Flea market goodies!

Hi Everyone!! On Tuesday I tried to post my Tuesday Display Chain, but Poof!!! when I published it, it disappeared into thin air and hasn’t been seen since!!  Hopefully this post will publish.  I thought you may like to see more flea market goodies I found. Most of these pieces will be painted and sold at my biggest show of the year that is in August for three weekends. We have a permanent little house in the woods (about 18X18) that we rent out for the later shows there.

Here are my goodies!……………………….


A sweet foley sifter and zinc lids…………………


A GORGEOUS, repeat– GORGEOUS, wooden cheese box….copper cow bell….enamel spoon…..and a swirl blue mug…..(I may keep that mug)  This box is wonderful….13” tall by 16” across the top. I offered $8  for it and he turned me down. I sent Al up to him (while I hid at another booth ) and had HIM offer $8 and he took it!! I just hate that!! I also hate it when a lumberyard tries to push crappy lumber off onto me if Al isn’t with me!!  It’s like “the little woman” won’t know any difference!  I come from a long line of woodworkers—Al is the city boy!!   I’ll get off my soapbox now.  Winking smile


another large cheesebox (with hideous stencilling) ,a little coal shovel, and tin cup. I love painting cheeseboxes and they get snapped up before anything else. The little shovels  are always excellent for sales too. This cheesebox is 9” X 16”—lots of room for painting.


Just a few more Pittsburgh pics—this is the little park downtown where Occupy Pittsburgh stayed until they were kicked out. The grass is just in terrible shape—down to the dirt—and they still have the fence up. Beautiful trees and beds of tulips…..


A view of the city….so pretty—but there ALWAYS seems to be construction!!  Doesn’t it seem like there is neverending roadwork!?!


A pretty shot of Heinz Field—home of the Pittsburgh Steelers………………


One of Pittsburgh’s bridges—did you know Pittsburgh has more bridges than any city in the world?—even more than Venice,  Italy………….I love that so many of Pittsburgh’s bridges are black n’ gold!


This is the demolition site of the Igloo—the old home of the Pittsburgh Penguins  (boo hoo-they are out of the cup race! )   The old igloo is gone now. Sad smile


Just an update—Brian is doing well-he was able to start back to work last Thursday and even with some numbness still in his fingers, got right back into work.  His coworkers and customers have been great to him and watch over him.  Tuesday we take him to the specialist for labwork and another MRI then to talk to the doctor. They are monitoring him until he starts treatment. We have to take him because he is not allowed to drive until August because of the seizures. It would be so much easier for him if he could drive, but he will get through this.  Thank you all for your support!!  Hope you enjoyed the goodies—winter seems so loooong without flea markets! Smile Have a wonderful weekend–Jan


8 comments on “Flea market goodies!

  1. marly says:

    Great finds Jan! I was white knuckled just looking at the Pittsburgh photos. Glad to hear Brian is still doing well and back to work.

  2. Steph says:

    The cheese box is gorgeous. I also love the other things as well though. I have a measure cup just like the one on the box with the hideous stenciling. It was my grandmothers. The only thing she ever used to measure with. Bridges scare me:) They are pretty when they are big and have arches over them though. Glad to hear your son is back to work. -Steph-

  3. Christine says:

    Love all your finds Jan! I’d keep the cup too! You’ll certainly be busy re-doing the boxes!
    I’d love to visit Pittsburgh – if I were to take a whistlestop tour of the city where would you tell me to go? – in July, we hope to be on a road trip from Ohio thru PA towards Annapolis MD.

    Glad to hear how well Brian’s doing!
    Best wishes

  4. betty crowe says:

    Well, those cheese boxes are really neat. SO happy Brian is progressing, I know not driving is hard on him, but that time will pass quickly. I am continuing to pray for him. I love seeing the pictures of Pittsbrg. Had a friend who lived in an apartment in Pittsburg, that was a lot bigger than my house. I used to love the skyline coming out of the tunnel.

  5. Cindy says:

    Hi Jan,
    Great goodies that you found to paint on.
    So glad to her that Brian is doing well and back to work.

  6. Janet says:

    Hi Jan,

    Wow, you found some neat things there! I’d love to see what the cheese boxes look like when your done painting them. 🙂

    Great pics of the city.

    I am so glad that Brian is doing well. Praying for all to go well on Tuesday. And that results are good.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Take care, Janet W ((HUGS))

  7. rabbithollowprims says:

    Wow great finds! Love everything. Seeing these pics is making me homesick lol can’t wait until summer break hope my cats are better by then cause if not then we can’t come in.

  8. Angie Berry says:

    Great finds girl! I love that tall cheesebox too, great piece! You picked up some great pieces to paint on. Do you paint on the zinc lids too? I was just curious. I can’t believe that vendor took Al’s offer and not yours, that made me laugh but I know that has to make you furious. I know it would me!

    Glad Brian is back to work and doing so well, that’s great news!!

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