Signs, signs,everywhere are signs!!

Hi everyone!! I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun holiday weekend while remembering why we celebrate Memorial Day. Before I go any farther…I would like to welcome all my new followers and say thank you to all that have been following for awhile. I really appreciate all of you and LOVE getting your comments. I try to answer most of them..I hope I am doing things right on here—I’ve never been too great with techie stuff!!  Word press is a bit different from Blogger. Sometimes when I get a new follower I can’t tell what blog they write—when I just see the email address it can take some detective work to figure it out. Of course, you never know, maybe I am missing some part of Word Press that will tell me!! That’s entirely possible and according to my family, probable!! Smile Anyway, you are all welcome and I sure hope you enjoy getting a peek into what it is REALLY like to make your living going to show after show after show after show etc. ad nauseum……!!

Yesterday I finished doing signs…a LOT of signs!! Actually—there are 88 of them.  Today I clearcoated all of them and put the sawtooth hangers on the backs….well, except for the last 21 of them that are not dry enough yet. I’m hoping I can get those  clearcoated tonight. Here are a few of them…





These signs are not hard to do, but they ARE very tedious—and then if you multiply that times 10 (each), you can see why I am anxious to get back to folk art—I go back and forth between signs and folk art (and vintage pieces) to relieve the boredom and to avoid getting carpel tunnel in my hands. I have really been pushing myself because very soon the shows will be very close together and we are also approaching our big shows –they can totally wipe us out of signs in one weekend …and leave us with not enough time to make more for the next show. Because I finish the signs with an oil stain, I need to let them dry at least 48 hours. That means sometimes when we get home from a show on Sunday night, I need to get new ones cut, sanded, painted, and stained by Tuesday night in order to have them ready for the next show! So, I am constantly painting signs or at least prepping them to build up a large stock . I also try to have new pieces for each show…it always amazes me when my repeat customers walk up to my booth and immediately point right to the new things. Having a few new pieces every show keeps customers coming back. It has always been my opinion that every booth should have a range of prices so that everyone who walks into a show can afford to buy from your booth—maybe they won’t find what they can’t live without, but they should be able to afford to buy  SOMETHING in your booth if they choose to. I carry pieces from $4 and up. I think what a lot of the public doesn’t know is that in this business, if you sell handmade, the money you earn is nice…but the reaction from our customers is priceless!!  I just love talking to my customers about where they hung their purchase or how the person they bought it for was so thrilled!!  A lot of the public doesn’t understand just how hard this work is too—just think about moving your household most every weekend!! Smile  Anyway…I love doing it…even though in November I am starting to look forward to hibernating for the winter.

Thought I would include a piece of folk art too….


I need to get a lot more winter pieces done—maybe in the next batch! So, thanks again for following and commenting…I’m so glad I started blogging!!—Jan


18 comments on “Signs, signs,everywhere are signs!!

  1. marly says:

    I don’t know how you get it all straight and perfect. I love the folk art, but hate winter! From your posts, I’m assuming you are a Shaker Woods participant. Haven’t been there in a few years but if we go this year I’ll look for you.

    • How did you guess!?! Yes, we do Shaker (August). The signs are generally stencils…some bought, some I cut, some custom cut for me. The folk art is freehand painted. I’d LOVE to have you stop by at Shaker!!–Jan

  2. Cathy says:

    I love your signs I know it must be very hard work. but rewarding meeting all the nice people.

  3. Cindy says:

    I know all to well the crazy life as a crafter as this season will be my 28th year of doing shows. Wishing you a great show season!!

    • Ha Ha!! There are some things that only craft show vendors have experienced! This is our 33rd year–I started before our oldest was born, stopped after he came, then started up again. He will be 38 tomorrow. I hope your shows are good as well!!–Jan

  4. Karen says:

    My goodness Jan you are so busy…I don’t think I would like doing the lettering…designs yes, but not lettering.
    Your work is wonderful!!!
    Goodness you have been in the business for a looooong time! Congratulations Lady…some people don’t make it 5 years!

    • Hi Karen-Thanks for stopping by–I know you are busy!! The folk art I paint are really intensive so it can be a big relief to leave those and go to the signs. The signs are somewhat mindless and I can watch TV while I paint them. We sell a LOT of signs–sometimes we get home on Sunday night and have to have 60 signs to replace for the next show and have 2 days to do it ! Actually that is pretty common. Al tries to have the sign wood ready for me to work on Monday morning. I often start working on them when we get home Sunday night! Yes, we have been doing this a long time–we have seen a lot of vendors come and go!! :)—Jan

  5. Carmen says:

    Looking good Jan! Love your signs! I once saw one with a bunch of words about cats on it like the ones you made up there. I wish I would have bought it. Oh well!

    Hope your son is doing better. Praying you him and your family.

    Carmen and the Primcats

    • Hi Carmen! I know exactly the sign you are talking about–there is a cat and also a dog version. My next order of stencils will include those–I need them for my July show customers. Brian had more trouble with seizures so they put him back on Dylantin. Thank you so much (and everyone else) for your thoughts and prayers.—Jan

  6. Steph says:

    Whew!!! How busy. I can see why you can’t wait to get back to the art. I need a sign around here that says ~stop arguing, turn the lights off, shut the door, chew with your mouth closed, stop whining, share your things, and go to bed!!! Ha ha:) -Steph-

  7. Cindi Loretz says:

    Girl you amaze me! First of all your God given talent is amazing and secondly that you choose to make your living that way. I could never do it. I really like the pictures of your things and maybe someday I will have to take a long road trip and go to a show you are at! LOL
    Be blessed!

    • Hi Cindi!! Sorry it has taken me so long to make the connection, but whenever I would click on your name it took me to a page called “blogstop”. Tonight I saw your post listed on Angies blog and finally got to you!! WELCOME!!! 🙂 Thanks for the sweet comments.–Jan

  8. betty crowe says:

    Love your winter sign! I find it funny you and your son were both born on Thanksgiving! What fun! I have been gone and am so far behind on blog reading. Have a wonderful week next week.

    • Hi Betty!! We think it is cool that Brian and I were both born on Thanksgiving. We have shared birthday cakes for years!! When I was born, dad roasted a rabbit he had shot while hunting–when Brian was born, the last thing I remember before the emergency C-section was the doctor yelling “call my wife–tell her to take the turkey out of the oven!! ” The hospital put a Happy Birthday sign on his isolette and brought a little birthday cake in for me with both our names on it. I thought I would hurl when I saw it!! 🙂 Sweet thing to do–but I was NOT up to cake!! Haha!!Thanks for visiting!!–Jan

  9. Your signs are great, Jan – but I so love your folk art. Your truly have a gift my friend. Some day, I hope to own one of your talented creations. Sorry to hear about Brian – and I pray that things get managed. My son has seizures. Not a fun journey to be on. Hugs ~ Robin

  10. Angie Berry says:

    Love your signs Jan, they are awesome! I can see why you rotate the things you work on. If I had to do that many signs at once, I’d probably quit… which is why I probably have so many unfinished projects, hehe.

    I totally agree on the price points. A wide range of prices is very good for a vendor, especially starting at a low price like $4.

    The difference between me selling online like Etsy and you selling at a show is exactly like you said… priceless! I would love to know the reactions of my customers when they receive something handmade from me but unless they put it out there on the internet, I have no idea. How rewarding that must be for you to hear all the great comments!

    I’m so glad you started blogging too 🙂 even if I’m always behind on reading, haha!

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