I’m a Steelers legend

Hi everyone! Tomorrow the Steelers start their run in the playoffs despite all their injured players. We have always been a diehard Steelers family. We dress Steelers, rewatch past Superbowls over and over, live and breathe Steelers. Our younger son dressed in nothing but black and gold until ,I think, he was 13. Our grandpets wear Steeler collars. My heart has been set on a specific black and gold SUV that I can slap a Steelers helmet decal on. I wear my Steelers coat into enemy territory (Ravens and Browns ). I dare them to sneer!!  (smiles ) Because we love them, I have become a Steelers legend. Actually, it is because a few years ago , the men in this house noticed that as soon as I stepped into the family room to join the guys watching the game, our quarterback inexplicably would fumble, throw an interception, or get sacked. This happened over and over again.In reverse, as soon as I would LEAVE said family gathering, our player would make a spectacular catch and run it in!!!  I began to get dirty looks as soon as my foot would touch the first step down. Now that the boys are on their own, I prepare the “lucky Steelers food” and retire to the bedroom, close the door so my “bad luck” doesn’t seep out, and watch movies, trying to ignore hubby’s cheers and groans from downstairs. (The boys have been known to call,  when we throw an interception , to ask where I was when it happened.) I have taken the higher road—sacrificed myself for the good of my team. All forms of gratitude and appreciation can be forwarded to me!!   GO STEELERS!!!!!

laughs and giggles,

Jan-Life on Buttermilk Hill


One comment on “I’m a Steelers legend

  1. Janet says:

    Hi Jan, You are hilarious! When you close the door so nothing ‘seeps out’ do you put something up against the bottom of the door too? lol

    Yesterday you left a comment on my blog, Over The River And Through The Woods at http://throughthewoods2.blogspot.com

    I just wanted to say thank you that was sweet of you. And thank you for your prayers for my sister and her friend. A lot of things have been happening this past year with my sis, mom and husband. It needs to get better soon or I will need a room in the funny farm. lol

    Regarding football my husband is a diehard Packers fan. He has had strokes so I don’t know how much he remembers when he watches the games. They are in the playoffs too, aren’t they? (13-1) I think. It is hard to keep up with it because I can’t watch as often. I used to LOVE football and still I do kinda, but I just make time for the super bowl now. Bad me. 😦

    Anyway I gotta run. Take care, Janet W

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