Tuesday Display Chain—day late and a dollar short?

Hi everyone, well, I have had my entry for the display chain ready for a week—except for the final two photos. I missed the delay date so I was ready early. THEN, I thought I had signed up—not sure if I did or didn’t. My boys would say some of my charm (Winking smile) comes from how easily I get confused!! Smile with tongue out   If I’m NOT in it, that’s OK—I’m happy to share this!!  ANYWHO…..here is my TIP O’ THE DAY!!

My favorite crafting trick is waxing. No, not like Steph ‘s waxing (Winking smile)—but resist waxing on my wood pieces! Take a look…….

These are MDF cutouts—paint with black paint and dry well.


Using a WHITE candle (I use an old taper ) rub wax on edges pushing hard. I do a little on the front close to the edges too. See the white chips? DON’T knock them off! This works really well if the surface is a bit rough.

Don’t use a colored candle—I tried….I regretted.


More chips…………………


Paint with your chosen color—-doesn’t hurt to let a little black show through or uncovered…………I usually do one smooth, even coat. It’s OK if a bit of black shows.


LET DRY COMPLETELY!!!   Sand…I use 100 grit—if it is not chipping off, use rougher sandpaper. Make sure you sand where those chips are!


See how nice the edge looks? I let a bit of the black go uncovered by the top color on the edges.


Click to see a close up on this one….


Wipe dust off and start painting….


How did YOU get on here!?!     Pesky kitty!!  I Wuv those wittle toes!!


Finish painting , antique with your favorite, and clearcoat!!  TA DA !!  This works great on smaller furniture and accessory pieces too.


See how pretty the wax resist looks?


Another tip……

I used to cut a LOT of stencils. Stencil plastic or mylar can get expensive. If you have access, get old xrays from someone you know who works in a hospital. Brian was famous for being a daredevil when little, so I had a constant supply of xray material. And it was, well, interesting having a stencil with bone images!! Smile with tongue out

That’s it!! Hope these are tips that help you!!–Jan


14 comments on “Tuesday Display Chain—day late and a dollar short?

  1. Sheila says:

    Awesome tip Jan!
    I did know about the white candle and have done some of it on my simple painting projects that I wanted the black to come through on.
    Great example of your products!

  2. Steph says:

    Holy Cow Jan!!! That is an awesome tip. I have never heard of that before and can’t wait until I can find something to paint. Thanks so much. Your stars look so awesome. If I could paint like that, I bet my hubby would do the laundry all the time too:) -Steph-

  3. marly says:

    Thanks Jan. I love tutorials from professionals!

  4. christine says:

    Hi Jan! Great tip – in fact great tutorial! I really appreciate you sharing your ‘insider’ know-how with us! Cute , cute kitty!

  5. deppenhomestead says:

    Jan~ love your secret~ and Beautiful outcome~ Pretty Stars~
    thanks for sharing

  6. Karen says:

    Morning Jan….what great tips…your stars turned out just wonderful

  7. Angie Berry says:

    Great tips Jan! Your stars and hearts are wonderful! How on earth do you paint scenes on them so stinking fast? You are amazing girl!!

  8. What a great tip!! thanks so much for sharing!!! OLM

  9. Misi says:

    Here i live in wax for a living an never thought of this trick -Kudos to you sweet friend!
    and i love those wittle toes too!
    Thanks for sharing along in the chain, Your timing was perfect and your tips still would have been worth the wait!

  10. Janet says:

    Hi Jan,

    Wow! That is great. Oh and I think I saw that you won something. Shoot! Can’t remember which blog it was on. Congrats. 🙂

    Take care, Janet W

  11. Janet says:

    Hi, its me again.

    Here you go:


    Or did you know already?

    Go there. 🙂 Byeee

  12. Great tip Jan – I recall having heard of this before, but your great tutorial with the photos and steps makes it SOOO much easier to visualize! I don’t do a great deal of painting anymore, but I am definitely tucking this away for future reference! Your painting (and those wittle toes) are amazing! ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

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