work is done….

Hi everyone!! I just came in from staining some new work to replace what we sold last weekend. I had some back up stock but still had to do 41 new pieces. I also stained the 4 paintings I painted at the show. They are drying on top of an old box in the workshop.


Going to shows sometimes is like old home week—we get to see friends we have made over the years at other shows. Kathryn, a potter, was beside us one year at a show we both LOVE in Pa. Her work is beautiful—very earthy(thus the business name “Earthen Arts”) and beautifully glazed. My favorites are those pieces with the imprint of actual leaves. She sells platters, berry bowls(her best seller), batter bowls,mugs,casseroles, utensil holders, and many more designs.  She has a website—  Hi Kathryn!!


See that top piece? That’s my favorite design. The blue/tan glaze below it is the most popular color. Just beautiful…and useable!! Here are a few more of Kathryn’s pieces.


Remember when I posted a photo of my egg crate, milk pail , and lard bucket? This is the lady I got them from—this year she had a wonderful trunk, potty high chair, and a moravian cookie mold  . She does a whopping business at this show. Hi Carole!! You can see the trunk, chair,and a child’s ironing board in this photo.


Sometimes at shows we meet someone who really impresses us with their work. This was the only prim booth in the show, but her work was wonderful..beautiful penny rugs, adorable dolls, wax pieces, and so much more!! This is Janelle of Miss Nellie’s Primitives. The prim kitty doll she is holding was adorable as was the big witchy doll seated behind her.


See that okra garland? Really nice, as was everything in her booth—a LOT of work here!! Hi Janelle! She makes a wide variety of prims to sell including stacking boxes, ornies, and signs. Great stuff!!

I need to bring the wood I stained inside so it will speed up the drying. Busy day tomorrow—haircuts, bloodwork for Al and me, collecting everthing we need to get ready for Brian’s appointment with his doctor on Thursday. We finally sprung for an EZ Pass for driving on the turnpikes..the costs are going skyhigh and it is cheaper with the EZPass. Al installed it on the van today. No more fumbling for change at the toll booth. Well, I’m going to bring the wood in..hopefully it will dry fast. Have a peaceful night!!–Jan


3 comments on “work is done….

  1. Janet says:

    Hi Jan,

    I just love your paintings.

    It’s great that you could get pics of your show friends. I love their work too. I love crafts.

    I can’t wait to get started on shows. It will still be a while. I am waiting for business funding. Then I will probably go crazy shopping for supplies and start work. lol

    Well, I should go. I hope all goes well at Brian’s appt. and that your lab tests are good.

    Have a great Wednesday. Take care, Janet W

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Jan – goodness you are one busy lady. Your work is just beautiful.
    I’m starting to get into show mode for the Lititz, PA craft show – got two spaces this year and not sure if I can fill the 2nd one…lol But I better get sewing huh?

    Blessings and good luck to Brian. He’s still in my prayers.

  3. Angie Berry says:

    Glad to hear that you had such a good show and that you found your camera. =] The mountain pictures sure are pretty. I always marvel at their beauty every time I am near them. I enjoyed your trip there and meeting some of the vendors. Looks like it would have been a great show to go to. I wish we had shows like that around here. We have one a year and it is getting too commercialized and less handmade, so very sad.

    How nice that you were able to stop and check on Brian. Glad to hear that he is doing fine. You all are still in my prayers. I hope you are able to get some rest before your next show. Enjoy the rest of your week~

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