Hi everyone!! Well, we are home again. The past weekend we finished up our first show of the season. This time, we took a different route—via Winchester Virginia. The scenery is also beautiful going THIS way. The Shenandoah valley is greening up, apple trees were in bloom, and the hills were less treacherous this way.Smile


The hills were so pretty…..and look at this old barn….


Beautiful…nature’s glory…..look at the sky….


Oh my…so pretty…..


A host of dancing daffodils….


Early morning sun glowing on the mountain.


Our show this weekend was good—every day of the show was up from last year. It was a totally different crowd from last weekend. We sold the opposite, for the most part, from last weekend. Funny how that often happens. This is our 33rd year and we still can’t predict what will sell.  Spring shows are especially difficult to predict. Actually, I would prefer to not do any spring shows, but because this is our living, we have to. Generally, spring shows are less profitable than later shows.


All in all, the show provided us with a getaway..even though the first weekend a kind customer shared their cold germs with me.Sad smile I slept much of the trip this weekend and struggled to get over my watery eyes and runny nose. I’m fine now, but now Al has it. Poor baby!! We saw lots of pretty sights, crossed the Potomac River, drove alongside George Washington National Forest, crossed Bullpasture and Cowpasture Rivers, climbed Chicken Hill Lane, passed Two Bucks Lane and Getta Way ,(love that road name!) saw Miss West Virginia Roadkill (gorgeous girl—the Roadkill Festival is a big deal in West Va.),saw quilt barns (5!!), old restored square log cabins, and a quaint back country church.


Beautiful mountaintop scenery….



We stopped at an overlook—Shenandoah Mountain Pass….



The ride home through the Monongahela National Forest….


Sigh…I.want.this…around a cedar sided saltbox….(not gonna happen)



It’s now 1AM….I stained work tonight—a bunch of signs and here are 4 of the 5 paintings I did at the show drying in the workshop. I am staying up tonight to try to get 12 more signs done—a short week this time.


Hope I didn’t bore all of you with so many pics…but I don’t get out much in the winter so I was REALLY happy to see something besides my 4 walls!! Smile with tongue out Next stop…we go from this show in the backwoods to the big city!! We’ll be outside Washington D.C.—across from Dulles Airport at a beautiful higher end art/craft show. Have a wonderful week and weekend—enjoy the early warm weather while we have it!!–Jan                                                             



  1. Janet says:

    Hi Jan,

    What great pics. I love to see the countryside and mountains. Aren’t they beautiful?

    I am glad that you are feeling better. And I hope Al gets better soon.

    That is neat that your show went well.

    And I love the road names. lol We have some of those out here too on the way to Green River, Wyoming. I can’t think of them right off though. 🙂

    How is Brian doing? Is his appt this Thursday? Sorry if I am not remembering right.

    Still prayin’ for him and all of you.

    Have a great Tuesday. Take care, Janet W

  2. Trish Boyd says:

    Oh I love your pics!! So pretty 🙂 I miss our travels through the States for vacations! I am like you, don’t get out much in the winter so when spring comes around it’s like a whole new world out there 😀 You have been so busy, and very creative, wish I had your talent 🙂 Glad you are feeling better and hope Al gets better soon…I find that when my husband gets sick he acts like it’s the end of the world, lol.
    Happy first day of Spring and have a wonderful day!

    hugs, Trish

  3. betty crowe says:

    really enjoyed your pictures. I want a split rail fence and always have. Not gonna happen.lol
    Love your signs. Would love to see bigger pictures of them. The quilt one looks gorgeous

  4. Sheila says:

    Good morning Jan,
    I enjoyed seeing the pictures you shared today and as always I love your signs. Hope the shows continue to do well for you folks.

    It’s a chilly first day of Spring here in Idaho, but is supposed to warm up to 60 by the weekend. Grandsons are visiting for a few days, away from the snow to our place where they can ride their bikes. They are playing with the train set I purchased from another blogger friend and loving it.

    I pray Brian’s condition continues to improve and that you folks are feeling better yourselves.

    hugz and blessings,

  5. Cindy says:

    Hi Jan,
    Beautiful photos of your trip to and/or from the show. I love traveling the back roads instead of the inter-states.
    Love the sign paintings that you made…your work is wonderful!!!
    Gald you are feeling better and I hope that your hubby feels better real soon too.
    Wishing you great shows as you have started this year’s show season!!

  6. Angie Berry says:

    What a gorgeous trip Jan! So sorry you got sick, hope hubby feels better soon. Hope you have another good show, best wishes~

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