Yawn !!!…I need a break!!!

Boy, am I tired!!! This has been a week of “hurry up…faster…faster!!!! “  Tuesday , Al and I got up early (for me…I’m NOT a morning person ) to get to my brother’s house. We decided it would be best if we took him to his appointment to see what the mass was behind his knee. We were not sure what they would do at the doctor’s, and a bit worried he wouldn’t be able to drive home .( an hour + trip)  There were a few road construction delays, but we got there on time. It was a long wait before filling out papers, then a long wait before he was called in. Good news/bad news. It is NOT a tumor—it is a collection of cartilage from his knee. He has NO cartilage left—therefore he needs a knee replacement. 4 days in the hospital, 10 days in a skilled care facility, then 4-6 weeks with NO driving. It will be tough because of our show schedule, but we’ll make sure he is ok. Thank you to everyone who kept him in their thoughts-it means the world to me.


The day after, we left early (will I never get to sleep in again??? ) to get another load of lumber. Yes, the load I previously posted about is gone. This time we had to go much farther away because we have cleaned out all the local places of good wood. Luckily we found it all in one place an hour away. We then had to stop at Michael’s for sealer, Sam’s Club for groceries, and an Italian market we like that is in the area that we don’t get to very often. This market runs incredible lead in sales. Huge tomatoes @ .79/#, raspberries @.99 ,green peppers @.79/# ,strawberries @.79/#. Then we scoured EVERY WALMART  for miles around for a clearcoat I use on my paintings. FINALLY we found 5 cans and scooped them up. At last we were home and we crashed.

Today,I woke up early (I can’t get a break!!! ) and clearcoated a lot of work that had been waiting to be sprayed. Wanna see the before and after???          Before……..


and after………..


As I said in a previous post—this design is by Terrye French. It is a tedious one to do, but very pretty. I will probably do 2 more batches of this before the year is out. Now, here is what I am working on now….


This is another design by Terrye French. It is really one of my favorites. I have NEVER had any of these left by the time fall is here. I don’t use many patterns, but these are a couple I love. I also put this pattern on chairs like these……


I can NEVER find enough of these firehall chairs. Last year we were lucky that we found a stack for this year’s painting—we were at a show so a good friend went and picked them up for us. Thanks Ron!!!

I’ve been trying to find time to post but there just hasn’t been enough time so I am catching up now! Here is another batch of work I finished—the roosters and these were sprayed this morning………


I am so pleased how things are coming along so far this year—we have our first show in about 6 weeks. We have 3 shows back to back to back—10 actual show days. It’s time to step it up!!

I have just completed my first month of blogging and I want to thank everyone for making me feel welcome. Special thanks to those who have followed me and thanks to those who have visited my blog. I’m anxious to start my shows and post photos on my blog of the people, places, and beautiful art and crafts we see. Thanks again—have a sunny day!!



2 comments on “Yawn !!!…I need a break!!!

  1. Janet says:

    Hi Jan,

    Your crafts are great. 🙂

    I am hoping to some how be ready for a show in April. My first, since starting my business.

    Will be praying that everything goes well for your brother.

    Take care my new friend. 🙂 Janet W


  2. Sheila says:

    Work, work, work! but how beautiful everything is! Hope you can find time to enjoy some rest. It’s been hard to find “good” lumber for making furniture and items like you folks for a long time. Seems nothing is ever straight or dry!

    That’s good news for your brother, knee replacements seem to be epidemic. I am supposed to have one too. Keep putting it off which isn’t good either.

    Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog Jan. I better go feed some hungry little men and their Papa.
    Have a wonderful weekend~

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