Brian going home?….work, and pics

Hi everyone. Well, everything in our household is a bit better today—Brian has had 4 days of being virtually symptom free. YAY!  Last night he had NO ,NADA,ZERO symptoms!! He is feeling much more confident and positive. We still have a long way to go, but at least this phase is over. If Brian continues to do this well he will move back to his apartment in Pittsburgh. He is anxious to get back there—I don’t blame him—he is happy living on his own. We have really enjoyed having him here despite the underlying reasons. Thank you to everyone for your great support—there were times I thought I would go insane….or as Brian would say,more than I already am!!  Smile with tongue out Smart aleck!

When I last posted, I had started working on signs. They make up about half my sales at shows so they are important…and I had NONE because the store we sell at asked that we bring all of them up there before Christmas. We had an excellent February up there. So far I have finished 96 signs and have prepped more to do today. I try to have 200 on hand at all times. We go from here….


to here………


sorry for the bad photo—I’m casting a shadow—and here………


still not a great picture, but believe me, the signs are EVERYWHERE drying. It is hard to walk through our utility room where we dry them before clearcoating. I’m hoping the batch I will do today will be the last before our show. I’m very achy from standing on concrete while staining for hours. I need a break and time to paint checkers for the gameboards.

I also snapped some photos around the house while I had the camera out. I had so many plans for working on the house this spring before getting busy with work…oh well…the house can wait…Brian couldn’t!! Smile

Diningroom cabinet—want to paint it and add painted punched tin…..


We also planned on painting the room and changing the stencil—SOOOOO sick of the delicate stencil here.  The gameboard was bought from a vendor friend years before I started selling painted wood. I love collecting any kitchen related old pieces—especially graniteware, sifters, mashers, any tinware, and crocks/jugs.

I love this little corner—the highchair was found at a yard sale—it was a family heirloom and she just decided she didn’t want it—$25 !! The doll was found at the store I sell at—I THINK it is a Threadbare primitives pattern. Beside the chair is my lard bucket. (ha ha ha !!) Cracks me up every time!!!


This is by the stairs in our family room—love this stencil—want to put it in the front room and put a new design in here..and repaint the walls.


This is one of my latest pieces—how I love this sampler !! I allowed myself one special purchase at a show in Virginia (VERY expensive tourist town )—this is it!! Love it ! This town has some of the BEST prim shops and gorgeous prim furniture shops!!  Occoquan Virginia.


Of course, no post is complete until I show a photo of this little bugger! I’ll miss him so much when Brian moves back to the ‘burgh!!


That’s all for now….hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Sunday. Don’t forget to keep everyone who is suffering from the terrible weather in your good thoughts.



12 comments on “Brian going home?….work, and pics

  1. Sheila says:

    Well there my friend, I’m glad Brian is doing so much better and your lives are showing “signs” of normalcy again! I pray that his health will continue to improve and he will be able to get back to his self again.
    I enjoyed seeing pics of your special treasures and I hope you will be able to get yourself caught up creating such wonderful pieces for others to purchase to add that special touch to their homes!

    Hey, on a happy note, we had a Robin in our front yard this morning! Hubby is cleaning the chimney which he hopes is the last time this winter and filled up the wood rack in the basement he says will be it until next winter. Love our wood heat in cold windy Idaho but so ready for spring and being able to open a window or two. How bout you? I’m sure you are more than ready yourself.

    Continued prayers and blessings for you.

  2. betty crowe says:

    so happy Brian is doing better. It makes a Mother hurt all over when her babes are sick, no matter how old they are. Enjoyed your pictures. I like your stenciling.

  3. Angie Berry says:

    Wow Jan, that is amazing!! There is much power in prayer, that’s for sure! I’m so glad they are getting his meds worked out.

    That’s an incredible amount of signs, wow girl! No wonder your back is aching. Hmm… we do have much in common. I love buying kitchen pieces too, just like you I love graniteware, sifters, mashers, tinware, and crocks! I don’t think we could ever go shopping together… we would be fighting over all the great things we find, LOL!

    EEK!! An old wooden family heirloom highchair and she didn’t want it anymore? What is wrong with people?! I’m glad you got such a great deal on it but it makes me sad that she was willing to part with it.

    I can’t believe that you have so many old wooden ironing boards and they are that cheap there, wow! You are fortunate to have a child size one also. Around here they are actually more expensive than the regular size. I went antiquing Friday and came across an old child size board and they wanted $47 for it!! I did find another regular size board but it was split down the middle and they wanted $22. They sure aren’t cheap here! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love when you come by for a visit. =]

    Have a wonderful Sunday~

  4. Angie Berry says:

    Oh, I forgot to tell you that I love your home pictures! I am going to stencil in my entryway one of these years, haha. Love your prims and that stitchery is beautiful!

  5. Janet says:

    Hi Jan,

    I am so happy to hear that Brian has been doing better the past few days. YAYYYY! 🙂 I pray for that to continue.

    I love your pics and your work. You are very talented. Good luck with your shows.

    Have a great Sunday. Take care, Janet W ((((BIG HUGE HUGS))))) to all of you.. 🙂

  6. Karen says:

    Hi Jan,
    Well there’s no better post to read today than this one with news that Brian is heading home…in a good way!!! How wonderful. Bless the good Lord.

    What a pretty, warm home you have. I like the Stenciling – wishing I still had mine. We have some in the guest room but I want some where I can see it every day…

    Wow, so many signs – they look just awesome. Good luck.


  7. Cindy says:

    Hi Jan,
    So glad that Brian is doing better. Will continue to keep him in my prayers.
    Wow…that is alot of signs you’ve been working on. I need to get busy making things for my shows, even though they are not until Fall….I sold out of almost everything at my last show of the season last year.
    What a great find the child highchair was!! I have my hubby’s child rocking chair from when he was just a wee little one and I can’t imagion ever getting rid ot it.
    Hope you have a great show!!

  8. Steph says:

    Jan, your home is beautiful! I love the display with the little child’s chair. I have signs all over my home. I love them. Glad to here that your son is starting to come out on top:) congrats!! -steph

  9. Vicki says:

    SO glad to hear Brian is doing better! I love your signs by the way. Thank You for stopping by
    my blog…We both love the old grocery’s don’t we? LOVE them…..Have a nice evening….

  10. Traco says:

    Jan… Just had to hop in here and say..Hello.. Thanks for visiting my blog today and I will do my best to visit’s only about 10 minutes from my house. You will love Anita’s place and the gals are so friendly too. Do you live close?

  11. Traci says:

    Yea well..typo…Traci 😉 not Traco hehe

  12. marly says:

    Wonderful news about your Brian! You’ve got to be exhausted and looking at all the pieces you’ve done, makes me tired!!! Your work is just perfect.

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