I don’t wanna be a Debby Downer!!

Good morning everyone! I decided to post while I am waiting for the home care nurse to arrive. Saturday night Brian had the feelings that another seizure was coming on. He was scared and miserable but thankfully the meds stopped it before it became full blown. Naturally he was down about it and nervous about going to sleep. He laid down on the sofa in the family room and I sat up to watch him, hoping he would feel with me there, he could sleep. And he did!! YAY!! I sincerely believe I read EVERY SINGLE BLOGPOST EVER WRITTEN. For 6 hours I read blogs just to keep myself awake. At 5 AM Al came down and I went to bed.  Last night, everything was going well, when the feelings started up again. This time it was not as bad and the meds stopped it faster. I talked him into going up to bed upstairs. During the night he came in to get me and I stayed with him in his room so he could sleep. He slept until 10. I just got a call from the home care nurse—she has been calling his doctors and they are adjusting one of his meds. Hopefully they can get it to the right level soon. I really believe his VERY high rate of metabolism is the problem.

I need to get back to work as I have a show fast approaching. Al has been busy cutting and sanding wood for me. Our big saw died this spring and we had to get a new one. Al LOVES his new saw—it cuts like butter and leaves a smooth cut—much less sanding. Last night I prepped signs. There are 9 layers of painting on my signs and we sell them like gangbusters!!                            100_1028  There are 60 signs here—my usual size batch. I need to do 2 batches this size before my first show. See the doors behind the signs? I bought the paint to do all my upstairs doors a rich prim red, but have been seriously delayed. At the end of the year,I take any signs I have leftover to a store near us and she sells them for me. It cleans up my house for Christmas! Smile I am hoping to get back up to her store soon to restock certain pieces. It’s a beautiful store. When we go there I will take photos and post them.

I have been trying to work on my snowman pieces but with Brian’s troubles I didn’t get them finished. I needed to put them aside to get signs done. Here is the cheesebox I was working on—it is not finished yet, but you can see what a great design it is.100_1025All the pieces are this far along—probably only one day of work to get all of them done before staining.The chairs are going to be gorgeous.

Our first show is down in Virginia this year—Right now we are not sure if I will be able to go– Al may have to do it alone. Last year I was happy to trade with the only antique dealer there. I always paint at my shows to demonstrate and she wanted 2 pieces I did there. They were not stained, but she wanted them anyway. This is what I got from her.     

                                                                               100_1026Snoopy kitty Stryker had to examine everything. I got a lidded milk pail, a wonderful egg crate WITH paper egg cartons, and a lard bucket. ( Why do I always giggle when I say lard bucket!?!? ) I wanted an egg crate for a looong time—I love it!! Every photo I took this morning was deleted because a certain kitty had to stick his pink nose in it. Smile I wonder why he was doing this….

                                                                                100_1023his head is under the fridge. CRAZY KITTY!! Before Brian got up this morning I was playing with Stryker—he was being “Halloween Kitty”—arching his back and hopping around, bouncing like a spring!! Hopefully my blog will be a bit more fun than it has been lately—thank you all for sticking with me!   Love you all, Jan


6 comments on “I don’t wanna be a Debby Downer!!

  1. Sheila says:

    Good morning Jan,
    I’m sure it is very difficult for Brian to be able to relax, hopefully the docs will be able to adjust his meds to get things under control quickly.
    Your projects are going to be great; wish I were closer to the store though!

    Also, I wouldn’t worry about being a “downer” at all. Your blog friends are here for you to share what is heavy on your heart, good or bad, we are here to support one another. Bless you friend~
    warm hugz,

  2. Cindy says:

    Hi Jan,
    Still keeping you all in my prayers. I know that your son must be scared…and I’m sure that having you there with him is such a great comfort. There is nothing like the touch of our mother’s love when we are going through tough times. I hope that they get his meds adjust quickly for him.

    I can’t wait to see the finished goodies you are making for your shows. Your painting work is awesome. What wonderful antique goodies you got.

    What a cute picture of your kitty with his head under the fridge!!


  3. betty crowe says:

    Jan they are never too old to need their mother. It is great you can be with him and help him get through this. I imagine the meds play havoc, as well as helping. At least until they are regulated. Prayers are being said, here in East Tn.
    Last evening I was reading some of your earlier post about Pittsburg. I used to love coming out of the tunnel and seeing the skyline. The rivers, three River Stadium, etc. It was beautiful

  4. Vicki says:


    You had asked what color I am using on my cabinets in my kitchen. The color is called
    Wicker. I am new to your site but want to send you prayers and well wishes for your son.
    he must be scared bless his heart….Positive thoughts being sent your way….Love your
    kitty by the way….Hope you have a great day and Thank You for stopping by my blog.

  5. Angie Berry says:

    Hopefully the med change will be what he needs and you can all get some sleep and get some things done. The snowman design on the cheesebox is adorable and fits perfectly!

    What a great trade! I would love to have an old egg crate with the original cartons but they are so expensive around here when you do find them.

    Stryker is quite the character, lol! It’s a good thing he’s around to entertain you all. Keeping you on my mind and in my heart Jan~

  6. Steph says:

    On the contrary. You have been most positive through all of this. -Steph-

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