Just testing

Hi Everyone! I just had my photo lesson from my son—hopefully I learned something.



Wow!!!  I guess I DID learn a little! Now I hope the knowledge doesn’t leak out while I sleep tonight!–Jan


3 comments on “Just testing

  1. Angie Berry says:

    YAY for you!!

    You need to get some more pictures on here, LOVE that sign!! =]

  2. Sheila says:

    Hello Jan!
    I’ve been looking for you since you left a comment on my blog, but it was under “blogger” not wordpress. Anyway, I found you. Can’t wait for you to get more pics of your wonderful work.

    You are just starting your blog and you will meet some of the nicest folks ever!
    Thanks for stopping by mine.

    I agree with Angie, LOVE that sign!

    • Hi Sheila !!! Great to hear from you! I probably messed something up and that’s why you couldn’t find me! Ha Ha! I’m learning this trial by error! I’ve already met some real sweeties in blogland! Keep watching–I’ll be posting more photos very soon. Thanks so much for hunting for me. Have a great night.-Jan

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