mirror, mirror, on the wall……….

Hi everyone!!  I just put the last hanger on the pieces I have been working on for the last two weeks.  The signs are done, the folk art is all done, and I spent the last two days working on rehabbing things I found at the flea markets.  Remember these?…….


Loved the mirror, but Al couldn’t really see how it could be redone. I bought it anyway! Here it is in all it’s new prim glory…..I just LOVE it…and it is staying here. I sealed and painted the frame then sanded / distressed it with my palm sander. Then I stained it with my favorite walnut gel stain, let dry 3 days, and clearcoated it. Yep, sometimes there is a piece that I just can’t part with. There are a few special pieces that I sold that I wish I had kept (the piece in my profile pic for one! ) so I am keeping this and it is already hung up in the front hallway. Smile We repainted our walls a soft tan and the mirror looks wonderful on it. The front hall is where I intended to work some magic, but my magic wand fizzled out and this magician ran out of time. I’m hoping I can finish some painting there next week.


Next is the washboard ..I painted the top section, then stained the entire piece-front and back, then clearcoated it. Usually I try to find the glass washbords but I haven’t found any for awhile. I also painted some pieces from my huge stash of goodies—a speckled pot, a small slaw cutter, and the cutest copper cow bell. Slaw cutters go very quickly at my shows so I am always searching for them. I have one large one left in my stash—for painting I look for the ones without a box…they are cheaper.


I thought I had saved the photo of the cement trowels when I got them at the flea market…but I guess not!  I am always surprised how quickly these are picked up when I have them.  At this particular flea market, I found three of them and I paint right over the cement after I wash them. I try to paint clusters of smaller pieces because it saves a lot of time for me—and time is at a premium once Easter is over. These will be wrapped and packed away as well as the other smalls ( spoons, spatulas, cow bell, pots etc. ) for my big show in August. Anyway, here are the trowels, an old enamel spoon, and three wooden spoons finished. I try to find old wood spoons, but they are harder to find now and I tend to keep the nicest ones for myself anyway!! Winking smile


This next photo I showed you on a previous post—finished except for palm sanding and staining. I never get tired of the seeing the difference before and after staining—it’s such a dramatic change! So before………


and after…………………………………….! I am building up quite a stock of folk art, but I need to really go into high gear on signs. I ordered more stencils yesterday because we always need to have new things at our shows and I need at least 200  large signs to start my show in August—then I make more prior to each weekend. (3 weekend show) That doesn’t even include the midsize and small signs.


Have to include a pic of my best bud!! Stryker is very happy being back home with Brian in their apartment. An apartment neighbor gave Brian two kitty trees that her cat wouldn’t use, so Stryker has a new place to hide and sleep in. It is also a very good place to launch an attack on unsuspecting ankles!!  Brian is doing well—he is off Dylantin entirely and has only had one minor episode of seizure feelings. He is still on a heavy dose of Kepra which is an anti-seizure drug….but he is able to work even though the Kepra makes him sleepy.


Well, that’s about it!! I hope anyone who is taking part in the Folk show does well—I’m hoping you will share how it was next week.  Have a great weekend!!–Jan


14 comments on “mirror, mirror, on the wall……….

  1. marly says:

    Hi Jan. I couldn’t figure out what you would do with the trowels. They’re great! You really have good ideas. If I see any slaw cutters, trowels, or washboards at Pulaski, I’ll leave them for you! I got three galvanized tubs a few weeks ago and am thrilled! Glad Brian is doing well.

    • Hi Marly!! When I first bought a cement covered trowel to paint, Al looked at me like I had finallt gone totally crazy–but even I was surprised how quickly it was bought! Hope to run into you at Pulaski sometime!! 🙂

  2. Janet says:

    Hi Jan,

    Wow you are a busy lady. And you have a lot of work ahead of you. 🙂
    Isn’t it fun though?

    Love the pics and your work.

    I am so glad that Brian is doing well. Still prayin for you guys.

    Good luck with your shows.

    Take care, Janet W

  3. Cindy says:

    Hi Jan,
    So glad to hear that Brian is doing well.
    Love all the goodies that you’ve been painting.
    I’ve been pulling patterns for things that I want to make for 2 show this Fall. It’s time to get busy, because October will be here before I know it.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Steph says:

    Wow Jan, you have been so busy!!! I remember the post about the things you needed to redo. I am glad you got around to it because I think they look so great. I am glad you keep things here and there for yourself. Your harvest and Autumn pictures make me pine for the fall already. That’s my favorite season. My baby’s middle name is Autumn as she was born in October. Anyway, I am happy to hear that your son has is friend back and that he is stable on his medication. -Steph-

    • Hi Steph!! Oh, I LOVE Autumn as a girl’s name!! I’m getting eager for fall to be here too–but I need to get a LOT done before then!! Our big shows start in 2 weeks and then it is one after another!! YIKES!! Brian and Stryker are very happy together in their own place–but I miss seeing them every day!!

  5. You are a painter extraordinaire my friend! Yikes! 200 large signs – just for one show? I wouldn’t be able to accomplish that in a lifetime…Sigh….One of the many reasons I gave up painting. I really like your style….those cow bells have to be my favorite though…. Glad to hear Brian’s life is regaining some sort of normal….And that puty kat of his is adorable…. ;o) Happy rest of the weekend to you! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

    • Hi Robin!! I’m really a little bit hyperactive!! 🙂 I guess that’s a good thing when you are a crafter!! I’m partial to the cow bell too! I have had it for awhile but didn’t know how I would paint it. It is a relief that Brian and his puty cat are doing well, we know he has a lot of treatment to go but at least for awhile he back to his normal life. Thanks for stopping by to comment!! 🙂

  6. betty crowe says:

    WOW Jan you have really been a busy girl. Love the picture of Stryker! so happy Brian is doing well. I am continuing to remember him in my prayers. Your Harvest sign is really neat.

  7. Love your Blog and your paintings are terrific especially those trowels … what a super idea. I too am a decorative painter and longtime member of NSTDP, so I can appreciate the amoun t of times that goes into these paintings.
    I am Happy Brian is doing so well and That Stryker is a beauty. Wished we could have one too, but, hubs is allergic – wahhhh!
    What or where is Pulaski??? I know what it means cause I am Polish… just curious. Thanks!
    Gots to get some chores done (ugh) so have a beautiful day with much Peace and Blessings,

    • HI Barbara!! Thanks for visiting!! I went to your blog–it is beautiful and I LOVE your banners!! THank you for your sweet comment about Brian–he still has a long way to go. I am allergic to cats also but just can’t stay away from Stryker. I take allergy pills if I have trouble.–Stop by again!!–Jan

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