is on Mill Street too and their food is delicious!!  

I’d like to thank the ladies of Village Americana and Personally Yours for graciously letting me photograph their stores.

Occoquan also has many other wonderful places to explore—there are needlework shops, little bakeries, stained glass shops, artist shops, and little ice cream parlors—plenty of shops to explore for days!! Don’t miss Glory Be! on Mill Street—a sweet little shop with prims and carefully chosen vintage pieces. Marla and her girls are a hoot and would love to help you find a special treasure!! I couldn’t get a pic of their storefront because of all the tents in front during the show—but it is a store you don’t want to miss!!

So…back to work!!  Hope you enjoyed my tours—if you do visit the stores, tell them you saw them on a blog!!  …and say Hi for me!!——-Jan


11 comments on “Occoquan store tour—part two

  1. Sheila says:

    Good morning Jan!
    I sure enjoyed the tour of those wonderful shops!!! Loved seeing all the wonderful prim goodies, it was nice of them to let you photograph their shops.
    Now, for the DONUTS, nothing like making me drool over a yummy warm donut while I’m sitting drinking my coffee and reading your post…………..this place is lacking for good home made donuts like I was used to eating as a kid back in NH I’ll tell ya. Probably a good thing or I’d be bigger than a barn! 😉
    I did get a chuckle out of the sign request though. That’s a totally new request and I wonder if in the right places if they’d be a sell out??? lol One never knows. Hat’s off to Al for sitting at the show.
    Have a great weekend my friend!

  2. christine says:

    I am soooo ready to go see it all first hand! Wonderful pics, Jan! I love your purchases and the sampler is really sweet!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. Cindy says:

    I sure loved drooling over all the awesome pictures you shared!!
    And do those donuts ever look yummy!!

  4. marly says:

    Thanks for the shop tour ~ really enjoyed the photos. Couldn’t concentrate though. All I could think about was a donut.

  5. Steph says:

    Thanks for the store tour. I think I’ve mentioned before that there are no stores around here even close to the kind many of my fellow bloggers get to visit. I have to live vicariously through you guys:) The store is so wonderful. I could just spend hours in there. TFS. We love donuts in our family and those Amish ones look to die for. I hope someday I can visit Amish country with my husband and I want to go to Williamsburg Virginia too. Ahhh….to dream. -Steph-

  6. betty crowe says:

    Would love to visit that store. What prim goodies. I did visit one this past weekend in SPringfield Il called Fezziwiggs, that was awesome. I will take pictures next time I go.Still praying for Brian.

  7. Cindi Loretz says:

    Hi Jan, first of all I want to thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I usually like to send replies but your email isn’t listed so thank you so much!
    The donuts look great, can almost make my mouth water, almost? no make that definitely! I like Steph do not have Prim shops close to me, so I love seeing them on blogs too. These two that you have the last days are awesome! I would go broke so it is probably good I can just look at pictures! LOL
    Have a great weekend!
    be blessed!

  8. Karen says:

    Well you certainly know how to put ENVY in everyone’s hearts….lol
    What a fantastic little town and what a store.
    I am for sure putting this on my list of places to go. Send me a list of great things to do in that area.

    Thanks Jan for visiting my blog and commenting. Always so nice to hear from you.
    Guess you can tell I’ve been busy…missed many good posts here.


  9. Any donuts left??? Oh….YUMMM!!!

    That store looks amazing! At first I was lamenting that we have nothing like that in these parts – but then I thought it’s probably a good thing….You know how many things I saw just in your photos that I would have to drag home with me??? I’d be financially ruined! (And moving furniture outside to fit my new teasures in!) Looks like they have some wonderful tin lighting collections…..Drool-worthy post – from start to finish…..Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. P.J. says:

    Thank you for the store tour.I grew up in Woodbridge and have many fond memories of Occoquan. My brother and I used to fish on the river. When I was around 8 or 10 yrs. old my mother took me to a little stitching store in Occoquan. I’ve been stitching ever since. Glad to see the town is still thriving.

    • P.J.–So glad I triggered pleasant memories for you. We stay in Woodbridge while we are doing the show in Occoquan. I can walk across Mill Street from my booth to the river’s edge to watch the ducks or the herons. Thanks so much for visiting!!–Jan

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