Our first flea of the year!

Hi everyone! Last week we usually went to a large flea market that benefitted an animal shelter. There is a graduated fee for entering it at specific times. Usually we were able to find lots of goodies at great prices, but the last few years, the price to enter went way up and the donated items skyrocketed in price….. Sad smile so, this year we decided the hour trip to it was not worth it. Since Spring is a time when we are a bit strapped for cash, I figured we would not be going to any fleas until late May. Surprise!! Al asked last night if I wanted to go to Pulaski—a small farmer’s flea near us. I LOVE this one because the farmer’s that go do NOT want what I am looking for and the prices are great! So, for very little money ($14 ) I found a lot of goodies to paint. Looky here!!!

Approaching the market…………


Driving the summer cart………………..


Parking lot……………………..


Still driving the winter buggy……………………


Ok-Now on to the goodies………………….I hit the mother lode of cement trowels to paint…and I saw more than these.  These always sell quickly. Also got an old sad iron with lovely metallic gold spray paint! Smile with tongue out  It will be sprayed black and then painted to sell. ($1 ) Cookie cutters and a tin masher  ($1)  Old clothespins, too. ($1)


Here I show a painted basket that will be repainted, a washboard, a wood framed mirror, and a child’s broom. The mirror was the most expensive thing I bought…she wouldn’t come down more…..


The broom was a treat for me to put with my child’s ironing board and iron . Everything will be painted and sold except the cookie cutters, tin masher, and broom. Everything totaled $14 !! I also saw a HUGE crock I loved for $50 which was perfect, but I can’t spend that much in the Spring.  Crocks are very cheap at this market and are always available. The vendor selling it is always here, so later maybe I will try to get it for much less.


On the way home we ran into a speed bump…….Smile


Please everyone..be very careful if passing an Amish buggy. We hear of SO MANY Amish children, and the horses,  being killed when a car driver misjudges. There is also always a chance of spooking the horse….NEVER honk your horn near a buggy.

Later in the year we usually try to go to another flea about an hour away called Roger’s.  It has large buildings (it runs through the winter also) and a huge outdoor area for vendors. The outdoor vendors only set up from spring through fall.  When the weather is nice, there can be up to 1000 vendors with a large area for antiques.  The inside ones are usually produce and new items like bungee cords, hats, and tools. We LOVE going to Roger’s , but it is held on Fridays only which is usually our travel day for shows.

I need to get back to painting now  …I am so excited because I won one of Misi’s mystery prizes!! Thank you so much, Misi, for hosting the Tuesday display chain. It is so much fun seeing everyone’s take on the themes!!—-bye!–Jan


10 comments on “Our first flea of the year!

  1. marly says:

    Hi Jan. You certainly found good pieces and great prices…good for you! I get so mad at people that lay on their horns around the horses!!

  2. Sheila says:

    Good morning Jan~
    TFS your wonderful finds at the market! How exciting to have gotten all that for $14 ! We don’t have many flea markets around here, at least not like what I was used to going to when I was young and being raised in NH. It was always a fun thing to do on the weekend and something to look forward to, even as a child.
    Hope you’ll share pics of the new life you give those items!
    Have a great day and congrats on Misi’s win!

  3. Trish says:

    Oh my goodness! You sure did hit the motherload!! 😀 Sounds like you had lots of fun and you will enjoy painting your goodies 🙂 I love flea markets but haven’t been to one in a long while 😛 Hope you are having a fantastic day and congrats on winning the mystery prize!
    hugs, Trish

  4. Janet says:

    Wow, what fun goodies you found. I love the washboard and the iron the best. And I love metal cookie cutters.

    Not sure when we will see yard sales here or flea markets in Utah. Can’t wait.

    Happy painting 🙂

    Take care, Janet W

  5. Angie Berry says:

    Yay girl! Lots of fun things to paint on! I don’t do the detail painting that you do but I’m always on the lookout for things that I can makeover/re-do/wax. I have an old tin masher exactly like that one! Ooooh, the little ironing board is way too cute! Love the little broom too.

    Enjoyed the pictures of the Amish. Congrats on your win girl!

  6. Karen says:

    Morning Jan…lots of great treasures.
    I’m so anxious to get to a flea market…got lots of things on my mind to look for.
    I totally understand your warning about the Amish buggys…sometimes we see so many cars come up fast to them and then pass so quickly…if only they had just a little patience.

  7. Steph says:

    $14 dollars did you well Jan:) Good job. I am glad you got to go to a flea market this spring.

  8. Teresa says:

    WOW!!! You sure did find lots of wonderful pieces!!! I can’t wait to get out!!!

  9. Roberta says:

    Great deals! I didn’t realize the Amish had winter buggies but that makes sense. We had such a good time when we visited Amish country in northern Indiana last year. They had such beautiful farms and gardens. ~Roberta

  10. Misi says:

    Absolutely beautiful scenery & fabulous treasures! Love Amish Country!

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