Baby, It’s cold outside!

Hi everyone! Brrrrr! It has finally turned to winter. Hope you are all staying warm. Just as we have finished cleaning up after Christmas, spent days filling out show applications,(UGH!!!) and finished running dozens of errands so we can FINALLY buckle down and start working… has turned bitterly cold . My husband (Al) cuts and sands all my wood surfaces to paint out in the garage/workshop. The unheated, bitterly cold workshop.Now mind, I already have several substantial stacks of wood ready to paint, but we need to get way ahead of the game.He reminds me all the time how I am working snug and warm in the house and how he braves the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer. Poor baby!! Maybe I’ll cut him a break for a few days!!

Speaking of applications, we are hoping to pick up a few new shows this year. I just hate filling out applications. Each show demands a different number of photos,different forms,some want resumes, some want shop photos,some want an SASE, some want insurance numbers, and on and on…and ON. The most I can do in a day is 3, and then I am shot for the day. If ANYTHING is left out or not filled out, it is returned or denied.I’m up to 51 show days so far for the year in 4 states. That’s a lot of driving and a lot of product!!

This is the time of year I really try to eliminate old product and replace it with new. I keep notes of new ideas and sketches I may want to do. Many pieces are a result of ideas from my customers. I truly value my customers—many have become friends that follow us from show to show. Some bring scrapbooks to our shows to show us how they are using our pieces or show us a spot they need a custom piece for.

I’m hoping to take a crash course of inserting photos this weekend from our son. I have some things I am eager to show everyone. He lives on the other side of the country so it all has to be done over the phone. He’s also a busy guy so I have to wait til he is free.

until next time, blessings–Jan


3 comments on “Baby, It’s cold outside!

  1. Angie Berry says:

    Hey, loving the new background! Looking good, girl! =]

    I can’t believe you do THAT many shows, oh my goodness! That just wears me out thinking about it. Even though they are a lot of work, they can be fun. I used to do shows for years with my mom and I cherish those memories. I can remember us just sitting in the old truck laughing our heads off until we were crying and it was usually something stupid. But oh we had fun. We were determined to make it fun considering all the work it took, haha!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit. The little quilt block pillows are turning out so cute, I’m thinking about keeping them all, hehe. I can’t wait to see pictures. Hope you get it figured out soon. I don’t know a thing about wordpress or I would try to help you. I know it’s different from blogger, which is what I use.

    Stay inside where it’s warm, maybe let hubby come in for awhile and warm up, hehe. =] Enjoy the rest of your weekend~

    • Hi Angie!!
      baby steps, baby steps! My blog is STARTING to look like a blog! Thinking about the number of show days makes ME tired too! One show is 3 weekends long–but it’s a great show–we have a permanent little house in the woods there. Shows ARE fun–I’ve done them for 32 years now with my kids and now it is just Al and I. It’s fun because we know many vendors that have become close friends so we go out to dinner with them every night.

      Thanks for visiting my blog–I’m hoping to have really exciting good news next week–I’m holding my breath! Thanks for the help offer–I’ll just be patient–it will get done. Why don’t you use some of those quilt blocks to make a table runner–it’d be gorgeous! I’m letting Al stay in and watch football today. Tomorrow I’ll crack the whip!! 🙂

      Keep warm!! Jan

      • Angie Berry says:

        That is wonderful that you have so many friends out there doing shows with you, definitely makes it more fun!

        You had me cracking up about Al. That’s great that you all work together on your craft items and shows.

        I think a runner would be a great idea with those quilt blocks. I’ll have to see if I can figure out a neat pattern with what I have. Thanks for the suggestion! Looking forward to your exciting news!!!! 🙂

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