Dan’s giveaway

Hi everyone! Dan of Yesterdayoncemore has announced a giveaway of a subscription to A Primitive Place magazine. It is a prim perfect beautiful magazine—don’t miss this great giveaway!!!

Thanks!!  Jan


4 comments on “Dan’s giveaway

  1. Angie Berry says:

    I know, isn’t that awesome! Signed up and blogged about it too!

    Have a great day~

  2. Karen says:

    Morning Jan,
    Goodness, I never knew how to find your site…finally I typed in the name Life on Buttermilk Hill and walla…there you are.
    Guess I had better head on over to Dan’s place.

    Thanks so much for the nice comment on my blog.

    • Hi Karen! Thanks so much for hunting me down! 🙂 I love reading your posts–have read you for a year now–finally decided to start my own blog. I am finishing some new folk art and will be posting photos of it in a few days…stay tuned. Thanks again for stopping by!
      Jan-Life on Buttermilk Hill

  3. Karen says:

    Jan, I left a reply comment on my blog to your ‘penny rug’ question…
    Can you send me your e-mail address so I have it…I can’t reply to your comments because they come up ‘noreply’

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