Still recovering from the weekend!!

Hi everyone! Over the past weekend, we were in Richmond ,Virginia selling at an art show.

Driving through Pa. was lush and beautiful… can see how overcast it was……..





We drove the 8 hours on Thursday chasing or being chased by black clouds and rain, got to the show, heard that rain was coming THERE, and went into overdrive. We had to shlepp our tent, walls, and product a LOOOOONG way in high humidity, 90+ degree heat. We got the display up, tied it down against wind, and got most of the product up before I finally said ENOUGH!!  We locked it up and ran to get a pizza before heading to the hotel. Our room was great—a flat screen for Al…(to watch his sports)……


and a flat screen for me!!  (to watch a movie and Housewives of Jersey—my guilty pleasure! )……..


This show was odd that it started at 11 AM—most start at 10. But, we had to get there early to finish setting up. Saturday was slow, I think because it was pouring rain all around the show…but we didn’t get a drop!! Attendance was way down from last year, we heard this from vendors that did it last year. We covered all expenses Saturday plus some profit, but it was not what we hoped for. The photographer across from us sold one piece, a handbag artist near us sold NOTHING!  Thank goodness she was staying at her daughter’s home instead of a hotel!  After the show we went out for dinner at a favorite place which was a disaster from start to finish! Eventually it was straightened out and the second meal ( !! ) we got was very good.

Sunday we slept in ,had breakfast, and left for the show. Sunday we ended up doing the same as Saturday—Sundays are usually slower than Saturdays but it was a dry day and attendance was up a bit. The handbag vendor sold 6 pieces—she was so sad—this business can be like a roller coaster!  One good thing…I got some painting done!!

These are what I got done—they still need to be sanded and stained….. I love painting fall pieces…..I am waiting until I have more pieces ready before I go out to stain.


I prepped these today—remember them?  I just finished painting the mirror frame black—still have to sand it and it will be ready to stain…then I will paint a piece to fit where the paper picture is now.  I also prepped signs to finish this weekend (no show) and 3 big pieces for folk art—I did sell the biggest folkart piece we took to the show.


After the show ended at 5, we packed, loaded (groan ), and started the trip home. We stopped and slept 1 1/2 hours at a rest stop, drove, slept at another rest stop for an hour, and finally arrived home at 5:30 AM on Monday. We are finally feeling rested today.  Al had cut our lawn 2 days before we left and when we got home we saw our nice neighbor had cut our grass again—it has been growing like crazy!!  I noticed today that it is long again. Sad smile

I wanted to post this the other day, but my Google account went down, I tried to fix it (oh NO!!) and had to call Craig last night to rescue me! Google emailed that someone was trying to hack in (YOO HOO!  That was ME!! )  I should NEVER try to fix anything on the computer.

Saturday at the show we got a call from Brian.  The doctors are weaning him off Dylantin (an anti- seizure med ) and during work he started to have seizure feelings. We told him to call one of his buddies to come get him so he could get home faster.  He stayed at his friend’s house where Don, his wife, and kids could be with him, then went home. He has had no problems since and is sleeping well…thank goodness!

Well, on to the next show—it is always up and down, especially in the Spring!!  I hope you all enjoy the rest of the week!!–Jan


7 comments on “Still recovering from the weekend!!

  1. betty crowe says:

    Love your fall signs. They are beautiful. I hope Brian can tolerate the med change. I am still praying for him. I remember doing antique shows and there was no way to predetermine sales. You just took stuff and hoped it would sell. Have a Happy Mothers Day.

    • Betty, thank you for your sweet comments. Brian seems to be doing well now–I seem to always be holding my breath though. Shows , especially in Spring are hard to judge! Some of our friends are down as much as 80%–we are having our best years ever. No matter what you have, you can still have a bad show. It’s just part of the business! This was a new show to us so that makes it even worse–I am glad we made money, but I’m not willing to drive 8 hours again to try next year–we’ll go somewhere else. Some of the vendors lost money at this show–that will make it hard to fill it next year. Thanks for visiting me!!–Jan

  2. Karen says:

    Morning Jan…goodness your show/trip sounded like a frustrating time….although you and Al were able to have some good down time together at the hotel and the restaurant (after the mess got fixed that is).
    Sometimes the shows just don’t run like we hope they would…there’s no accounting for weather or shoppers.
    So glad Brian didn’t have a seizure…and a good thing he had a friend who really cares.

    • Hi Karen, yes the show WAS frustrating–but we all have them..and we DID make a profit, unlike most of the vendors there. No one around us did well, and one beside us packed up after the first day! Brian is doing well now–all his friends nearby are great–even his neighbor (apartment ) is great…she and her boyfriend take Brian when he needs to get groceries at Walmart. Walmart is WAY to far for him to walk. He has a walkable store when he needs milk etc. but he can’t get everything there. Thanks for visiting!! :)–Jan

  3. Steph says:

    I feel bad the show didn’t go as well as planned but at least you weren’t selling handbags:) Virginia looks beautiful. You have a nice neighbor to cut your grass for you. I don’t know if mine would do that for us. I am glad your son has such a support network around him. -Steph-

    • Steph, don’t feel bad–shows are always up and down! In 33 years we have never gone in the hole so that is good! You just have to pull up your gutchies and keep going!! 🙂 Spring shows are rarely good–we would LOVE to start our show season in June–maybe publishing will allow that! The store (Nell’s) that we sell in has been doing crazy good for this time of year–we just took another load up and she almost attacked us she was so happy to see we brought more! Brian IS lucky having such good friends nearby. They are all college buddies and are all very nice, caring , guys and girls.

  4. Janet says:

    Hi Jan, wow what a busy and longggggg weekend. Your pictures are great. Especially the first one looking out over the tops of the trees. So green.

    I am glad that Brian is doing ok. It is great that he has friends near by to help.

    Have a wonderful Friday. Still praying for you guys. 🙂

    Take care, Janet W. ((hugs))

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