frigid and photos!

Hi everyone!  I just came in from the workshop after staining a batch of folk art and it is frigid!!! BRRR!  I use an oil stain and it is not a good idea to stain downstairs in the basement  (where it is warmer ) because my work table is beside the furnace. KABOOM!!! But it is finished now, and another batch is on my painting table waiting for detailing. As I finish one group, I am starting the next. I thought I would show you some of my older pieces tonight because the ones I just stained won’t be dry for a couple days.





The first was an old carpenter’s tote I painted all the way around, the next two photos are an old train shipping crate partly done and then completed,( lady bought it for a coffee table) the fourth is an old cutting board I painted with a Terrye French design.


Above is a little cabinet I found at a flea market—it was that dry brown stain popular years ago,with a tin teddy bear repro front. I wish I had taken a photo of it before painting…it looked terrible Al thought I was crazy for paying a whole $4 for it. Smile


A little step stool-found in Virginia for $3 !!  It was SOOOOO ugly!! Sad smile


Old wood ironing boards.


A custom piece I did for a customer—it’s an old piano bench she found and brought to me—inside is another scene along with the family name and date. She uses it to hold mittens and hats for winter.


A penny rug design.

And I saved the best for last…………


…..our grandkitty Stryker!!! He is a really goofy cat…but we love him a lot.  Hope you are all snug and warm tonight-our son in Seattle is without power along with over 100,000 others. It’s going to be difficult for all of them—estimates of 3 days to repair.Keep them all in your thoughts. Have a cozy night!–Jan


10 comments on “frigid and photos!

  1. Janet says:

    Hi Jan,

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I was wondering if you had heard from your son. I am glad he is ok. Being without power is no fun though. Is he keeping warm somehow?

    Wow, you sure had a scary time in the snow too. Gosh I’d have an attack seeing a semi coming at me. The Lord was watching over you all.

    Could you come to my site and click on the email me image on the sidebar? You can get my email address and drop me a line any time.

    Will be praying your son stays safe and warm. Take care, Janet W

  2. Janet says:

    Hi again, I also wanted to say that I just love your artwork. I love that style. You really do a great job.

    Byeee Janet W

  3. Karen says:

    Morning Jan,
    First off thanks so much for sending me your e-mail address…I think working blogs in Word Press is a bit different than Blogger – so I thank you.
    Love your work – goodness lady you are such a great artist.

  4. Sheila says:

    Hello there Jan!
    L-O-V-E your work my friend. Do you have a selling blog by chance. My goodness your are talented! I know I have one of your pieces of work, but I’d sure love some more.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I couldn’t respond as I don’t have an email address for you.
    Hope you are staying warm and your son is fairing well in Seattle. We have had rain for several days, snow in the mountains around us but nothing in the yard. Ground is saturated and the puddles are growing! However we get the moisture will be a blessing in the spring and summer.
    Have a great weekend.

    • Hi Sheila, Thanks for stopping by. No, I don’t have a selling blog–my son wants to set one up for me but I’m afraid it would be too much to handle–I paint HUNDREDS of pieces each year but we sell out every year. My email is I’m not sure if the capitals are needed.
      We got about 5 inches of snow over night–Craig has power again and didn’t lose anything from his frig/freezer so he is ok. Thanks for asking. You are right–the northwest needs more rain/snow for the water tables.

      I think YOU are pretty talented too!! I can sew but as far as arrangements ,uh…NO!!! I actually did shows as a quilter for awhile, but you can’t make much money at it.
      Enjoy the weekend!-Jan

  5. Angie Berry says:

    WOW girl, you are extremely talented!! Your painting is beautiful!! I can paint too… but nothing with details, lol. I would LOVE to be able to paint like you do. I love all the designs you’ve used and the colors are prim perfect!! Love it all!

    • Hi Angie! Good to hear from you! Hope all is well with you and your family.Thank you for all your sweet comments, I think the reason all of us like this “old” style of decorating is because,like you said , everything has a warm, comforting story behind it.Like I said–my crock is an ordinary one, but when I touch it I see mom and dad in the kitchen by the sink. That’s priceless. Have a warm, wonderful day full of memory making! Those everyday memories are the most precious. hugs-Jan

  6. Linda Irwin says:

    Hi Jan

    You are so gifted! I love your work. I have 6 vintage, wooden ironing boards standing in my basement and want something painted on them. I saw the three you painted and fell in love with your work. I was going to ask if you sold your work to individuals as well but I see your reply to Sheila. I certainly can understand why you sell out. I pray God continues to bless you and your family. I hope one day you will have a selling blog for people like me that LOVE your work!
    Many Blessings, Linda

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