A message from Brian

Hello everyone! Yesterday I wrote a post about our show and trip to Buffalo, New York. I also included an update on Brian’s health progress. Just after I got off the computer today from checking my blog, Al checked the email and noticed that our Brian had just posted a comment. I would kindly ask ,if you have a chance, please read his comment as it was meant for all of you who have kindly given your prayers and support to our family. We are  all so grateful and touched by everything you have all said and done to help us.  I am so very proud of both my sons—they have both grown into fine, responsible, caring young men. I am amazed at the strength Brian has shown through this ordeal…yet he is more worried about my state of mind. I tell him that I will be ok as long as HE is ok. So, if you have the time, please read his message to YOU.

Thank you–Jan


4 comments on “A message from Brian

  1. marly says:

    How sweet of your Brian to not only read your blog and comments, but to also send a note to your fans. Good job Mom!!

  2. Cindi Loretz says:

    That was very nice of him to comment! Know that all of you are in my prayers.
    The buffaloes remind me of South Dakota!
    Have a great week and a nice break!
    Be blessed!

  3. Karen says:

    Jan how wonderful of Brian.
    I tried leaving a comment on the last post but there are blogger issues again.
    So i will leave it here:

    Brain…you are such a strong, brave and wonderful son to your parents and this comment you made only proves it more.
    Bless you so much and praying for you still


  4. Angie Berry says:

    Oh gosh Jan, I’m not so sure I will be able to read it. Just this post alone has me tearing up. Lol, I’m such an emotional mess!

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