shopping, supplies, working, and worries

Good morning!!  Wow, I have lots to say today…..and show. Yesterday was a busy day—we headed out to buy a vanload of lumber. The other day we went for lumber locally but came back with zip,nada,nil, and zero. Sometimes we have to go through 50 boards before we find one I like. Because it is for art, it has to be pretty much perfect. I believe if customers buy my art, they deserve everything as perfect as possible. Luckily, yesterday was our day!! We filled the van with beautiful lumber and today I will start marking it so Al can begin cutting. I am moving along on painting and thought I would show you my first completed batch of the year. I am already finishing painting the third batch—hopefully will finish today.


This is about 5 steps into painting.


Here we are 3 steps later.


Here we are at finished product… many steps later. All are vigorously copyright protected except for the crow painting. It is adapted from a great Pam Grady design. My favorite things to do are gameboards.

Today I am hoping to finish a batch of paintings of roosters.  Roosters are not really my thing, but we sell this design by Terrye French very well. I’ll probably have to make 2 more batches of this design before the end of the year. Here is the first…


After we picked up our lumber we had other errands….Hobby Lobby for frames (didn’t find any we liked..too ornate or too PLASTIC!! ), Sam’s club, and Pat Catan’s. Pat Catan’s is like a Michael’s…only cheap. All my paints come from there and we are lucky that we have a huge one so close. I only use Americana paints…I used to use Ceramcoat, but they cheapened their paint by thinning it out and one bottle doesn’t always match the next. Again, quality is important.


I can’t believe this is all I got—usually I just swipe out an entire row of the color I want—but I DO have a lot of paint I got before Christmas.I have a very limited palette of colors so everything I do will coordinate with the others. We have customers in DC that have over 50 of our pieces. I ALSO got… TADA!!!!


These are 14 inch raw wood platters!!! I have never had anything like this and am so excited I found them…on SALE yet!!! I have to come up with something special for these !! Can’t wait to get to these. Maybe a penny rug design.

Last, but certainly not least, my brother, who has always been super healthy, has been having trouble with his one knee. Turns out he has severe arthritis in it, several ligament tears, and….the worst of it….a mass behind the knee. At first they thought the mass was a piece of bone broken off after a fall. It’s not.  They want him in to see an Oncologist  ASAP. He also has some dead bone in his knee from blood circulation being cut off. Wayne teaches respiratory therapy in a hospital and was scheduled to retire in June—he may have to retire immediately. Please keep him in your good thoughts—he is a really nice guy who has never had anyone say a bad  word against him. Thank you so much.

Well, after a good rest last night, I am ready to start marking wood—have a wonderful day!!—Jan


6 comments on “shopping, supplies, working, and worries

  1. Sheila says:

    Wow Jan, you really had a good day finding supplies and getting a great start on your goods! I’m hoping you get a selling blog going at some point. I have to have more of your work in my home. Not just the coveted pumpkin plate! ~smile~
    The designs and colors you work with are so appealing and comforting.
    To bad about your brother’s knee. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. Just getting ready to retire and this happens.

    Have a great day!

    • Sheila, Thank you so much for keeping my brother in your prayers–he’s such a good soul. He’s a bachelor so we try to watch over him as much as we can. Don’t worry–you WILL have more of my stuff..I can guarantee it!!! Have a wonderful day, friend!!–Jan

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Jan….fun post to read.
    i love it when things come together and your painting is fantastic.
    Goodness I wish we had a Pat Catan’s near us – I’ve heard lots of good about this store.

  3. Angie Berry says:

    I’m glad you got you a good rest after all that and time to get busy on more? Wow girl, you keep yourself busy!! Your detailed painting is absolutely beautiful!! I pulled the pictures up to get a closer look and I just love your work!

    I wish we had a Pat Catan’s around here. Never been to one, but have heard lots about them. I get my paint at Hobby Lobby. They run them on sale kinda often. Sometimes they do all the brands at a % off or they will just have a certain brand at a certain price… that’s when I stock up! I prefer Folk Art first just because they have all the colors I love at the right hue. Then Americana is my next choice. But I’m with you, I don’t use Ceramcoat anymore. Yes, I can definitely see a penny rug design on those plates, can’t wait to see what you do with them! =]

    Sorry to hear about your brother. That’s not good at all. I really hope he can make it through till his retirement. I’ll pray for him!

    Have a great week and keep on painting~

  4. linda says:

    Hi Jan, I finally found your blog.
    I absolutely love your painting!

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